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A Sociological Perspective on the Phenomenon of Girls Travelling to Dubai for Prostitution

Initial remarks:
Globally prevalent in a variety of manifestations, prostitution is an intricate and multidimensional problem. The growing number of females who travel to Dubai for the purpose of prostitution is an intriguing facet of this phenomenon. Exploring the socioeconomic, cultural, and legal dimensions that contribute to this reality, this scholarly literary work seeks to investigate the underlying causes of this trend.
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1. Aspects of Economy:
a. Dubai is an attractive destination for individuals in pursuit of financial prosperity due to its thriving economy and esteemed status as a global business centre. Prostitution in Dubai may seem more enticing to certain young women than alternative employment opportunities within their countries of origin, if not more so.
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b. Inequality in Income: Girls may be compelled to engage in prostitution as a means of providing for their families due to socio-economic inequalities and restricted employment prospects in specific geographical areas.
2. Elements of Socioculture:
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a. Girls might be compelled to look for alternative methods of survival in societies where gender inequality is perpetuated. Women may consider prostitution a viable alternative due to the limitations imposed by cultural marginalisation on them, which can hinder their access to education, employment, and social mobility.
b. Stigma and Cultural Norms: Women who participate in premarital or extramarital sexual activities may face social stigma in societies with traditional, conservative cultural norms. It may be simpler for young women who travel to Dubai for prostitution to function in an environment alien to them, where they can remain anonymous and evade social scrutiny. Escort girls Dubai
3. Compilation of Law:
a. Legal ambiguity characterises the complex and frequently construed legal framework governing prostitution in Dubai. The enforcement and penalty for prostitution, despite being a prohibited practise in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are subject to some degree of ambiguity. Females who perceive a reduced likelihood of prosecution may be drawn to this legally ambiguous domain.
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b. Priorities of Law Enforcement: Human trafficking and other severe crimes are priorities for the UAE's law enforcement agencies. As a consequence, the issue of prostitution may continue to thrive and entice foreign females due to the insufficient allocation of resources and attention towards its resolution.
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An interplay of economic, sociocultural, and legal elements contribute to the complexity of the phenomenon of young women migrating to Dubai for prostitution. In order to devise efficacious approaches to tackle the fundamental factors and offer assistance to those who are susceptible, it is vital to comprehend these fundamental dynamics. Prominent causes that safeguard the rights and dignity of every individual, irrespective of their situation, include economic empowerment, gender equality, and the establishment of comprehensive legal frameworks.