Lap Dance with a Redhead


   It started as a simple lap dance. My red hair all curled up and tousled and falling around my shoulders and down my back as I grind up against your pelvis and throw my head back. You try to behave at first and try to keep your hands to yourself, but you can't help but push back against me right away. It doesn't take long before you slide your hands around me, one low on my tummy, and the other on my breast. You pull me against you, and you start to kiss my neck and then bite lightly. I keep working my hips against you and you unbutton my shirt from behind. You slide it off and kiss down my neck, teasing with your tongue. I start grinding harder against you. You stop for a second to take your shirt off so that you can feel your skin against mine. I lift myself up a bit and help you undo your pants and slide them down leaving your hard cock waiting for me. I try to tease you a little more, but your tired of it and you rip my skirt and panties off before letting me continue.
   I move slower now, purposely running my tight dripping pussy the length of your dick. It feels so good against you and I want to make you cum right there; but I don't. I go even slower until I almost stop. I stop completely and start fingering myself. I start moaning and breathing heavy.

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   I feel like I'm about to make myself cum all over your throbbing cock. You tell me that you want my cum, and I, in turn want to cum all over your cock before you fuck me right there in that chair. You feel me trembling as I climax, almost so hard that I'm fully grinding again. You grab my hips until I finish and I tell you to put it inside me.
   You lift me up while I align your member with my waiting pussy and I slowly lower myself onto you. You pull me slowly down on top of you until all my weight is on you and you've slid yourself all the way into my hot and so tight pussy. I start riding you, first just grinding lightly and rubbing against you, but I quickly start bouncing on you, sliding you further and further until I'm dropping myself back down the whole length of your dick. My moans come faster and harder as you start working your hips against me, slamming yourself into me so you can fuck me as hard as you can. You start teasing my clit with your fingers, trying to make me as loud as possible because I'm about to make you cum inside of me. You start rubbing against my ass with your wet fingers, pushing against my hole hard, threatening serious penetration to come. You slide one finger into my tight ass as you start shooting your hot cum into me, pushing deep into me. After surging against me a few times you begin fucking me with your finger. I squeeze my muscles tight against your finger making you feel how tight I can actually be. I feel like I could cum again at the thought of what you might do next.
   You direct me to the bed now, telling me to get on my stomach.

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   You spread my legs and line up your dripping cock with my ass, pushing against me. I rock back and force part of your cock into me, and you slowly push forward and slide yourself all the way into me. I want you to pump me and make me scream for you. You start rocking against me, slowly building up more and more movement. I'm grabbing at handfuls of sheets and I'm almost screaming into the mattress while you take me. You lean forward and clasp my wrists before going even faster. You pin me down and begin fucking my ass, building up another orgasm. You slap your hips against mine, moaning loudly telling me that you're about to cum again. I can feel your large cock firing off your hot cum into me. You finish, lying on top of me, dripping with sweat and breathing hard. You slowly take yourself out of me and roll me over so that you can kiss me until you completely fall asleep.