Beach Play


I had just received a new thong swimsuit from International Male and decided to go to the beach to take advantage of some serious suntanning.   I arrived at my own secluded spot that I had picked out on a previous visit. I spread my blanket out, set my cooler in one of the corners and proceeded to lay on my stomach and tan.   I was just about to doze off when I heard someone say hello.   I looked up through my sunglasses and saw a young boy around 16 or 17 on a bike next to me. As I said hello, I noticed from my view that I could see up his pant leg and he was wearing nothing underneath.   His cock and balls were peeking out as he balanced himself with his other foot in the sand. He said his name was George and he was visiting his grandfather.  I told George that my name was Mike.   George told me he was from Georgia and lived on a farm with his parents. He said that he had never seen a swimsuit like mine and ask if it hurt. I laughed and said no, it actually felt kind of nice. I offered George a soda, he accepted and got off his bike and sat down on my blanket. George kept acting nervous and looking around. I ask him if he was waiting for someone. He said no.

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Awhile later in conversation, George ask if I wanted some tanning oil on my back, I accepted his offer.   George rubbed the oil up and down my back, legs and eventually my ass. Occassionally he would brush my balls. George ask me to turn over. As I turned, he noticed I had a hard on. George rubbed oil on my chest, stomach, legs and thights. George ask if he could pull my cock out of my suit and I said ok. George immediately started jerking my oil covered cock up and down.   He continued to look around to see if anyone was coming. Once he was satisfied we were alone, George bent down and place my cock in his mouth. He sucked my cock like a pro. In the mean time, I had reached inside of his pant leg and pulled his cock out and was jerking him off while he continued to suck me. It didn't take long and George began to cum. The first spurt hit me in the face, I immediately liked it up. This caused me to start cumming and George kept his mouth on my cock until I had stopped shooting my load.

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   George got up and said that he had to get home because his mother and grandfather would be looking for him.   I never saw George again, but dream of him often.