Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex and Justin Part II


Alex raised her arms as Justin pulled her shirt up over her head. She smiled when she saw the look on his face, seeing her tits for the first time. She began to moan softly, as he began to rub her nipples through her lacy black bra. “Mmm, that’s good” she moaned, running her hand up and down Justins cock. Justin reached around his sister, removing her bra, exposing her bare breasts. They were perfect; round and capped off with puffy pink nipples, which by now here rock hard. Justin took her left nipple in his mouth and started to suck on it, while running his tongue around it. Alex grabbed his head, pulling him further into her. While he sucked her nipples, Justin once again started to finger his sister. He thrust his three fingers in and out of her tight little hole, listening to her moan his name. “Oohh, Justin. Yeah, that’s so good. Come on, fuck me, baby. Fuck your little sisters tight little cunt”. That was all the encouragement Justin needed. He removed his mouth from her tit and pulled his fingers out of her.

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Justin got up, moving to position himself between his sisters legs. He put his cock at her entrance and began to push. He felt a little resistance, but he forced his way in, slamming his entire 8 inches into her tiny little hole in one movement.

“Arghhh!!” Alex screamed as he slammed into her, repeatedly thrusting his 8 inch dick into her tight little pussy. She couldn’t believe he’d been able to fit the entire thing inside her in one go, and neither could he. Of course, he couldn’t believe he was up to his nuts in his sisters guts either…

Alex kept moaning and groaning Justins name as he continued to slam into her, her pussy muscles gripping his throbbing shaft tightly, giving her way more pleasure than she’d ever experienced before. Justin slammed into her faster and faster, building his speed until he couldn’t take it any longer. “Alex, I’m gonna cum!” He moaned, briefly kissing her nipple. “Ooh, ooh yeah, cum inside me! Cum inside my tight little hole, bro!” she moaned back at him, gripping the sheets as she felt his hot seed hit her cervix, driving her yet again to new heights of pleasure.
Even though he’d just released one of the biggest loads of his life, Justin still didn’t stop fucking. He wanted to make his little sister cum.

He wanted to feel her pussy clamp down even harder on his cock as she released her sweet juices. By the way she was moaning and jerking, he could tell she wasn’t far away from orgasm. He just kept pumping his still rock hard shat in and out of her hole, thrusting into her as deep, as hard and as fast as he could. Her moaning got louder as she neared her climax.

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   “Ooh, Justin, I’m gonna cum. Keep going, I’m almost there, it’s so good!”

Then, Justin felt his sisters pussy clamp down tightly on his cock, as she had the most powerful orgasm she’d ever experienced. Her juices coated his cock and mixed with Justins own cum, which was still inside her, spilling out of her hole and dripping onto her legs and the sheets as Justin pulled out of his sister. He went to lay down next to her on her left hand side, panting as his head hit the pillow. Alex moved closer to him, resting her head in his shoulder, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, her right hand slowly rubbing his deflating penis. “That was amazing, Justin. ” She whispered, shutting her eyes and kissing his cheek again. “It sure was. ” Justin replied, kissing his sister on the forehead, smelling her hair and putting his arm around her. She purred quietly at his touch, smiling faintly has he stroked her stomach softly, just brushing her skin with his fingertips.

They lay there together for about ten minutes, before they realized that unless they got dressed soon, they’d be found. Alex sat up, feeling so relaxed after laying with her brother that she had to stretch out her arms and legs to bring them to life again properly. She turned to face her brother who had fallen asleep. She wanted nothing more than to lay back down and sleep with him, but she knew eventually their parents would come looking. She got out of the bed and went around picking up her discarded clothes and underwear, which had been unceremoniously thrown all over the floor.

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When she was fully dressed, she turned back to her still sleeping brother and kissed him on the lips. She saw his cock harden at her touch and she couldn’t resist it. She knelt between his legs on the bed and took his cock into her mouth, slowly caressing it with her tongue and bobbing her head up and down on it. Unlike the blowjob she’d given him earlier, this one wasn’t a fast, lust fuelled affair. This was a slower, almost romantic experience. Justin moaned softly in his sleep as Alex brushed her tongue across the head of his now fully erect penis, telling her that he would climax soon.

She took his cock out of her mouth and kissed slowly up the side of his shaft, before devouring the whole thing again. Her warm, wet mouth engulfed his 8 inches again and again as she moved her head up and down on him, making him moan more loudly. Then Alex felt his cock twitch in her mouth and before she could do anything, she had a mouth full of his hot, salty sperm. She swallowed his semen and licked his cock clean, savoring the taste of his manhood.

When she was done, she stood up and kissed him on the lips again, whispering into his ear.

“I love you…”
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