Amy the Exhibitionist - part 6


Amy the Exhibitionist


Part 6


This part is about an event that happened during my last week of school.


Student Gym Teachers

At the end of the last gym lesson of our last term, our gym teacher called us all together and thanked us for our participation in the research with the student teachers. She then went on to tell us that the data that they had collected had been very valuable in their research. However, they had asked her if 4 girls would be prepared to take part in one more session on the Wednesday afternoon at the end of the school day. Our teacher asked if anyone would be prepared to volunteer to take part.



I looked at Katie, and Katie looked at me, and our hands shot up. So did one other hand, Maddy. Now last time that the student teachers had been there Maddy had wanted to skip the lesson because she didn’t have any knickers on. Our proper teacher hadn’t let her and she’d got quite embarrassed a couple of times when her pussy had been displayed to the student teachers. I wondered what she would wear for this session and why she wanted to come back for more. Later on I asked her why and she said that although she had been embarrassed to hell, she’d really enjoyed it.


After a bit of a pause. Rachel put her hand up. Rachel had been sick at the last session and had listened in amazement when some of us had told her what had happened. Rachel has always worn a skirt for gym, but ALWAYS wore big, horrible, cotton gym knickers under it.


That evening, both Katie and me got an old T-shirt and made sure that the neck hole was large enough to fall over our heads if (hopefully) we ended up, upside down.

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At the end of school on the Wednesday the 4 of us almost ran to the changing room.


As soon as we walked through the door into the changing rooms we smelt this funny, burning type smell. We looked for our teacher to tell her, but we couldn’t find her.


As we were getting changed Holly asked Rachel where her granny knickers were. Rachel just laughed. Oh, BTW Rachel has very small breasts, 32AA I think.


All of us were dressed in just trainers, gym skirts and baggy T-shirts.


We went into the gym to find 4 student teachers (I’ll refer to them as STs), the same female one and 3 different male STs.


The female ST saw us arrive and called us over. Before she could say anything we told her about the funny smell. She told us that there were some workmen repairing the roof of the changing rooms and that the smell was tar that they were melting.


Let me tell you about the school’s gym and changing rooms. The gym is like a tall big rectangular building and the changing rooms are a single story building at one end of the gym. The gym has wall bars down the sides, nearly to the roof. The ends are brick except for 2 windows in the top half.

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   The windows are covered in a metal grid to stop the glass being broken by a ball. There is never any chance of anyone seeing in, unless you happen to be 15 foot tall, or on the roof of the changing rooms.


When the female ST told us about the workmen, I looked up and could see 2 men walking about on the changing room roof.


The female ST said, “Right, firstly let me thank you all for taking part in the session the other week, and please pass on our thanks to the other girls that were there. We collected a lot of very useful data that has provided us lots of information about how the bodies, and in particular the muscles of teenage girls work. That information has highlighted a couple of areas that we need more data on, hence this session.


Thank you all for volunteering to take part again and I apologise for the session having to be after school hours. Unfortunately, your teacher has had to leave but I am sure that we will manage on our own. I know that you all enjoyed our last session and we will try to make this session just as enjoyable. ”



Why was she looking at me when she said that last bit?



“Okay girls, we’ll start by doing some stretching exercises then move on to exercises that use the muscles. We’ll finish off with the exercises that you appeared to enjoy the most, last time we were here.


As you can see, there are 4 of us and 4 of you. One of us will be with each of you during each exercise. We will be recording how well you get on with each exercise and how your muscle shape changes when you put them under pressure. We’ll rotate round each of you every exercise.

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The first exercise was what I think you call Bridge-ups. We were told to sit on the floor with our knees bent, and shoulder width apart. We then had to put our hands on the floor behind us and lift our bums as high as we could.


Each time I lifted my bum I could feel my skirt dropping away from my bum. The hem of my skirt was just about covering my pussy. The male ST that was with me was walking around me, watching what I was doing and making notes on his clipboard.

We did about 20 of those the female ST told us to stop and stand up.



The next exercise was the crab position, but we were told to get our stomachs as high as we could. I wished that I put on a shorter T-shirt, as the one I had on didn’t slide over my boobs. My skirt however did ride up so that my pubes were showing to the male ST that had chosen me. I looked at his face when he was stood at my feet. He was smiling.



Things got more interesting for the next exercise. It was like the crab position but with our shoulders in the ground. That one did get my T-shirt over my boobs and over my face.

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   As I thrust my bum as high as I could, my skirt went up round my waist. I had the female ST with me that time, and when we were told to get up I told her that my T-shirt was getting in the way, and I asked her if I could take it off. She said that I could. She also told the other 3 that they could take their tops off if they were getting in the way.

Katie and Mandy took theirs off straight away, but Rachel held back for a few seconds before taking hers off as well.


As I took my top off, I looked up at the window and saw one of the workmen looking down on us. I didn’t say anything.



Next we were told to lay on our stomachs with our arms by our sides. Then we had to open our legs wide, bend our knees and reach behind with our arms and grab our ankles. We were then told to pull our ankles as hard as we could to see if we could pull our heads and shoulders off the ground. I could a bit and as I held my head back I could see the crotch of the male ST that was with me. Although he has baggy tracksuit bottoms on I was sure that I could see the outline of his cock.



For the next exercise we were told to lie on our backs and do the swimming back stroke. As I was doing this I looked at the male ST and saw him holding his mobile phone by his side. He was talking photos of me and obviously trying to do it without us knowing.

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The next exercise was a different version of the crab position. When we were in the crab position we had to lower our arms and rest on our shoulders. We were told to open our legs as wide as we could and go up on our toes. I had a different male ST with me and when he was standing over my head I saw that he too had his mobile phone out.



We were then told to spread out and do the splits. The female ST was in front of me when I went down. My skirt was covering my stomach to the floor. I asked the female ST if she could check to see that I was right down. I told her that if I tried to put my hand between my legs I would fall over.


She got down on her knees and slid her hand (palm up) under my wet pussy. As she did so, I felt her middle finger bend up and go straight into my pussy. I smiled.


The other girls saw what had happened and asked her if she would check them as well. She did, and she did. I could tell by the expressions on the girls faces.

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Next we were told to lie on our backs, lift our legs and hips as high as we could, bend our elbows and support our hips with our hands; and drop our feet as far down over our heads. I was pleased that I could just touch the floor with my toes.

Obviously, my skirt was down (up) over my face and I couldn’t see anything. The female ST was with me and when I got up I told her that my skirt was getting in the way, and could I take it off. After a short pause while she looked round at the others, she said loudly, “Okay girls, I know that you prefer to be naked so you can take the skirts and trainers off.

” The male STs smiled.


So did the now 2 workmen on the changing room’s roof.



Next came 4 more exercises that stretched our legs as wide apart as we could. We were paired up with another girl (I got Rachel) and 1 of us was to sit cross legged and put our hands on the floor behind us. The other then had to press down on our knees until we begged them to stop.

Because we were in pairs, the STs paired up. We got 2 of the men.

As I was pressing down on Rachel’s knees both male ST were taking more photos. In a whisper I asked Rachel if she’d seen the camera phones. She nodded.

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When we swapped places I felt warm air on my pussy. I was wide open and the warm air was on my most sensitive parts. It felt good and I felt myself have a wet rush. I looked at Rachel and saw that she was looking down at my pussy. I’m not sure, but I don’t think that she was intending to blow air on my pussy; I just think that she didn’t realise what she was doing.



For the second of these exercises, one of each pair had to lie on their backs and open their legs as wide as they could. The other one of each pair was to then push the spread legs as hard as they could. They stopped when the victim begged for mercy.



The third of these exercises had us all on our feet. One of each pair had to lean over to their left then lift their right leg as high as they could. We had to see if we could get our right legs at 90 degrees to the floor. The other half of each pair was there to support the girl who was stretching. After we got as far as we could we changed places.

We had the female ST with us and as my legs were spread wide she bent down in front of me. I’m sure that she wanted a close look at my pussy.

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That last of these leg stretchers was a bit of fun. We had to sit on the floor facing our partner. With legs spread as wide as possible we had to shuffle so that the flat of our feet were against the flat of the feet of our partner. We then had to hold each other’s wrists and try to pull our partner up off the ground.

That exercise really did stretch us.

The male ST’s camera was clicking away.



There was one more stretching exercise. The female ST told us to go and get out a bench. One of each pair had to sit at one end of the bench with their legs at 90 degrees to the bench. The other half of the pairs had to stand facing her partner with her legs either side of her partner. She then had to sit on her partners knees and hook her feet under the edge of the bench. The girl sitting on the bench then had to put her hands on the hips to hold her hips in place while she belt over backwards until her head touched the floor and her hand touched the floor in front of her face.

I was sat on the bench as Rachel went over backwards and I got a great view of Rachel’s very wet pussy. When I thought that neither of the male STs that were with us were not looking, I let go of Rachel’s left hip with my right hand and quickly pushed my right index finger into Rachel’s pussy. She giggled and fell off my knees.

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One of the male STs looked at us and asked what had happened. Rachel just said that she fell off.



The female ST then called us all together and told us that we were having a 5 minute break. The STs went into a group and were talking quietly. We were all talking about the male STs taking photos of us. None of us really minded, but it would have been nice to have been asked first.


I whispered to Katie that we had an audience. I told her not to look at the moment, but that the workmen on the changing room’s roof had been watching us for ages. Katie didn’t look then, but I saw her take a sneaky look a bit later.



After the break the female ST told us that we were going to do some exercises that that had more emphasis on the strength of our muscles. She told us to try as hard as we could to, but not to push ourselves too hard.



The first exercise was a straightforward one. We each had to do 20 press-ups. The female ST told us that they had to be proper press-ups and not just bending the elbows a bit. She told us to keep our backs straight and go down each time until our chins touched the floor.

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We all started, but as soon as we had, we were told to stop. She said that she couldn’t tell if we were going down to our chins because our hair was hiding our faces. She changed it to until our breasts touched the floor. Rachel said that it wasn’t fair because Maddy’s breasts were a lot bigger than hers and that Maddy would reach the floor before her. The teacher said that bigger breasts meant more weight to lift up and down each time. We all giggled.



The next exercise was sit-ups. With our knees bent, feet flat on the floor and our hands at the sides of our heads; we had to pull ourselves up 50 times. I found that it was easier if my knees were about a foot apart; much to the delight of the male ST who stood at my feet and took a couple of photos.



The female ST told us that it had been too easy for us, so the next exercise would be a harder version of sit-ups. It was back to the bench and get into the same position as before. I was paired with Katie that time. Katie sat down and I sat on her lap facing her. Before I could bend over backwards she rubbed her nose on my nipples. I said, “Ooow, keep doing that,” but she didn’t.


   I bent over backwards and lowered my head to the floor. Katie whispered, “Lovely view. ” She was looking down at my raised bald pubic mound and shiny wet, spread pussy. I smiled and lifted my upper body. Yes, it was harder.


As I strained to pull myself up I felt air moving fast across my pussy. Katie was blowing at me. I collapsed down and told Katie that she wasn’t being fair. One of the 2 male STs that were with us asked what was wrong so I told him that Katie was blowing on my pussy. He smiled and agreed and told Katie to stop it. As he was talking I was looking up at him. His eyes were glued to my pussy and the bulge in the front of his tracksuit bottoms looked big. The other ST was exactly the same.

I only managed to do 5 sit-ups like that. It didn’t help that Katie didn’t stop blowing on my pussy.

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We were then told to swap places and do the same exercise. As Katie sat on my lap I smiled at her and whispered, “Sweet revenge. ” I pulled her to me and gentle bit one of her nipples. She screamed a bit. One of the STs had seen me do it and shook his head sideways.


As Katie lowered herself down I put my hands on the top of her thighs to hold her in place. Well they might have done if they had been round the top of her bum.

I slid my hands nearer her pussy and flicked her clit with my right thumb. Katie moaned and a ST asked if she was okay. She said that she was so I waited until she was half way up and did in again. Katie moaned again and collapsed back down. The other ST asked her what was wrong. Katie said, “Sorry sir, but I can’t concentrate because Amy keeps flicking my clit. ” The ST seemed a bit stunned that Katie had used the word ‘clit’, then smiled and said to me, “Amy, she won’t be able to concentrate if you keep doing that. ”


Katie strained as she raised herself up.

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   I’d moved my thumb to the entrance to her hole and as she came up my thumb went in. It was definitely a pleasurable moan that Katie let out as she tried to hold herself up.

The male STs were stood either side of me (one with a phone in his hand), and were looking down at Katie and where my thumb was. As Katie had impaled herself on my thumb I had pushed it further in. It was in as far as it would go, and the STs could see that.

Katie lowered herself and my shiny, wet thumb was being looked at by the male ST.

I thought, ‘go for it’ and sucked my thumb before putting it back in place for Katie to have another go.


Katie lifted herself again and the STs watched my thumb disappear again. Katie was straining to stay up, her face was going red. One male ST suddenly went round to Katie, knelt behind her, and supported her shoulders. Katie relaxed a bit, then the ST lifted her higher. My thumb went further in and Katie moaned again; then shuddered. The lucky cow was cumming.

The ST held her there until she stopped shaking then lowered her down.  



It was time for the next exercise.

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   Something completely different this time. We were all lined up facing the 4 STs. We then had to squat down, hold it for a count of 10 then spring up into a star jump as high as we could.



The next exercise was something that I’d never done before. We were told to pair up and lay on the floor on our backs alongside our partner but with feet to heads. The leg nearest our partner then had to go up in the air and over the top of our partner. The then had to lock legs and push down. The girl who had the strongest leg forced the other girl up over backwards. We did this 3 times.




We stopped for another break and the female ST looked at her watch. She said, “Pete, we have to go, we’re going to be late. Josh and Matt, I shouldn’t really leave you two with these girls without a female teacher being present, but I think that I can trust you to not do anything inappropriate. I can can’t I?” Matt and Josh nodded. “You’ve got the list of exercises still to do, we’ll manager with just 2 sets of observations. Right, be good and I’ll see you at college in the morning.

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  ” With that, her and the other male ST left.




4 Naked Girls with 2 fit male student gym teachers

Matt seemed to assume the leadership role and told us that we would continue working our way through the list of exercises then throw the whole thing open and we could do the exercises that we wanted.



Our next exercise was a repeat of crab but on our shoulders exercise. We were up on our toes, legs spread wide, with our pussies as high as we could get them.


Matt came over and stood between my legs, my soaking pussy staring up at him. He surprised me a bit when he got his phone out and said, “You don’t mind if we take pictures do you?” I said, “You can take a video if you like. I hope that your batteries are fully charged. ”


He pointed the phone down at my pussy and held it there. I looked over at Rachel and Josh had his phone in front of her pussy.



Next the STs had us line up in front of them, open our legs, bend forward at the waist and swing our hanging arms from side to side. As we were doing this, Matt and Josh walked behind us. At one point I looked between my legs and could see a pair of tracksuit bottoms bent down behind me.



The next exercise was to have us on the floor, on our sides, then lift our upper leg as high as we could. We had to try to get the raised leg behind our heads. None of us really managed it, but we sure did give it a good go, and a good pussy display.

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The last of the exercises that the STs told us to do was for us to lay on our backs, swing our legs up and out and try to get them back far enough for us to put them behind our upper arms. We all made it in the end, though I did ask Josh to press down on my legs to help me a bit.



That was it for the exercises that they had on their list. Matt then asked us if there were any exercises that we wanted to do. I ignored the obvious and told Matt that we had really enjoyed climbing the rope during the last session. Matt looked round and saw the ropes hanging from the ceiling and all held to the dire of the gym. “Okay,” he said and we went and unhooked one of the ropes.


Matt said that since I had asked for it, I should go first. I climbed up as fast as I could then wrapped the rope between my legs and round one of my legs. Matt said, “Hang on a sec,” and called Josh over to stand there ready to catch me if I fell. When they were ready I started slowly down.


I had only gone about a yard when the knobbly rope rubbing on my clit gave me my first orgasm. I guess that the pent up frustration of displaying my boobs and pussy to 3 fit guys over the last hour or so just boiled over. I’d had my second by the time I got close to 2 of them. I lost it and let go of the rope.

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Matt and Josh caught me (Josh had one of my boobs in his hand) and lowered me to the ground. I was still jerking and moaning when they stood up and looked down at me.


With both of them still looking down at me, it took me about 30 seconds to recover I looked up at Matt and Josh. Matt said, “Now I know why you wanted to climb the rope. ”


The 3 other girls took their turn on the rope, each one cumming at least once.


The bulges in the 2 STs tracksuit bottoms looked massive.



Katie asked if we could have some wheelbarrow races. Josh said, “Okay,” but looked a little puzzled. We all went to the side of the room and Katie asked Rachel and Maddy to stand in front of Matt and Josh, then bent over, keep their knees straight and put their hands on the floor. Katie then asked Matt and Josh to pick up their legs and race to the other side of the room and back. They all fell over a couple of times and we all had a good laugh.


Katie asked Matt and Josh to race with her and me. As I walked over to Josh I saw a wet stain on his tracksuit where he had held Rachel close to him. That gave me an idea. When we were turning round at the other side I took a dive.

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   When I got up I stood in front of Josh with my back to him. I reached behind me and pulled the front of his tracksuit bottoms down enough to release his cock. I squeezed it and whispered, “Put it in me. ” I bent forward and was rewarded with the feeling of a hard cock sliding in to me. Josh grabbed my thighs and pulled me back, hard onto him.


It took us ages to get back to the others and just before we got to them I felt the warm feeling of him shooting his load into me. We turned away from them for me to dismount and for Josh to get straight.



Matt asked us if there were any other exercises that we wanted to do. Rachel asked if we could do the splits again. She said that she wanted to practice getting all the way down.


The male STs said okay and we got into a suitable space. No sooner than Rachel was right down, she asked Matt if he could check that she was all the way down. Matt looked a little hesitant but agreed. He put his hand flat on the floor in front of Rachel and started sliding it towards her pussy. Rachel stooped him and said, “No, palm up please.

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Matt realised what Rachel wanted, and by the expression on her face he had given her it. We heard an ‘Arrgh’ an ‘Oow’ and a ‘yes’, before Matt slid his hand out.


Katie, Maddy, Josh and me quickly realised what Matt had done to Rachel and we all repeated it. I managed to keep my pussy about 2 inches off the ground and Josh flicked my clit a few times. I was sooooo close.



No one could think of any more exercises that we wanted to do; besides, if the other 3 were anything like me, we were all knackered.


Matt decided that we should call it a day and we went to the changing rooms.


As we walked out of the gym I gave the 2 workmen a little wave.


Us 4 went straight into the showers and were relaxing under the warm water when the door to the boys changing room opened. Matt and Josh had decided that they needed a shower as well and didn’t realise that it was a shared shower.


What happened next can only be described as a mini orgy. Everyone fucked everyone else. The 2 STs left with smiles on their faces and we went home saying that our school life couldn’t have ended in a better way.



I never did tell Maddy and Rachel about the 2 workmen.



Well, that was our contribution to the teachers training college research programme.

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Read all about our summer holidays in part 7.


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