Shelly’s Halloween


Shelly was asked to join her landlord Mr. Meaner to a Halloween party at the bar and grill. He even had the outfits picked out. She would dress as Dorothy and him as the Lion from Wizard of Oz. He already bought his so he planned on them getting hers together. The costume was a blue and white blouse and skirt combo that zipped from the waist up in the back. It showed a lot of cleavage and legs. Shelly figured she would ware tights but Mr. Meaner also bought her some white opaque socks with ruffle lace trimming. He even got her a pair of red stilettos.

When the day came the landlord showed up at her door with just a loin’s mane around his head. He also had on a brown suit and tie with a tail hanging out the back. Shelly looked good in her Dorothy costume. She even had her hair pulled back in a red bow as well as red lipstick on. In fact she looked so pretty that Mr. Meaner demanded a blowjob before they left.

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   So Shelly got down on her knees in her apartment and sucked her landlord’s cock. He told her she didn’t have to swallow but better take it all in her mouth so she doesn’t get any on her costume. He laughed and said good girl as she did just that. He also told her to freshen up her mouth and add more lipstick. On the way to the party Mr. Meaner had Shelly put the remote control vibrator in her pussy.

When they got to the bar and grill she saw Mr. Daniels in a Tin Man hat and gray suit and tie while carrying an oilcan. Also Mr. Stevens had on a Scarecrow hat and black suit on with straw poking out from different places. A lot of other people were there dressed in different types of costumes. Through out the party Shelly danced with the three men. Mr. Meaner requested “Sherry” by the Four Seasons and sang it as “Shelly Baby” instead of “Sherry Baby”. In the restroom she over heard some older women complaining about how their husbands were more interested in her than them.

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   They even thought she was a street hooker or stripper from some club. Shelly waited till they left before coming out the stall. She even had a long hard look at herself in the mirror before leaving the restroom.

When the party was over and everyone left except the “Wizard of Oz” characters the after party started. Not only did Mr. Daniels owned the bar and grill he even lived there. Well in a small apartment type home above the place. The kitchen and den were joined together with a bathroom and bedroom in separate rooms. Before interring Mr. Meaner had Shelly give him the vibrator from her pussy. They decided to turn on some music and have her strip for them. Wouldn’t you know the first song was “Sherry”? Mr. Meaner and Mr. Stevens sat on the couch while Mr. Daniels sat in his recliner.

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   They had her keep her socks and heels on with nothing else on.

Next Mr. Meaner and Mr. Stevens undid their pants so Shelly could suck their cocks. Mr. Daniels took their coats and his and hung them up so they don’t get wrinkled. After that he took everything off except his Tin Mans hat. Next thing Shelly noticed was Mr. Daniels behind her rubbing her pussy with his fingers, even interring her. Soon the two on the couch decided to strip also. Mr. Meaner left his lion’s mane on and Mr. Stevens left his Scarecrow hat on. The three men wanted to keep the “Wizard of Oz” theme going. Afterwards Mr.

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   Daniels pulled the bed out from the couch so nobody would be in his.

Once they all got on, Shelly was on her back sucking Mr. Daniels and Mr. Stevens cocks while Mr. Meaner was eating her pussy. After she came Mr. Meaner left the room while Mr. Daniels and Mr. Stevens put on condom and got out the lubricant. For the first time Shelly was going to get both her holes filled with cocks. She began to stop them by saying she never had two but never in her ass either. This just fueled them into wanting to even more. Mr. Stevens lubed his cock as well as her ass then got on the bed. With help from Mr.

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   Daniels they eased Shelly into position. Afterwards Mr. Daniels stuck his cock into her pussy. When Mr. Meaner got back to the room with a beer he saw her sandwiched between the two men. He found it to be a “pornful” view especially with her still in her white socks and red stilettos.

As hard as Shelly tried she ended up getting into it so much that she came twice. On the second time both men also came. After they got off the bed, they had her take off their condoms and suck them clean. She did such a good job that they came again. Shelly was the first to clean up in the shower because Mr. Meaner said it was time for them to leave. While she was showering the three men were talking and drinking beers. Most of the talk was about Shelly. They even joked about how they need a fuck doll like Mr.

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   Meaner. After the shower her and the landlord went home. Mr. Stevens went home to take a shower and go to bed. While Mr. Daniels took a shower and went to bed as well.

Though when Mr. Meaner and Shelly got to the apartments he wanted to fuck her. After getting just his pants and shoes off he bent her over the couch, lifted her “Dorothy” dress and fucked her from behind. Soon he was losing energy but still hard from the pill he had earlier. They went to get on his bed so he could lay down and have her on top. There she was still in here costume riding her landlord on his bed. Surprisingly Shelly got into it so she could come a third time that night. She even called him “papa” while fucking him. Once both of them came she started to leave.

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   Before walking out the room Mr. Meaner was able to talk. “You were great tonight baby. I’m going to let you rest then “Toto”, I mean Buck is going to fuck you in your “Dorothy” costume,” he told her. He was even planning on taking pictures of the two fucking. Shelly walked away wondering why she felt like she even want it again from that dog. .