Topic: TakenIt was an instant reaction. She never experienced it before but my god it felt wonderful. As soon as she saw him she was hot & wet in areas she didnt even know existed. It was the way he handled his self. She could feel this power exude from him. He made eye contact, she knew she was a gonner. He approached he smelled all man. Her nipples were hard, her pussy was already alive with sensation. He said "hi" She needed release and she needed it now. She ran for the closest restroom. She immediately put her fingers there. She was already so very slick. She wore no panties so it was easy access. Her fingertip touched her clit and her hips just started to react on there own. All she could think about was how she wanted him. She wanted him to come and fuck her use her like she never had before.

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   She was getting into it it felt so good she was on the brink then she heard the door opening. She froze thinking why she didnt lock the door when she came in. She looked up, it was him those eyes that smell she just continued while he watched. moaning at how good it felt. He pulled her up by the choker at her neck. She was afraid, she didnt know what he was going to do. But she knew she wanted him deep in her. He shoved her against the wall with her back towards him. He pressed against her. she could feel the hardness of him on every inch of her body but especially right there in between the cheeks of her ass. He held her pinned to the wall as he explored her body with his other hand. not at all being gentle. not unbearable pain but enough sting to show her he was in control of the situation. he bit her neck. she gasped and pushed her ass into him.

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   "ur begging to be fucked arent you you lil slut. you are turned on knowing that im getting ready to use you. " she was panting for him. he squezed her breast firmly while another hand reached under her skirt and felt her wet pussy. "ah you are a little whore beggin to be fucked" he said in a raspy voice. she was moaning knowing she should stop this but knowing it was to late. she was going to get what she was begging for. he still pinned her agains the wall with one hand while he hiked her skirt up and rubbed her pussy from behind bringing the lubrication to her ass. he was going to rape her ass it dawned on her. she started to squirm from fear he held her firm in his hands as he bent her over and slid his throbbing cock deep into her ass. he grabbed her choker and used that as leverage as he continued to pound away at her ass. she was screaming in pleasure. she used the wall as leverage to slam her ass against him harder with every thrust. he smacked her ass hard and froze not moving at all she tried to back into him again he held her tight not allwing her to move. "you are a naughty lil whore arent you.

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   you love to be used and abused. you are my slut now. you will be used when i want where i want how i want. i will not finish this until you have succumb to my demands. " she whimpered "yes master. " he started pounding her again using her tits to make her slam against her that much harder. she exploded into a million pieces she just kept cumming wave after wave from the intensity of being used like this. knowing that her body no longer belonged to her. she felt it she felt him start cumming. she toppled over and came in one big final explosion. If u like what u read or want to know more about me. Hit me up bbtitsub@gmail. com.