Home Gym


Denny stopped posing and answered, " I'm naked under here!!!" "Well," Frank opined, "there's just you me and the four walls here, I won't say anything, and I know that the walls won’t!!!" Denny gave his friend a sarcastic look while shrugging his shoulders, and in a few quick seconds, he had slithered out of his workout gear and stood naked in front of the mirror! "Holy smoke," Frank enthused, "you look great!!!" Spinning and turning as he looked at his reflection, Denny replied, "Thanks, buddy, but I think I need a little work on my gluts, they just don't seem big enough!!!" Frank leaned around to get a better look at his ass, and said, "You're crazy, your butt is perfect and you know it!!!" Denny chuckled and said, "I know it, I just wanted to here you say it!!!" Frank gave him a light swat across his bare butt and ordered, "Out of the way, I want my turn," as he peeled of his own clothes and took a place in front of the mirror! Doing a pirouette, he asked, "Well, what do you think!?!" Denny eyed his good friend, taking in every curve and rippling muscle and announced, "You look better than ever, a real hard body!!!" The two men had one last look in the mirror, and then went back to their work out, sans clothing!!!,After Denny had done his leg presses, Frank asked her, "I just noticed something, and I was just wondering...." Denny looked quizzically at his friend and said, "Well spit it out, you just noticed what?!? It's your, ya know between your legs," Frank stammered, I think I have the same problem!!!" Denny sat down on the bench, began toweling off, and replied, "You mean my cock, right!?!" "Uh, yes," Frank said quietly, "I noticed that yours is really big too, just like mine!!!" "I know, " Denny responded, "it's from the special protein shakes we drink, it's a possible side effect!!!" "Aren't you worried," asked Frank nervously?!? "Nothing I can do about it now," Denny replied, "besides, my dick is more sensitive now than ever before, isn't yours!?!" Frank, looking a little embarrassed answered, "It's unbelievable, really, I have to masturbate at least twice a day just to keep from going crazy, and it's really hot just after a work out!!!" "I think it comes from all the extra blood it gets from the lifting," Denny said matter of factly, "here, just look at it," while spreading his legs to give Frank a better look!!! "Oh, my," Frank said softly, "your absolutely huge, look at how it sticks out, it must be all of nine inches long!!!" “That’s about right,” Denny replied, “how about you, you look pretty big yourself!?!” “Well,” Frank replied while nonchalantly fisting his rapidly expanding erection, “I’m not quite that big, but almost!!!” Both men were now sweating profusely and it wasn’t from the heat in the gym!!!It was Denny who made the first move, and after pulling his friend to his feet by his dick, he kissed him softly on the mouth and whispered, “Let’s rub our heads together until we shoot, how does that sound!?!” “Oh yeah,” Frank moaned as Denny guided their soft glans together, “I just love seeing a big cock, don’t you!?!” “Mmmmmm, yes,” Denny replied as he snapped the two huge heads back and forth across each other, “when ever I’m around other men, I just love showing off my big hardon!!!” “Did you see that black guy at the gym last week,” Frank asked, “he musta been ten inches minimum!?!”“Saw him,” Denny replied with a giggle, “I sucked him off twice in the sauna, and then he let me fuck him in the ass!!!” “Oh god,” Frank gasped, “y-you really got to suck him, did he cum in your mouth!?!” “Oh yeah,” Denny sighed, “he came like a fire hose, talk about loads, this guy had them in spades!!!” The two naked studs were now covered with dripping sweat while Denny now was jerking both of their peckers with reckless abandon!!! “Oh my,” Frank moaned, “I-I can’t hold back much longer, are you close too!?!” He really didn’t have to ask, because if he would have looked at Denny’s face he would have seen a man on the very edge of thunderous climax!!! Both of them were now kissing and deep throating each other while Denny’s hand literally flew over their distended organs, and as their tongues probed the back of each other’s throat, their peckers convulsed in unison as load after load of hot spunk shot high onto their flat bellies and chests!!!Slowly, almost in slow motion, the two of them slipped to the floor as their two spent peckers began deflating!!! “Oh wow,” Denny sighed, “this is one big advantage to having a home gym!!!” “Yeah,” Frank replied, “and it was worth every penny!!!THE END