“Now you two stop it this instant,” he said in a cross but gentle voice, “now let’s let Jimmy get the drink, and you my little blond bug,” she whispered to Tim, “how about giving you papa a little love, okay!?!” Tim’s disposition immediately brightenedand he whispered back excitedly, “Where do you want it first!?!” “Mmmmm, how about my pecker, dear,” Lorn replied softly while unzipping his pants, “you have such a pretty mouth, and you know how much papa likes having you suck his hard dick!!!” “I get to suck his cock,” Tim crowed triumphantly to his brother who by now was handing Lorne his drink, “and all you get to do is watch!!!” “Lorne thanked Jimmy for his drink, and after taking a sip, admonished them again, “ Now listen to me you two, I don’t want to hear anymore yapping about who gets to do what, do I make myself clear!?!” Both Tim and Jimmy bowed their heads in unison, and in small quiet voices promised to be good, but Jimmy was still a little hurt when he watched his brother slip down between his master’s thighs and begin tonguing his now super erect penis!!! Seeing the forlorn look on his face, Lorne reached out to his little boy, and after opening his shirt, offered him a nipple that was absolutely perfect for sucking!!! Lorne closed his eyes and drifted off in a sexual cloud of excitement as his two little “kittens” worked their mouths feverishly over his distended nipples and dick!!! One of the reasons he loved the twins so, was not only the fact that they were both cute as a button, it was the fact that they both truly were in love not only with him, but also with his cock and balls!!! Even as he lolled back with his legs splayed wide apart, he luxuriated in the sensation the insistent little mouths had on his most private of parts as they licked, nibbled, and sucked him to a sexual Nirvana few people ever got to experience!!! Even at the tender age of eighteen both of them were sexually adept far beyond their years, and while Tim’s nonstop tongue caressed his erect penis, Jimmy nursed at her nipple like he was starving for it!!! Naturally, with the tension of the day welling up inside of him and the two kittens working their magic on his extremely flushed organs, it was only a matter of time until he felt his whole body begin to shudder as and incredibly satisfying orgasm flowed through him filling Timmy’s mouth with a gusher of hot cock juice!!!After it was over, both Tim and Jimmy excitedly bounced up and down on the seat while asking, “Was it good for you, papa, did we do a good job for you!?!” As he gently caressed Tim’s face he sighed, “My little kittens were very good to their papa, now let papa rest while he watches his kittens play!!! “Ohhhhhhhhm, goody,” Timmy giggled, “are you gonna let Jimmy fuck me!?!” “Timothy,” Lorne retorted harshly, “is that any kind of language for a young man to use, please, use the correct terminology, after all, we’re not a bunch of alley cats are we!?!” Looking slightly hurt, Timmy slowly nodded his head and replied, “I’m sorry, papa, what I meant to ask was if you were going to allow Jimmy to put his erection into my rectum!” “That’s much better child,” Lorne answered gently, “and in answer to your question, yes I am, but only after you’ve sucked on his penis to make sure that he’s very, very hard!!!The two excited kittens quickly shed their clothing, and in almost a playful atmosphere, they both began poking and touching each other all over their lithe young bodies, a sight which Lorne never tired of seeing!!! “That’s enough horseplay, children,” Lorne scolded, “now Jimmy, sit down and be still so Timmy can get your penis into his mouth!!!” Jimmy scooted around on the seat next to Lorne, and much to his glee, the young lad already had a very hard penis, and while it wasn’t really very large, it was as usual hard as a rock and just the cutest little thing he’d ever seen!!! “Okay now,” Lorne ordered softly, “take him into your mouth and let him ejaculate, dear, make him have a nice hard one right down your throat!!!” A very happy faced Timmy dropped his head into his brother’s lap and soon the back compartment of the limo was filled with the sucking sounds of a very excited teenage boy as he did he level best to bring the young stiffy to a hard climax!!! 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