Substitute Teaching Again


I had decided to go back to substitute teaching this year for extra money and so was on the list for 5 counties near us. I got a call one evening to sub a history class for 10th gread and did not mind at all. It was history and usually fun for me but this time I had no idea how it was going to turn out. I got out some of my conservtive clothes and got them ready for the next day. Hiding 44EEE tits on my short frame is impossible but I did my best. I had on a lose blouse and a buton up shirt over it, an ankle length skirt that was all the way around, not a wrap around and sandals. I had on one of my factory strenght bras and then as a whim put on a black thong. I went to the class and was introduced and thought it funny that 4 kids in the back began whispering and laughing and looking at me a lot. I thought that it was just the chest that was concealable but found out later it was more. The day was uneventful and as the four left they all said in sing song voices, "By Ms. Cain, see ya tomorrow. " and I smiled as they left. the three girls and one guy that was the group began laughing as they got into the hallway. Dean was the guy and he was cuteand looked like he was well equiped and the girls were all, well, not well endowed but still blosoming. One was asian and the other two just plain white girls. Lyn was asian and had long black hair down the her waist and Donna and Ellie were just regular girls.

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   Lyn was totally flat, I mean hardly even a nipple stuck out the others were maybe just under a cups. The next day they got to class early, al 4 and sat in the back again and he something they were looking at and then looking at me. Dean smiled and said, Ms. Cain, we need to find out something, see if you know who this is?" he said, the others sitting close. He had a mini DVD player and they were all looking at it. As I got close I saw that Dean was aroused and had a bulge in his pants. The girls were all nervous. I got to them and there were no other kids in the room. He motioned to a chair and I sat down and he moved the DVD so I could see it. There was a naked woman on her hands and knees and wth a dog fucking her and a man in her mouth, there were about a dozen people around all naked and all enjoying the show. At that time, just as I was going to say something the camera zoomed in on the face and I saw, even though I knew it, that it was me. I remembered the party and the all night gang bang sex I had and I know my face turned red. They all looked at me and I said, "Well, I think that is me if you must know. " They looked at me, waiting for more. "So I guess I am being black mailed over this?" Suddenly hands were under my blouse and my bra undone and they took it off all in one movement.

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   I began to get up but now was pushed down in the chair by the girls. Dean leaned towards me and smiled and his hand found my tits under the blouse and pulled my nipples. "No black mail at all Ms. Cain, you are just gonna do what we say, that is all. " I moaned and he saw that I liked it and then I thought to turn it around on them, "Well, I just need to let you know that I take a lot to be satisifed so if you are going to do something it has to be an all nighter and it has to be great sex. " They let me up and I began walking to the front and my nipples were hard and felt good. "How many men can you take? Dean said. "Well, I have never been able to count but I have never reached my limit. Friday night is good for me. " and I went to the front of the class and greeted everyone. After class Dean asked who he could invite and I said, "Anyone that loves to fuck. " Lyn smiled and said she was coming as were the other girls. I took her hand and since it was last period I asked her to stay a moment. Everyone walked out and I closed the door behind them. Lyn had my bra in her bag and so I went to her and said, "I would like my bra back, they do cost money you know.

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  " There was a supply room near the other side of the room and I had taken her hand and was walking that way. She took the bra out and I opened the door to the supply room. "Help me put it on dear" I said and stepped inside the room. I dropped my blouse to the floor and turned from her and put my arms thru the shoulder straps and then thruned back to face her without putting the cups over my tits. "Put them in for me dear. " I said and stepped to her. She reached towards me and tried not to touch my tits but streach the cups under my tits and then get them in. "Oh forget it, I can do without it now. " I said and moved suddenly so that her hands were almost cupping my tits and the bra was falling off. She stood there with her hands on them and froze. "Don't you know what to do now dear?" I asked her. "Well, not really Ms. Cain, I have only been with my friends and they are nothing like you. " she said. "Let me show you, relax your hands.

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  " I said and cupped her hands in mine and began massaging my tits thru her hands. I let her hands go and they kept moving and so I pulled her blosue out of her pants and slipped it off over her head. Her small nipples were dark and got hard instantly. Now I stepped to her ahd hugged her, our naked upper bodys together. Then with her face in my hands I kissed her softly and after her lips parted my tongue went in teasing her tongue until she was kissing me back. My hands undid her jeans and hen slipped to the floor and I carressed her body. The her hands undid my skirt and it too fell. We stood there, me in a black thong and her in panties that were blue and bikini. There was a chair squeezed into the end of the supply room and I took her hand and moved her to sit down there and kissied her as she did. I stood in front of her and pulled off my thong and gave it to her and she smeled the crotch and closed her eyes. "They smell good. " she said and I went down and pulled off her panties and did the same. "They smelled sweet. I was on my knees now and moved her legs apart. Her legs were olive and so soft and I began kissing them at the knees and worked my way up till her almost totally hairless pussy was right in front ofmy mouth.

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   I teased her some then ran my tongue between her lips and they became wet a once. She moaned low and I began kissing all around her pussy, just not totally one it. "Oh, Ms. Cain, please eat me" she begged. "Do you realy want me to?" I asked. "Oh yes, please eat me, please. " she moaned. I was now kissing and sucking her nipples and then I kissed down to her pussy and took her clit which was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and sucked it in between my lips. Her legs went around my neck and almost chocked me with how tight they were. "Take it wasy Lyn, teacher is going to eat you all up. " She relaxed and so I began slowly licking from her ass to her cilt and back again and again and my fingers slipped into hertight pussy. After maybe a half an orgasm shook her body and her back arched and her legs again almost chocked me. She collapsed and her legs let go and she laid there looking at me thru dreamy eyes. "Now me. " I said and she stood up, weak and limp and we hugged and kissed.

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   "I want to play with them. " she said massaging my tits. "Okay hun, I will tell you what makes me feel good. " I moved her to massage them the way I liked and to pull the nipples a lot, then harder and harder pinching them to bring the right amount of pain to them. "Now suck them and bite them nice and hard for me. " I told her and she began suckibg softly teasing me. Finally she began really biting them and made me cry out several times. "Fist me dear. " I moaned and her fingers slipped in easily. "No hun, the whole hand, do it, deep and hard. " I told her and her hand slipped in and she gasped. "Oh fuck Ms. Cain, all of it is in you. " she said. "Yes dear, now fuck me hard, realy hard and deep, do it good for me.

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  " I said and she began ramming her fist into my pussy hitting the womb as she did and then faster as I begged he to do it. My hips were moving anow with her fist in me and soon I soaked her arm and chest with pussy juice as I had a wonderful orgasm. Now eat me too. " I said and she began with her arm still in me. She began understanding I liked it rough and so began biting my pussy lips and finally the clit. In the middle of her biting my orgasm soaked her face and hair. She drank up the juices and we both laid there, her on top of my lap and me carressing her face and hair that smeled like my jucies. We finally got up and dressed and I gave her a ride home. Before we got there she leaned over and kissed me, "Thank you Ms, Cain. That was wonderful" she said. "Do you know how many will be there Friday?" I asked her. "Dean has about 10 guys and some girls coming o his place for you to do, will you be able to do them all?" she asked me. "Oh, I think so. " I said and she got out. Friday finally came and I went to Deans home after dark.

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   There were cars in the drive and I went in. I had only worn a wrap skirt and tank top and nothing else since I was going to be naked soon anyway. I went in without knocking and they al looked at me. "I took charge at once. "Students, everyone sit in a circle and pay attention. " I said and they all did. There were a few firls there and Lyn came close to me and hugged me. "Tonight we have a sex ed class, is everyone ready?" I said. They al clapped and said they were. "Good, Lyn, please undress me. " I saidand she took off my skirt and top and I stood there naked to various comments about my body, especially my tits. "Okay, now everyone else get unclothed now. " I said and began sizing up the boys cocks. Some were well endowed and some average but none under about 6 inchs and a couple, especially Dean, looked to be over 9 inches. "Okay, now no one is to have sex until they have had it with me, is that understood?" I said.

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   They all approved and I stepped to Dean. His cock was half hard and I got on my knees in front of his and began massaging it between my tits. He leaned back and moaned. After I did that some my mouth took him in and as the other gasped I took it all the way down my throat until my face was against his tummy. He moaned louder. "Okay, now for the best part" I said and mounted his cock easily slipping it into my pussy. I ride him slow for a few seconds and then began frantically fucking him as my orgasm got close. I put his hands on my tits and told him to grab them and twist them and pull the nipples. It was not enough, "Damn it' I almost screamed "Hurt them, make them hurt. " I said and his nails dug into my skin and I felt my orgasm flow over me and the juices sprayed all over and the gasps from the others told me I had really done something they had never seen. His cum filled me at the same time and I let it fill my hot pussy. Drops of blood came from several nail shaped marks and I let his cock slip from me. I stood up in front of them and said, "Now, teacher likes it really rough, don't worry about hurting me, I have done lots more than this and with a lot more people. " "And animals. " said Ellie.

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   "Yes, and animals. " I said and they began taling among themselves. "Have you really had sex with animals?" said one boy. I walked to him and he was hard as a rock and I took his hand. "Yes dear, let me show you. " I said and dropped to all four in front of him. "Do my ass dear. " I told him and he slipped inside me and soon was humping away. "Oh yeh, of hell yeh. " he was saying over and over and soon filled my ass. "Who is next?" I said and another mounted ny ass. "He had trouble getting in but finaly did as I reached around and guided him. "I need another in the mouth at the same time. " I said and another boy moved to the front of me and I sucked him in. Now I was getting really hot and was really acting like the whore I love to be.


   After all the boys had fucked me I got up cum dripping down my legs and said, "Now, all the guys have done me and so they can fuck anyone but first the girls have to be with me. " Lyne came to me and kissed me and we laid on the floor and soon were eating each other out, her swallowing all the cum from my pussy and me tonguing her tight pussy. We kissed and she got up and another girl came to me. She was butch and sat over my face trying to smother me and pulling my tits hard. I pulled her fae to mine and she would not kiss but I told her, "Isn't there someway that you really want to dominate me, something really kinky?" I whispered. She smiled and moved over my face about 6 inches over it and squatted. She closed her eyes and some were saying "No fucking way is she gonna do it. " and soon her stream of piss flowed into my mouth and over my face and hair and I fingered another orgasm from myself. I laid there and said, "Well, I know I should go clean up, but anyone else kinky before I do?" Another girl came to me and said, "I gotta piss too. " and she squated over my tits and her stream caame out all over my body. I felt hotter now than ever. Then I heard a famliar sound, dog paws on the floor coming towards. Dean came in, "Just for you Ms. Cain. " and a beautiful shepard stood there well endowed and excited from the sex in the air.

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   Dean sat him there next to me and moved away and al the kids sat in the circle and some carresswed each other, massaged cocks and pinched nipples. I calmed the dog and laid him next to me on the floor. "Everyone wanna really see this happen?" I asked and they all said yes. I laid him on the floor in a 69 to me and began petting his head to move it to my pussy, his rough tongue felt good against my skin of my legs. I massasged his sheath until his growing cock came out and swelled and got longer. Then my tongue licked the cock that made it's wany \into my mouth and I began sucking him and his hips began to jerk as the knot emerged. I held it back so that my mouth was not brused and after a long while he filled my throat. He laid here with his hips jerking and so I moved around and they helped him mount me. His cock slipped in and soon he was humping hard again. The knot found it's way into my pussy and he was humping like crazy. He filled me and then slipped out slowly. Laying there I cleaned him off. "Well, shower for me kids, be back in a little then we can continue. " I said and Lyn took my hand and came with me. We showered and nade love in the shower again and came out dry and moved to a group of a few girls and two guys and laid with them.

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   Soon hands found my body and I laid back and spread my legs and gave myself over to the groping not knowing or caring who was doing what. A cock filed my throat and then another and the cum was swallowed down. The lights were out and I wokde to see Lyn looking at me snuggled up to me. "Ms. Cain?" she said. "Yes Lyn. " I asked her. "I think that I love you. " she said and kissed me. "Good Lyn, I think I love you too. " I saidand we slept till the sun came up and they all began moving, some looking for clothes and some moving between legs that were open. Three guys were in a circle fuck with each other and the girls were watching that. Soon Dean came over and kissed meand said thanks for the party. "Not a problem hun" I told him, "Anytime you need it just let me know. " and he kissed me.

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   I gave Lyne a ride home again and she will be over next weekend to spend the whole weekend. Love allTeresa.
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