My Vanilla Mistress II


It had been several months since Cindy has shown me the other side of herself.   Prior to that evening, she had always professed that she was vanilla and not really into bondage and control.   However, I think she surprised herself when she had the opportunity to tie me up and control me.   She had planned things out before I had arrived and had the ropes, gag, clothes pins, and blindfold ready for me.   I was surprised at how confident she was when the opportunity had presented itself to her.  


We had continued to chat and I guess the urge to play again finally brought us together again.   As she let me in the front door of her house, I wondered if she had reached her limits during our first session or if she had progressed.  


We kissed at the door and then sat on the couch as we had the first time and had a couple of glasses of wine.   We chatted about what each of us had been doing lately.   I thought it somewhat funny that I was nervous but that she seemed quite at ease.   We laughed about different things and then she brought up our last evening together.    She asked me if I had had fun and I said that I had and that she had surprised me with how much she seemed to get into the play that we had done together.   She smiled and simply said that she had fun too.   Although we had not really talked about playing again when we had planned this evening, I was really hoping that we would play again. It became quickly clear that she had plan for me because she reached over to and end table and brought out the blindfold that we had used the previous time.   Quite nonchalantly she told me to turn my back to her and she quickly put the blindfold over my eyes.

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As she had done the first time, she pulled me to my feet and began to strip me.    First my shirt came off, followed by my jeans and underwear.   She did this without saying a word and I simply stood there and let her do it without speaking.   So far, things had gone pretty much as they had the first time.   I was expecting to be led down the hall to her bedroom again.   But, this time, she took me hand and began leading me in a different direction.


I knew that we were going through the dining room and then I heard the back door open.   She told me to watch for the step that led from the dining room to her back yard.

  Her house had a large back yard and no neighbors nearby and so, even though I was naked, I didn’t figure that there was anyone that could see us.    She led me across the yard and then I heard another door open.   From my other times at her house, I knew that this was the large garage that was in the back of her home.    She had mentioned before that her son used it to work on his cars and did some auto repairs for others to earn extra money.  


She ordered me to hold my hands out in front of me and I felt  leather cuffs being placed on each wrist.   I heard a snapping sound and felt my hands being pulled apart followed my another snapping sound.   I realized that my wrists had been attached to some type of bar which kept them apart perhaps three feet.

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     I then heard the rattle of a chain and another snapping sound.   I felt extra weight and realized that a chain had been attached to the bar.   I then heard the sound of an electric motor and felt my arms being pulled upwards.    Cindy spoke for the first time in a while and explained that the bar was attached to a winch that her soon used when working on his cars.   My arms continued to be pulled up until I as close to being on my tip toes.  


Cindy now giggled a couple of times and I felt cuffs being placed on my ankles.   I heard another click and then she pulled my legs apart.   Another click and I understood that another bar had been placed between my ankles, keeping them spread.    Here I was spread-eagle again but this time standing.   


Finally, I spoke asking what exactly she was planning for me.   She simply giggled again and said nothing more. She told me to open my mouth and I felt something being stuffed into it.   Surprised, I tried to push whatever it was out with my tongue but she had quickly put what I knew to be tape over my mouth to hold the stuffing in place.    Cindy giggled again. She was really enjoying this, I thought.

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    So, the first time was not just play, it was something that she really liked.   “I liked the ring gag”, she said, “but I thought this would keep you even quieter”.  


I jumped as I felt her grab me by the balls.   I became a little concerned when she said that she really like the way my genitals dangled between my spread legs.  


I heard the electric winch again and felt my arms being pulled further and further above my head until my feet left the ground.  


“You seemed to like the pain of the clothes pins, last time”, she said.

  “So, I have something else planned for you this time”.    I heard her walk across the garage and then return.   I jumped in pain as I felt something strike my bare back.   “This is a little whip that I picked up yesterday”, Cindy said. “Does it sting?”  I nodded yes just as another lash struck my back.   Three or four more landed in quick succession each a little harder.  


“Let’s see if you have other tender places”, Cindy said and I felt her grab me by my hips and spin me.    As I spun, I felt the lashes from the whip strike me across my chest, my stomach, my thighs.   I tried to protect my private parts but could not close my legs.

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     She noticed my efforts and told me not to worry.    “I won’t whip you there”, she said.   “Don’t want to damage you there”.   I felt her spin me again and the whipping continued.   I cried out in muffled paid as the whip landed repeatedly on my bare skin.   I heard her giggle several times during my whipping.  


Finally the whipping stopped and Cindy told me that she had another surprise for me. I felt her rubbing something sticky on my balls, thighs, and up between the crack of my ass.   It thought that it smelled like honey.    Then,I heard her open the garage door and whistle.   Cindy had a large German Shephard that I had seen several times but that was kept outside. I heard the dogs claws click as they crossed the concrete garage floor.   I knew what was going to happen next and shook my head back and forth in protest.   I heard Cindy say, “Look what I have for you, Ginger”.   “Ginger loves honey”, Cindy said.

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    I winced as I felt the raspy tongue on the dog begin to lick me between my spread legs.   I tried to twist my body away but the dog was relentless.   It lick my balls, by penis, my thighs and then moved to my backs side. I felt its tongue lick my butt crack and begin working its tongue to my asshole.   I could feel it trying to penetrate me trying to get every drop of the honey.   I was being humiliated and Cindy was loving it.    I was being raped by a German Shephard.  


I trying to say no through my gag when Cindy said she was going to leave me and Ginger alone for a while.   I heard the garage door open and then close as Ginger continued to lick me.   It was embarrassing to be hanging there and being molested by this dog.   But, it was even more embarrassing when I realized that my cock had become aroused and hard from all the licking.   It was then that I again heard Cindy giggle.   I realized that she had just pretended to leave the garage and had really been standing there watching me.   “Ummmm”, she said. :”Looks like you like being molested by Ginger.

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   I can see that your cock is getting very hard”.   


“Come, Ginger”, I heard Cindy say and then heard the door shut.   “My turn now” she said.   I felt her arms around my neck and her legs wrap around me waist as she forced my cock into her pussy.   “Now don’t you like me better than Ginger?”, she asked as she continued pound my cock deeper and deeper into her.  

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