Sophia made me her bitch.


I had a pretty good four years of marriage, my husbandwas an accounting and I was asectary he had his own private office and work with two other guys he hired. It took a little while to find both of them he was picky. I wanted to work with him in his office and he told me it was a bad idea for husband and wife to work together so I left it drop and just stay with my old job. While one day I came home from work early and my husband car was in the drive way, I came in the back door as I always use it there was my husband on his knees sucking his work off and the other man was using my cooking oil lubing his hole and dumping it on his cock. The oil was all over my floor but what I notice the head of his cock it was big asa tennis ball ,When day seen me they got up and left . Never got divorce it been ten year now ,I still see him around, he gave me the two house and twenty acre of land . I rent the the small house out to Sophia and another women , she a little older I assumed they were lovers. she would come around once a month. Sophia was firm keep in good shape she did her own lawn service and work by her self, had a nice dark tan, she always were short and tank tops and no bra. She started cutting my lawn so I cut her rentit was hard for me to do since my work was twenty miles one way, and week end I like to relaxed. Then one day she ask me wear the path behind the house went, I told her it about a twenty minute walk and takes you to a little opening. No one use it in years and ask if I would mind if she use it to walk her dog long john. I neverdid ask why she call the dog long john,he was a large German Shepard just about all white , for one spot on his face. Sophia been using the path everyday now,she take a long time before she got back. I started my two week vacation today and after she went into the wood I went to see why it took so long , when I got to the opening she had it all clean up it was like a 20X20 area there was a tree down and made a good seat, the end of the tree was hollow and she reach in and pulled something out it was a small blanket in a plastic bag. she lay ed it over the log .

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   Long john was running around when Sophialean up against a tree she had this short skirt on I notice when she walk her dog she always were a skirt. Whathappen next floor me she pull the front of her skirt up there was this brown bush, my hand went strait down my pants what happen next she spread her legs andstartedpissing directing her clit to aim it at long john he was lapping it up like drinking out of a water hose. Sophia went over and sat on the log she call the dog and wentright to licking, I had my finger up my cunt,right then I wish I had a baseball bat up in me. When I look up long john was fucking,that when I moan and long john turn and they were ass to ass john was pulling her ,that when I left. The next day I waited for her to go threw the yard, I must of miss herI went to the bedroom took of my clothes and put just a summer dress on no pannies and I just shave my cunt, I was horny think about I decide to go up even if she wasn't there. When I got there no one was there I took out her blanket and lay ed it on the log, then I went over to her pee tree I squat down and lean against the tree, I close my eyes and begin playing with my self, when I felt a wet nose on the inside of my leg I open my eyes and there was dog and Sophia. Sophia said this is my tree and you no what I do her, She move over top of my face pull her skirtand told me to drink all of it I open my mouth she aim her clitand the first stream enter my mouth she pulled my head up in to and I drank as fast as I could it was warm and salty. She help me up and begin kissing taken tongue , walk over to the log with out me speaking she sat down on the log and had me get on all four. , I look up at her , her cunt looking me in the eye and her precum was leaking out of her. I never fuck another women or a dog and it was about to happen and I was excited and I wanted it now she reach down and grab the bottom of my dress and tore it off of me since it was thin she didn't have no problem she threw it at long john he stood on it and begin tearing it more. Sophia took of her top she had the nice breast ,I went to put my mouth on them and she push me down and told me to eat. She slap me on the ass and long john was on me ,Sophia guide it into me he started fucking me like a mother fucker when I thought it was his balls a big not came inside of me it keep growing and it was hurting,dog gave a few fast fuck and stop he was filling me up with his warm cum, I look up at Sophia tears in my eyes and ask if it going to stop , now I could fill it running out of me . Long john got soft and pull out,Sophia got under me and started eaten me it felt so goodshe call dog and had me give him a blow job, I loved his cum ,now me and Sophia lived together with long john and we still go to are opening we still got the pee tree and use my mouth for her urinal. .