A Treasure For Daddy


This is a work of fiction, all names here are in no way related to actual people or actual events.


I don't know why, but rainy days always put me in a horny mood. Today was no exception. Even after I broke up with my boyfriend of two years I could still feel my juices flowing. As I drove home from school in my tiny black sports car I could hardly keep from sliding my hand up my skirt, fighting the urge only because I was driving.


It seemed like forever until I spotted my house at the top of the hill. I smiled in relief. The only thing on my mind was getting this situation taken care of before it could get any worse. Already there was a rather noticeable wet spot on my white panties and i was afraid it would start running down my legs when I stood up, ruining my new black tights.


Before we go any further I'll give you a brief description of myself. I'm a short little thing, only 5'3''. I have long blonde hair that reaches about to my ass, with grey eyes to match it. I have rather tan skin, seeing as how I tan all  year long with my tanning bed in the basement, due to my nude tanning I have no tan lines and a nice even golden skin color everywhere. I'm very athletic, seeing as I'm on the tennis team and the volleyball team, I've been told I have a nice tight little ass to top of my long legs. All of this is held together by my 36D breasts with their perky nipples. All in all I feel very comfortable in my skin.

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As I pull up in the driveway I quickly put my car in park, just barely remembering to grab my bag as I make a dash for the door, wanting to get to my room as soon as I can and just fuck myself silly, but knowing I need to act casual for my dad. As I walk in the door I drop my bag and take my jacket off, nearly bursting at my seams.


"Dad! I'm home!" I call out as I make my way to the living room, figuring I should say 'hi' before I go up to my room for an hour. I round the corner and see him watching Football with his work laptop sitting, neglected, off to one side. I smile and roll my eyes, knowing my dad loves football even more than his job. He looks up from the TV to smile at me and pat the seat next to him. I nearly groan, thinking about how badly my cunt needed attention. I obeyed though, sitting down next to him as he paused the football game to turn and look at me.


"So how was your day?" He asks, relaxing back into the sofa, studying my face carefully.


I shrug, knowing I just want to go pleasure myself. "It was OK I guess. " I look away, studying the TV screen before realizing that my dad was still staring at me. "What?" I ask curiously, wondering if he can smell my cunt dripping or something.


He shakes his head, "Something happened. I can tell.

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   Tell me. "


Normally I would have loved to talk to my dad about my day, but not now. Now I just wanted to escape. But I knew he was expecting an answer, and I wouldn't be leaving any time soon if I didn't give him one. With a reluctant sigh I shrug. "I broke up with Kyle today. It. . . It just didn't feel right anymore. " I look away, not wanting to talk about it.


Apparently my dad understood something in my posture because his reply was short and not probing.

"Well I'm sorry to hear about that. I think what you need right now is a nice hot bubble bath. Go ahead and go take one, then we can veg out and watch Titanic or something.

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I smiled at him and nodded, realizing how cool my dad is, and that masturbating in the bath soundded kind of fun. I gave him a brief hug, my mind thinking something horrible. Something horrible and perverted, but somehow a good idea. Something I'd been craving, but never desperate enough to put into motion. I got up and went upstairs quickly stripping of my soaked panties and thinking my plan through more and more.


I poured some bubble-bath soap into the tub and waited for it to fill up. Meanwhile I striped down to nothing except for my thigh-high black stockings and stiletto shoes. I blushed as I thought about what I was going to do, realizing that it was long overdue if anything, and that I'd been craving it for years now, ever since my mother left us.


Leaving my stockings and shoes on I climbed into the large bathtub and slid down, letting my long hair float around me, under the bubbles and making sure the bubbles cover my torso. I then spread my legs and lift them out of the water, placing them on either side of the tub, letting one leg drape over the edge and dangle alluringly above the ground. The feeling of warm water lapping at my horny cunt nearly sent me over the edge and I decide that it was now or never.


"Daddy! I need your help!" I called out, knowing that he had definitely heard me, and will be on his way in a moment or two. I heard a muffled reply of, "be there in a second, sweetie. " And I took another deep breath.


The doorknob turns and My dad enters, his eyes going wide as he sees my position.

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   His entire body freezes and all he can do is stare. I smile my sexiest smile and feel a blush coloring my cheeks. "Daddy. I need your help with something, would you come here?" I ask with a beckon. He walks forward slowly, his hand sliding off of the doorknob, pushing the door closed again. He finally reached the tub and I smiled at him ,sitting up in the water and moving so that I'm perched on the edge of the tub, my legs spread in front of my dear dad. I could see his eyes go wide at the sight of my shaved cunt unfolding it's treasures to him. I heard him swallow and looked down to see a bulge forming in his pants, pushing to get out.


Knowing I had him hooked I wiped my fingers along my slit, feeling my sweet juices coat my fingers. I pulled them away and spread them in front of his intense gaze. A thin string of my cum dangled between them and caught his attention. I could hear him swallow again, and his breathing speed up. "You see daddy, I have no boyfriend to take care of this, and I don't think just my fingers will either. So I need you to take care of it for me. Would you do that daddy?" I asked him in a whisper, my voice soft and lusty.

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His eyes drifted to mine and locked there. When he spoke I could hear the lust in his voice, how he wanted to take me then and there. But I could here the reserve in his voice as well, holding him back from this sinful act. "You're my daughter," he replied, I could tell that the idea both allured him and repulsed him. he continued, "It would be wrong for me to do something like that. I can't Carrie. " 


I knew that he wanted to, and I wasn't going to let him go that easily. I also knew that he hadn't been with a woman in two years and that it was damn time for him to have some fun.


"But daddy, don't you love me?" I asked in a disappointed voice, looking up at him through my lashes.


"Oh Carrie, you know I do. But-"


I cut him off, with a strong voice. "Then it doesn't matter if I'm your daughter. If you love me, then it's ok, because this is what people do when they're in love. They do things for each other to make that other person feel good. .

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  . Daddy, you deserve to feel good. " 


I could see that he was torn, but I had used up all my words, and besides now was not the time for words. I decided to show him just how much he wanted me. Suddenly I leaned forward, pressing my lips to his. At first I could feel his lips still, and surprised against mine. Slowly he started to work his lips in time with mine. I couldn't have been happier. His kiss became intense and powerful, blocking out everything else. After what seemed like forever, and no time at all, he pulled away.  

At first I didn't know if he was regretful of his actions or just wanted to stop kissing for something more. The look in his eyes answered that question quickly and I smiled brightly as he got to his knees and gently spread my legs wider, until I was nearly doing the splits. His eyes gleamed like a mad-mans' and his fingers twitched as they approached my cunt.


He carefully spread my soaked outer lips, his fingers rubbing them slightly as he did. Slowly he moved his face closer and closer to my spread womanhood and I watched him intently.

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   Already I was in pure heaven, his fingers making my outer lips burn in pleasure.  


He gently kissed my mound, leaving a small amount of saliva as he pulled away and then moved in to take one long swipe of my slit with the tip of his tongue. A low moan escaped my lips and I gripped the tub tightly. He smirked before diving back into my cunt. His tongue found my hard and erect clit and ran his tongue in circles on and around it. Meanwhile he moved one hand from my lips and gently probed at the entrance to my steaming hole. My entire body was trembling as his mouth slowly played with my clit and he slowly started to finger me.


His finger slide deeper and deeper until it was entirely in me. He wiggled it around, searching for my hymen, but finding nothing. He pulled his lips from my clit and stared at me in a stern way, saying, "We are going to have to talk about that. " before moving back down to lock his lips around my small clit and begin sucking. He pulled his finger out and replaced it with three, pushing them deep into me and then out, pumping them hard into my cunt, making a loud squishing noise.


I cried out, knowing that I couldn't take much more, that I was going to cum soon. He worked me for a little longer, sensing my approaching orgasm. Without warning his teeth gripped onto my clit and tugged while he plunged a fourth finger deep into me with the others, almost up to the thumb.

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   With a shriek I came hard. My hips bucked under his care and he held me down, his fingers thrusting me through my orgasm.


I gripped the tub tightly as my orgasm faded and my body sagged against the wall, my breathing now turned to shallow gasping. I smiled down at him and he grinned back at me. "Thank you Daddy. That was amazing. "


He shook his head, "Don't think we're done young lady. We still need to punish you for this. " She said wiggling his fingers around where my hymen should have been, and I gasped loudly. He smiled and kept his hand buried in me as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me out of the bathroom and towards his room.


To be continued. . . .


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