Pleasure at Sundown (Reposted)


  It was one of those summers where everyone seemed to be going places except me. My mom who was divorced to my father Jacob and her husband, my step dad were on their way to Hawaii to spend 2 weeks there. And my 20 year old step brother Michael was on his was to California to visit his cousin for a few days which left me alone, in our house, by myself. I was 17 and I never thought my parents would let me stay alone! They thought since it was just for a couple of days I would be fine.
I drove my brother Michael to the airport to see him off. How I was going to miss him. He teased me a lot about boys and my friends and how I dressed. Although he teased, I secretly liked the attention I got from him. See growing up as an only child, with a father that must have screwed every hooker in New York City didn't seem to help to much. As we walked into the terminal Mike could see how sad and disappointed I was. He gave me a big hug and a quick kiss on the cheek and told me he'd be back soon. "Mike be careful. Have a safe flight and I love you. " I told him just before he left.
 "Love you too Jess, see you soon!" replied Michael, and quickly gave me another hug.
When I got home I turned on the television and got bored very quickly.

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   So I decided to go onto Facebook and chat with some people. After about an hour of that it was almost 7pm so I decided I'd make spaghetti for supper!
 After I had eaten I decided to go up to my room and slip in a movie. The movie was supposed to be Twilight but my brother had taped over it with a porno called Anal Addicts. Watching a guy with a huge cock slipping it in and out of that girls arse got me so wet. I still shut it off but was so horny I could keep my hands off myself! I'd never really masturbated, I'd only used my fingers a couple of times. But this time my fingers dove into my clit and wiggled around. They seemed to have a mind of their own and knew exactly where to touch and wear to rub. It was long before I was panting and came all over my bed. I came so much and I had to put new, clean sheets on the bead. I then got into my Pjs and drifted into sleep.
 I dreamt of seeing that guy from the porn thrusting his huge cock in and out of my pussy and ass. Just as we were both about to cum my cell rang! We still dazed from my dream answered the phone not to happy. "he. . he.

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  . hello" I said in a sleepy state.
"Jesse, are you up its 1pm! Well turns out Austin isn't here, he went to Mexico with he grandpa on a last minute thing. "
"Mike is that you" I said a little confused and still half asleep.
"Course its me you bonehead. I'm taking the next flight back. Come pick me up at the airport at about 6. "
"Yeah I'll do that. "
 Wasn't too long before 5 came along and I got into my car and head to the airport too pick up my brother. I walked into the airport and there he was waiting for me.   I ran yelling and went to kiss him. His mouth missed my cheek and pressed against where my lips would have been but my mouth was still open and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I was shocked but loved the feel of someone else's hot tongue on the inside of my mouth. He tasted so good and I was lost into nothingness. I was suddenly jolted back to reality was he pulled away.

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"Jess I'm sorry I. . I didn't mean to do that!" pleated Michael.
I said nothing just started walking away still confused on how good that had felt. Mike walked behind me and I could feel his eyes looking at the back of my head, then move to my ass. I got turned on at the fact he was checking me out.
The ride home was a silent one, we did not speak of what had just happened. When I got home I heated up the leftovers from the previous night and put it into 2 dished. I walked into the living room handing Michael one plate and sat down to start eating. The room suddenly felt smaller and I could feel the tension. "Jess. . ' he said. I out a finger to his lips and got up and walked to my room. I was thinking about everything that had happened that day.

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   I loved Mike, but was I in love with him Was he in love with me A nock at the door interrupted my thought. ''Come in. "
Mike walked in. "I want to talk about what happened earlier today. I really didn't mean to. It was an accident. I know this may sound weird or perverted, but I have always wanted you. Jesse I want you to be mine, and I don't want to share you!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Suddenly I found myself saying,
"I love you to. " And moved to kiss him. He put his arms around me and our lips locked. I then pulled away saying we shouldn't be doing this. He leaned forward and kissed me again, this time our mouths opened and our tongues battled for control. He put his hands up against my tits and squeezed. I could feel myself getting when, and my nipples harden.

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   I was a little embarrassed because I was not wearing a bra. I looked down to see a massive tent formed in his jeans. I placed my hand on his dick and stroked it through his pants. He took of my shirt and I undid his pants.
"Your tits are amazing!!" He began to suck on my nipples, switching from left to right then right to left. I was getting so horny and wet I couldn't stand it anymore! He flicked both nipples with his tongue then gently nibbled on them. I let out a yelp of pleasure. I took off his boxers and his 7 1/2 inch cock burst out! I was scared but slowly put it in my mouth. I licked it and pulled out. I gently ran  my tongue up and down his shaft then put his cock back into my mouth and back to bob on it. I could hear him grunt. He then stood  up with his dick still in my mouth and pushed it in, to the back of my throat. As I deep throated his cock I slobbered all over the place. He moaned and groaned with immense pleasure. "Yeah suck that cock! Oh yes!!!" I felt his body tense up and he released massive amounts of hot sticky cum into the back of my throat.

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   He grunted as he shot his load. I swallowed most of it, wile the rest ran out of my mouth and onto my body. He pulled out but his cock was still hard as ever! We kissed me tasting his cum, and licking the extra off my face and body.
"Get on the bed!" He ordered. I layed on the bed and he ripped off my panties to reveal my soaked hairless pussy. He launched at my clit, hit tongue sticking straight out and began to like all the juices I had leaked. I started to moan. He kissed my clit then dove his tongue in. I screamed with pleasure as he forced his long tongue in and out of my pussy! "Yes! Yes YES!!!!!" I screamed as I  came on his face, soaking his hair and everything else in my juices.
"Fuck you sure know how to cum!"
"Fuck me with your cock! Please Michael I can't stand it anymore!!" I screamed in desperation.
"Are you a virgin"
"Yes. " I said breathlessly.
"Then this is going to hurt a bit. If at any point you want me to stop just say so and I will ok It will also hurt when I tear your hymen. It will sting and you will bleed a little bit.

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   After that the pleasure comes and sex is much more enjoyable. Do you still want me to fuck you"
"Yes Michael, but be gently. I know it will hurt but try to make it hurt less. " He nodded and put his cock head to my pussy lips. He slowly pushed his huge head in stretching my pussy unbearable lengths! When he finally got his head in I scream in both please and pain.
"Do you want me to continue" I nodded yes and he squeezed himself even further causing me to scream and moan some more. "Fuck your tight, I don't think I can handle you!' He slowly slid himself into my clit until he was about half way in when he suddenly stopped. "I'm at your hymen, are you sure you want me to go on"
"Michael I can't bear it anymore! FUCK ME!!" I scream in desperation. He slid his cock in further and I felt my hymen give away. I started to softly cry as my slit bean to sting! He immediately stopped and did not move for at least a minute.
"Are you ok Has the stinging stopped"
"Yes go on. " I lied a little, my pussy still stung a little but I could bear it. He slowly slid his cock into me until it wouldn't go in anymore. He then pulled out almost completely and then in one big thrust completely slid his cock all the way in. As I was moaning and screaming he started to thrust faster and faster then go slow and then fast, forming a pattern of cock .

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   "OH YES FUCK THAT TIGHT LITTLE CUNT HARDER!!" I moaned and grunted and screamed all in pleasure. We fucked for what seemed like hours then we both started to pant. "I'm Cumming!!"
"Me too!" yelled Mike.
"Cum inside me, I want your cum inside me now!!" My pussy squeezed and throbbed as I came, spilling my juices all over his cock. I could feel my cunt tighten around his dick as he started to cum as well.
"Your pussy is tightening!! I CAN'T HOLD IT ANY LONGER!" With that he came, his cum flowed into me. He shot streams upon streams of hot cum into my pussy. As it hit my clit walls I had yet another orgasm from the feeling of it. With all the pleasure rushing through my body I passed out in a pleasurable bliss.
I woke up hours later lying next to the man I wanted to love and fuck for the rest of my life. I gave Mike a soft kiss on the lips, letting him sleep as I drifted back into slumber land, reliving the fucking I had just received.
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