Bad day at the apartment


Linda had just divorced her husband, mental cruelty she claimed, to move into her own apartment.    Actually, she divorced her husband because she was fucking a married man at the phone company where they both worked.   Her lover, Ron was a black man, married to a firmly but slightly built Vietnamese woman.   Linda was just the opposite of his wife.   Linda had big tits, a wide ass, and a soft milk white belly to go with her full thighs.   Ron loved the contrast.  

He loved pounding Linda’s slack pussy, and shooting gobs of cum into her mouth.   He even convinced Linda to take his big cock up her fat white ass.   Anytime Linda, would shy away from Ron’s sexual proposals, he’d just say “Okay, I’ll go home to my wife Mokie, because she’ll satisfy me. ”  That’s all it took and Linda would comply immediately.    The truth of it was Ron did think Mokie was a much better fuck than Linda, but he couldn’t get Mokie to do everything Linda would do.   Plus that he loved abusing Linda’s fleshy white body.   Linda was about 5’ 5” and weighed 160 pounds, none of it was muscle.   Ron loved kneading her fat tits, fat stomach, fat thighs, and best of all her fat white ass.   Whenever he was fucking her he’d say “God you are the most beautiful , intelligent woman, fantastic lover I’ve ever had.   That’s why I love you so much”.

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     Linda ate it up.   Linda just knew Ron was going to leave Mokie for her.   She thought she finally found the man of her dreams who appreciated her for all of her assets.   All the while Ron was really thinking “I’m going to fuck you stupid you dumb fat assed white pig. ”  

Everything was working out fine for Ron, he was fucking Linda at her apartment, on their lunch breaks, on the weekends, whenever he could get away from Mokie.   But he was fucking Mokie too.   He’d love to fuck Mokie first and then go over and fuck Linda.   He’d never wash his dick before he’d fuck Linda.   Many times Linda, took his cock in her mouth, or up her pussy or deep in her fat ass without realizing that Mokie’s pussy juice was still on his thick shaft.   Linda was too fucking stupid to figure out what that strange scent was.    Ron, never tried to pull that trick on Mokie as Linda’s cunt and ass musk was too strong.

But Ron finally slipped up.   Linda kept harping on Ron “when are you going to leave the gook for me?” He knew he never would leave Mokie for Linda but one day Linda pushed him too far and he.    The day  Linda said “If you don’t leave Mokie for me, I’m going to call her tonight and tell her what we’ve been doing. ”   Ron panicked.

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    “Okay, meet me at your apartment at noon sharp and we’ll talk about it.  

He had keys to her apartment as they could never leave together as people might suspect they were having an affair.   Ron, made sure he got to the apartment first.    Linda, arrived minutes later,  before she could say a word, he pulled her to him and stuck his tongue down her throat.   Linda groaned in pleasure.   He put his hand on her fat tit and squeezed it hard, mashing it cruelly.   Linda gasped in pain.   Ron said, “Sorry dear, you’re just so fucking hot, and I’m in a hurry.   Remember, I’ve got that meeting at two, but I’ve got to have you first. ”  Instead of feeling used the dumb whore was flattered.   “But Ron,  when are we going…” she couldn’t finish as Ron wrapped his arms around her thick waist and carried her over to the couch.   He crushed her so tightly that Linda almost passed out.   Shoving her torso face down, over the arm of the couch, he pushed her face and fat tits into the cushion.   Linda’s fat wide ass was sticking up over the arm with her legs dangling off the sofa’s side.   She turned her face and asked, “Ron, honey, what are you doing?”  He pulled her skirt up over her fat ass, and yanked her pantyhose down to her ankles.

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    Her thick naked ass was ready for taking.   “Ron, you can’t take me like this I can’t even spread my thighs, the pantyhose are around my high heels.   Now, start fooling around and let me up.  Or do I call Mookie right now?”   Ron said, “You’re right, I’m not fucking your sloppy cunt, I’m going to fuck your fat stinging ass. ”  Linda gasped, Ron had never talked to her like that.   


He rubbed his big cock up and down her long ass crack.   Linda said “Oh God no, let me up”.   Ron leaned over and with one hand shoved her fat face into the cushion.   He didn’t want to hear any screaming or begging   from the fat assed slut.   He slapped her fat ass hard, and laughed as she let out a muffled scream as tried to buck him off.   He pushed his big cock harder into her sweaty ass crack.   He knew the sow’s own sweaty ass would provide all the lubricant he wanted.   He didn’t want to lubricate her ass too much just enough to get the head of his huge cock into her asshole.   He wanted to make the pig suffer, after all she had the nerve to threaten him.

 Linda started bucking her fat ass harder as Ron’s cock slowly sunk deeper into her fat shitter.

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    Her muffled groans and grunts were getting louder.   Ron shoved her face deeper into the couch, the deeper his cock sunk into her ass the further he pushed her face into the couch.   Once he drove his cock to the hilt up her ass, he was ready to start pumping her like a jackhammer.   He was packing her shit now, driving it further up her ass.   The harder he pumped the more the fat assed slut bucked and louder she moaned, and the further he pushed her fat face into the couch.   “Shut up, you stupid fat assed whore. ”  It was the last thing Linda heard before she passed out.  Suddenly Linda went limp, no moaning no bucking , just still.   “Oh shit, the dumb bitch fainted. ”  Linda farted loudly as he yanked his cock out of her gaping asshole.   A brownish mixture of shit and cum mixture slowly dribbled out of her fat ass and down her huge white thighs.    “Goddamn, I’ve got her shit on my cock and I don’t have time to take a shower. ”   Linda was out cold her mouth wide open.   He grabbed her by the hair pulled her face to his cock and jammed his semi hard cock down her throat.   Using her hair he pulled her head back and forth to clean his cock.

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    The shit laced cum was now dribbling out of Linda’s mouth and all over her brand new couch.   Ron, was about to leave but looking at Linda lying on the couch like a butchered sow thought, “hmmm, that’d make a helluva’ picture”.   He got her camera and took a bunch of shots from a number of angles put it in his pocket and headed back to work.    

Now how did he screw up?  He didn’t realize that Mokie was supposed to meet him for lunch that day.   Mookie got to the phone company in time to see Ron get in his car and drive off.   Mookie followed him to Linda’s apartment.    She recognized the apartment as they had been there for a party once before.   “Aha, Mookie thought, “I thought that big titted fat assed white slut wanted Ron”.     She waited until Ron came out and drove off before she made her way to Linda’s apartment.   The door was unlocked so she quietly let herself into the apartment.    She crept into the living room, there was Linda her fat ass still sticking up over the arm of the couch, her thick legs dangling to the floor with her pantyhose draped around her red high heels.   Linda was just beginning to regain consciousness.   She noticed her mouth tasted like shit, piss and cum and her asshole was killing her.   She tried to stand up and tripped over own feet and fell flat on her face.   Linda groaned in pain as her fat tits then her face hit the floor.


    Mookie just watched in amazement as this fat assed white woman stumbled around stupidly.   Linda couldn’t figure out what happened to her, she had passed out while she was getting ass fucked and had no memory of what happened to her.   Her last memory was racing from work to meet Ron to pressure him to leave the gook.   Linda managed to get the pantyhose off her and put her shoes back on.   She stood up pulled her mini skirt down, turned around to go to the bathroom and saw Mookie staring at her with a scornful look on her face.   Linda recognized her immediately and screamed “Mookie, what are you doing in my apartment get out of here you stupid gook, right now”.   Mookie just stared at Linda taking in her big tits, short skirt revealing her wide ass and thick white legs balanced on her red high heels.    Linda moved closer to the much smaller woman and got right in Mookie’s face “get out of here you stinking slant eye. ”  With that Mookie lashed out and slapped Linda hard across her fat white face.   Linda staggered backwards  toppled over backwards landing on her fat ass with her legs spread wide.   Mookie laughed as she saw Linda’s bush and cunt exposed to world.   Moving fast she kicked Linda’s cunt as hard as she could.   Linda doubled over in pain. With her left hand, Mookie grabbed a handful of thick brown hair and yanked Linda’s face up.   She balled her fist and smashed it over and over into Linda’s face. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

    Linda’s nose and lips erupted in bright red blood.   “This will teach you to fuck another wife’s man you filthy white sweat hog”.   By this time Linda’s eyes had rolled up in her head as she’d been knocked cold.   Mookie let her fall face down to the floor.   She stripped Linda naked except for her red high heels.    Gazing at Linda’s fat white back her fat white tits oozing out, her fat wide ass cheeks, her thick soft white thighs, she could only think that in Vietnam she’d never seen such a fat overfed person.   She reached down and grabbed a handful of fat from Linda’s waist.   The pigs in Vietnam weren’t as fat.   Linda was nothing more than a human pig.    Reaching down she grabbed Linda’s hair and dragged  her fat carcass acorss the floor to the bathroom.   Linda’s beaten face left a bloody trail across the apartment.  

“I need to clean you up you fat dirty white sow. “  With that she dragged Linda to the toilet and shoved her face into the bowl.   As the water hit her face Linda regained her wits, she put her hands on the sides of the toilet bowl to push herself up.   Big mistake Mookie grabbed Linda’s big white tits and dug her nails in deep as she squeezed as hard as she could.

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    Linda let go of the toilet to try and pry Mookies hands off, mistake two; her face fell right back into the toilet.   Mookie released Linda’s bleeding udders and used her left hand to force Linda’s head further down.   With her right hand Mookie grabbed the plunger leaning on the toilet.   Linda put her hands back on the toilet sides and started pushing herself back up.   Linda could tell that Mookie couldn’t hold her down with just one hand.   “Let me up you dirty gook” Linda screamed.   Mookie, said “As if, you fat worthless pig. ”  With that Mookie brought her right hand back and jammed the plunger into Linda’s fat ass.   Linda’s screamed as her hands shot from the toilet plunging her face all the way in the toilet.    Linda’s fat tits were getting smashed into the toilet as Mookie held her face in the water.   With her right hand she shoved the plunger deeper in Linda’s ass until  blood ran over her thick white cheeks.   Linda opened her mouth to scream but instead sucked in the toilet water.   Mookie yanked Linda’s head out of the toilet and then shoved the plunger in to the hilt.   Linda’s groaned in agony as she collapsed face first to the floor the plunger buried in her fat bloody ass.     “I hope Ron was worth it, you filthy white whore” Mookie said as she walked away.

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