A Summer's Tale


As the hot summer sun peeked up above the horizon, Lily slept soundly at her parent’s home in the New York countryside. The day before had been the end of her first year at NYU, and her parents were eager to have their little girl back for several weeks.
But Lily had another reason why she was glad o be home. A person, to be exact.
The day began quietly for the cheerful brunette, with all of her old routines falling back into place. When Lily had left home back in September for the city, she didn’t think she would be returning within the next several years. It was much too painful, the reject of last summer too much for her to handle. But the phone call had changed everything.
A week before, as she took her final exams and packed up her things, Lily had heard her phone ringing from outside her dorm room; it was already locked, and so she had to rush to try and get to the insistent ringing in time. Just as she was opening the door, Lily heard her answering machine click on, her roommate Anna’s voice playing.
“Hi, it’s Anna and Lily. Leave a message. ” Then a slightly familiar, breezy voice came on, leaving it’s own message. “Lily. I know you’ll be back next week. I will, too.

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   Call me. ” Lily stood in shock by the phone, her usually smiling lips parted in a stunned oval. When she finally moved, Lily had held her hand over the receiver, wondering whether or not she should pick up the phone. In the end, she did.
With trembling fingers, Lily pressed the all-too-familiar buttons of the mysterious caller’s number. With a gulp, she put the phone to her ear, whispering a silent prayer that there would be an answering greeting.
Sure enough, after about four rings, that same breezy voice said “Hello?” Lily had no idea what to say, so she just quietly breathed “Sarah,” barely audible to the one on the other end.
“Lily…” the light voice said quietly. “I… I can’t believe that…” Lily cut her off. “When will you be back home?” she said shortly, trying to keep her utter and complete glee out of her voice by sounding cold.
“Um, next Saturday, but…” Again, Lily didn’t let Sarah finish. “Seven o’clock. ” Lily said softly, and then placed the receiver back on its hook. No other words were needed between the two. They both knew where the meeting would be happening (at their old creek) and what would be happening there.

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So Lily awoke on her first Saturday back home, and quickly remembered what would be happening later that day. Looking at the old fashioned alarm clock beside her bed, it was 10:00. ‘Only nine hours left…’ Lily thought to herself.
After that she climbed out of bed, and even in an old NYU tee shirt and worn flannel boxers, she was still sexy. Lily’s straight brown hair that usually fell to her waist was pulled into a sloppy bun; her face had a plain beauty to it, without any makeup. She shuffled into the kitchen and hugged both of her parents. Lily had been an only child, so her parents had always spoiled her, right up until she had left for college. Now they were eager to keep their baby close to them, soaking in every bit of her they could for the next three months.
The rest of the day passed uneventfully: Lily helped her mother around the house, insisting that she wanted to do the simple chores again, and then she and her dad walked to the softball field to just sit and talk, reminiscing. It was all very good at keeping her mind off of what was to come that night. Or rather, who was to come.
Finally six-thirty rolled around, and Lily was nearly ready. She’d dressed in a fresh, plain style: tight jean cut-off shorts, red flip-flops, and a tight white polo shirt. Her wavy brown hair was straightened and fell down to her waist. She wore little makeup, even now.

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   Just mascara, clear lip gloss, and some very light white glitter on her eyes, to accentuate their cool gray color. Lily was ready, and (telling her parents she was seeing some old friends) set off for the Creek.
As soon as the Creek came into sight, Lily also saw a thin figure sitting on its edge. She approached quietly, not wanting to disrupt the peaceful scene she saw, but wanting to run to the woman sitting there and throw her arms around her.
When Lily drew closer, the girl, Sarah, looked up and smiled broadly. They both drew in breaths at the other one’s appearance, loving to just stand (or sit) and milk in the other. But the first to make a move was Sarah. She stood and pulled Lily close to her, breathing in the fresh scent of strawberries from Lily’s hair. They had both waited for this moment so long, wanting it so badly. Now it had come, and it was everything they’d imagined.
First, Lily just sighed and quietly said “What happened to us, to this?” At the end of the previous summer, they’d left each other with bitter feelings, both with a broken heart.
“Let’s not worry about that right now…” At that, Sarah looked into Lily’s gray eyes, Lily into Sarah’s green ones. The girls both leaned in to kiss each other passionately, Lily running her hands through Sarah’s short red hair as they did. Sarah moaned softly as she felt Lily start sucking, hungry for Sarah. They both were ready for the next step.

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As their kissing became more intense and heated, the girls lowered themselves to the ground in a half sitting, half lying down position. Sarah took her hand and lightly touched Lily’s neck, caressing, loving. They continued to kiss as she let her hand get lower, moving closer to Lily’s small but perky 36B breasts. As Sarah reached them, Lily’s tits hardened and she moaned again in pleasure, biting on Sarah’s lower lip. They released from their kiss and both girls worked to pull off Lily’s shirt, exposing that she hadn’t worn a bra. Sarah grinned and giggled slightly, lowering her head to flick a tongue over the hard tit. Lily nearly screamed at the electric shock that went through her body, wanting to provide for Sarah but loving how it was turning out so far.
With several more flicks of her tongue, Sarah had taken all of Lily’s perfect tit into her mouth and was suckling hungrily as she twisted at Lily’s other tit. Lily’s breathing was heavy, and so Sarah abruptly stopped, wanting this to last. She pulled off her own light blue tank top and Lily helped to unfasten the skimpy white bra that lay underneath, freeing Sara’s larger 32C boobs. Lily contentedly looked at them a moment before reaching up to drag the tip of her fingernails across them, giving Sarah chills of excitement. Neither could hold out much longer, and as Lily fell upon Sarah’s breasts and tits, Sarah began unzipping her khaki shorts, her flip-flops already discarded to the side.
Under Sarah’s shorts, Lily saw, was a plain white thong with a small surprise- it was see through. She could see that Sara’s bush had been shaved off, and could feel her own thong soak through. So she released Sarah’s rock-hard tits from her mouth to eagerly pull off her own shorts, under which she hadn’t worn panties.

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   Quite a back-to-nature move for Lily, appropriate for their setting.
Sarah gasped when she first saw Lily’s pussy, and immediately knew that she had to have it, right there. She playfully pushed Lily to the ground, and touched her groomed pussy tentatively. Lily shuddered at the cool touch and stifled back a shriek of excitement. Sarah pushed her fingers in and maneuvered two into Lily, turning them round, going as deeply as possible. She then used her other hand to find Lily’s clit, and tugged on it harder than her other maneuvers. Lily went ahead and shrieked, unable to hold it in any longer. She was in heaven, but knew this wasn’t exactly fair.
So Lily motioned to Sarah to turn around, and kissed her lightly before getting into the 69. With her teeth, Lily pulled off Sarah’s revealing thong and loved the sight she found. A perfect pussy, waiting for her. Lily twirled her tongue around her pussy in grneral, teasing. Finally she flicked across Sarah’s pleasure spot, her throbbing clit. Sarah groaned into Lily’s cunt as she too began to eat her partner out, loving the smell and taste of Lily’s pussy.
This went on for a few minutes, both loving the feelings they were getting from the other.

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   As Sarah maneuvered around Lily’s pussy deftly, Sarah began to cry out, giving Sarah extra pleasure of vibrations around her clit, with Lily’s tongue and fingers as deep in Sara’s cunt as she could manage. With one gut-wrenching scream from Lily, they both erupted in pleasure, their orgasms lasting minutes. When each had calmed, the other very tenderly cleaned up the pussy in front of them, drinking all the juices from inside. Then Sarah turned around, breathless, and fell into Lily’s arms. They hugged and their mouths found each other, each one tasting their own juices. Then both Lily and Sarah shut their eyes, contented, and sighed.
(Note: If I get positive feedback, Lily and Sarah will return, and their whole story will be posted, along with another steamy experience- which Lily’s father will be shocked to discover. Let me know what you think! Loves, Strawberrie)         .