First taste Part. 1


My best friend Lexi and I were always very close. We'd shower together, get dressed in the same room and even watch porn together. But, it never went farther than that. She wasn't even into girls. Nor was I. . At the time.
Anyway. . This is where my story begins.

"Dannie, let's hang out today, I want to go Victoria's Secret and get some new thongs. Josh is coming home tomorrow. "
I laughed, a sarcastic one that is. Her boyfriend was such a jerk, and she gives him everything. But he's known for his massive dick. Hmph.

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"Yeah, sure, come over and we can go later. "
. . . Later.

I was laying on my bed, reading a book, while Lexi sat on the floor watching TV. I looked up from my book, noticing Lexi. She was dressed in a red, lacy, tank top that hugged her curves ever so nicely. She was never one to wear much clothing. Her C sized breast peaked out at the V neck topped, soft and pale. I bit my lip, feeling an odd sensation. I then let my eyes look at he legs. They were long and completely shaven. I wondered what else was shaven. .

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   Her eyes caught mine.

"What. . . ?"

I blushed looking away quickly, catching a glimpse at her pink puffy lips. What is going one with me!

"Nothing. . I'm just tired. "

She smiled at me, nodding then going back to the television. As I shifted me legs felt my pussy lips rub together. They were completely soaked. I took a deep breath in, laying myself on my bed and closing me eyes. But, all I could think about were her perky tits and soft lips. I've never looked at girls like this before. Well, I've been turned on by seeing girls in porn.

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  . But this was completely different. As I was lost in my thoughts my hand started to wander down to my crotch. I was lightly brushing at it when Lexi said something.

"Dannie. . . How about you do that later. . And we go shopping now. "

I shot up quickly, laughing it off.

"Let's go!"
. . . .



"Ugh, Dannie. How could you let me spend 90 dollars on thongs and bra's. " She said as she flopped onto my bed.

"I tried telling you that we should go. . . But you wouldn't listen to me. " I sat next to her on the bed, putting my bags on the floor.

"That's true. " She stood up, taking her top off. "I wanna see if these bra's look good on me. Lets have a little fashion show, shall we?"

I nodded as she took off her bra revealing two perky tits. Her nipples were slightly hard, and about the size of dimes. They were perfect in ever way.


   She bent down and shuffled in the bag, grabbing out a black push up up bra. She motioned toward me to help her put it on. I walked to her grabbing the bra, then getting behind her. I put the bra over her head and down to her chest, but missing. I rubbed against her nipples instead and placed the bra beneath her tits. She let out a soft moan feeling the touch of my cold hands against her skin. She chuckled some as I nervously moved the bra up to her breast, then slid my fingers to her back to clip the bra together. She turned around poking out her chest and posing.

"It looks good, yes?"

"Perfect" I said as pointed to matching laced thong. "Let's see the whole ensemble now. "
She nodded, slipping her jean shorts off. She wore a dark red thong, that was pushed to the side slightly showing off her pink pussy lips. I marveled at them as she was completely oblivious. She slid her thong off slowly as if she were trying to seduce me. She laughed and winked at me.

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   Then she grabbed the thong sliding it back up.

"Perfect again!" I said looking at her gorgeous body. I couldn't believe that I was so attracted to her. Seeing her in all black got me going. I felt myself getting wetter by the second. I wanted her so badly. .

She smiled laying herself back on my bed, I sat next to her laying the back of my head on her stomach.

"I'm so jealous. You're so pretty, Dan. I'm so fat" She said slipping her fingers through my hair.

"That's crazy, you're gorgeous! And so is your body. " I turned my head some, getting a small wiff of the pussy. It smelled sweet, but musty. The aroma of her pussy set in my nose as I trailed my fingers across the waist line of her thong.

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"There's no reason to be jealous. . . At all. Everything about you is beautiful. "

She stiffened a little bit at the feeling of my fingers, but relaxed

"I look disgusting naked. " She sad sitting up and standing. She took her bra off and slipped he thong down her legs. Her body was completely bare, and as hot as ever.

I stood up as well and walked toward her. I stopped about 2 inches in front of her. Close enough to feel the heat of her body. I placed a kiss on her neck, and she stayed completely still. I moved my lips to her upper neck, then to her jaw line. Then, finally at her bottom lip. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   I slipped my tongue out tasting it. He lip tasted sweet like soda. She tilted her head down some, as I was shorter than her, and kissed my lips hard. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling close to me. Her tongue slipped in and out of my mouth, tasting every inch of my mouth. Her hands traveled underneath my shirt, lightly caressing her fingers across my stomach. I let out small sighs of contentment as she touched me. She then broke the kiss, moving my hands to her chest. She placed both hands a top each tit. I smiled at her moved my hands, replacing them with my mouth. She let a low moan slip out of her lips. The sound of her moaning sent me into overdrive.

I slipped my tongue around her nipples, nipping here and there. As I did this, my hand slipped down to her pussy. I slipped one finger between her lips, letting her juices soak my finger.

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   I slipped my finger up and down her pussy, hitting her clit every so often. Her breathe started to become choppy and loud. I stopped for a moment from her pussy and continued bitting at her nipples. As I did this, I brought her to my bed, pushing her down roughly. I slid between her legs, letting my tongue taste her clit. I flicked my tonge as fast as I could against it, listening to her moans. I then took my fingers and spread her lips and shoved my tongue deep into her hole. She let out a loud whimper. I shoved my tongue in and out of her pussy as fast as I could tasting the sweet juices. I let my thumb rub her clit as I ate at her hole. She began to moan louder, spreading her legs as far apart as possible to let my tongue enter as far as it could.

"Oh god. . Dannie. .

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  . Your tongue feels so fucking good. Fuck me with your tongue"

I inhaled the scent and the taste of her pussy loving every second of it. I then took my other hand and stuck my finger into her pussy as hard as I could. Her body jerked up, as she let out a high pitched scream. As she screamed, she squirted out juices all over my face, and filling my mouth. I swallowed every drop of her juices, and continued to lap at her pussy with my tongue.

"Fuck. . Dannie. . Stop. I can't. . .



I ignored her request, slipping two fingers inside of her, pushing them in and out as hard and rough as I could. I didn't care if I was hurting her I just wanted to hear her scream.
Her body convulsed as another orgasm hit her, filling my mouth up with more of her sweet juices. I stopped looking up at her with a soaked wet face. Even my hair was wet. She looked down at me smiling, and breathe heavily.

She motioned for me to get on the bed as she stood up. She got on top of me and started to lick my lips and massage my tits over my shirt. She licked all of her juices off of my and pinched at my nipples roughly. I groaned loving the feeling of another girl touching my tits. She slipped off my shirt, then slid down between my legs going under my skirt, and pulling down my pink thong with her teeth. I shivered at her hot breath barely touching my pussy.

As she did this she slipped my hand under my bed, getting my black vibrator. She giggled, slipping it into her mouth tasting my pussy stained vibrator. I looked down at her wanting her to shove the vibrator into my cunt as hard as she could.

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   She took the vibrator, turning it on and placing it over my clit. I let out a soft sigh, feeling the vibrator on my pussy. She kept the vibrator on my pussy and started licking my pussy lips. She soaked them in her spit, then lightly lapped at my whole. She was teasing me and I couldn't take it.

"Lex. . . Stop fucking teasing me. " I said looking down at her.

She winked at me and within that second she shoved the vibrator into my cunt as hard as she could. I yelped out in pain and pleasure. She pushed it in and out as hard as she could, while slipping her finger to her ass, wiggling it in. She groaned as she let fucked me with the vibrator.

She spit in my pussy, letting the vibrator slip in faster.

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   I gasped as I felt myself ready to orgasm.
Just as I was about to engulf the vibrator in my cum. . . My brother walked in. . .
(To be continued)