Good Samaritan Part 2


Angie turned her head, and placed her hand on the back of Rachael's head as the two women started kissing passionately again. Angie instinctively parted her legs as Rachael moved her hand down Angie's stomach, cupping Angie's mound in her hand. Rachael began making circular motions as she rubbed Angie's mound while Angie broke their kiss, gasping and saying,

"Yes. . . yes. . . . Oh Fuck yes. . . please don't stop!"

Rachael responded by sliding her middle finger into Angie's drenched pussy, working it around as Angie moaned loudly. Soon Rachael added a second finger, as Angie humped her hand, squealing and moaning, speaking incoherently as she was overcome with passion. Angie's body started to shudder again as Rachael brought her to orgasm after orgasm. Angie melted into Rachael arms as the two kissed and caressed for several minutes.

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   Rachael then took Angie by the hand leading her up the stairs where she turned back the bed and held her hand as Angie lay back on the satin sheets.

As Angie relaxed on the bed waiting to see what was going to happen next, Rachael moved between Angie's legs where she began placing soft kisses on her inner thighs. Angie had never experienced anything like this before. It was the most erotic, and sensual thing she had ever experienced. She began to moan softly, moving her hands to her breasts as Rachael continued placing soft, feathery kiss on her things, inching ever closer to her pussy. As she drew near, Angie could feel her warm breath on her labia as she began twisting and tugging at her nipples in anticipation of what was to come. Angie gasped when she felt Rachael draw her tongue along her outer lips, rolling her lip over her bottom teeth, and biting down gently, and cooing softly. The more Rachael licked her pussy the more aroused Angie became.

Angie gasped louder when Rachael parted Angie's folds, and began running her tongue up and down her creamy pussy as Angie's juices began to flow. Rachael's soft licks had turned more passionate as she inserted her tongue into Angie's opening, tongue fucking her slowly and deliberately as Angie pushed her hip upward in an effort to drive Rachael's tongue deeper into her pussy. Angie was now writhing on the bed, wadding the sheets up in her hands as Rachael continued her oral assault on Angie's pussy. Angie was soon moaning and cooing, calling Rachael's name, and telling her how good it felt. Rachael moved her tongue from Angie's pussy, taking her clit between her lips while sliding her fingers deep into Angie's pussy. This sent Angie over the edge causing her body to shudder in a powerful orgasm, as she placed her hands on Rachael's head, and began thrusting her hips upward. Once Angie had finished cumming, Rachael moved up her body kissing Angie's breasts, and sucking her nipples.

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   Angie pulled Rachael to her face, where she kissed her cum from Rachael's lips and face. Once finished Angie looked at Rachael and whispered,

"I want to make you cum like you did me only. . . . "

"Only what Dear?"

"Only I'm afraid I won't be as good as you. . . making you cum I mean. "

Rachael smiled, "Don't worry my Dear little Angie. . . somehow it all seems to come naturally. . .

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  . trust me. Just do what your body and soul tells you to do, and it will be perfect. . . . I know. "

Angie smiled and began kissing Rachael, tuning her over onto her back as she kissed her way down Rachael's neck. Her perfume smelled to good as Angie made her way to Rachael's beautiful full breasts, pausing to look at how hard her nipples were. It was as if they were pulsing in anticipation of what was to cum. Her aureole's were so large as she began making circular motions around them with her tongue, pausing to tease Rachael's nipples. Rachael's moans of pleasure told Angie that she did instinctively know what to do, and that she was pleasuring her new lover. . . something she wanted to do very much.

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   Angie began flicking Rachael's nipples with her tongue as Rachael's started moaning telling Angie how well she was doing. Angie began sucking Rachael's nipples between her lips as she moved her hand down Rachael's stomach to her pussy. As she moved her hand over Rachael's mound she was amazed at just how wet Rachael had become.

As Rachael's breathing increased Angie eased her middle finger into Rachael's pussy. She began working her finger aroused inside Rachael's sex, amazed at how Rachael's pussy clamped down on her finger. She had never felt the inside of another womans pussy, even though she had pleasured herself many times. . . the feeling of another womans pussy felt so different somehow. She worked another finger into Rachael's pussy as she continued sucking her nipples. Angie could feel Rachael was nearing an orgasm as she writhed on the bed, and grabbed Angie's ass. Rachael was gyrating her hips to meet Angie's fingers when her body suddenly tensed, and began shuddering as she gasped saying,

"Oh Angie. . . I'm cumming Sweet Baby.

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  . . I'm cumming!"

Once Rachael's orgasm started to subside Angie wasted no time in moving down her body, and placing her head between Rachael's open thighs. Angie loved the strong aroma of Rachael's arousal as it filled her senses. As Rachael had done to her, Angie started kissing her inner thighs, licking up the juices as she ran her fingers over Rachael's mound with light feathery touches. She loved listening to the sounds of arousal coming from her new lover as she teased her pussy, and inching her tongue ever closer to her pussy. Finally Angie couldn't wait any longer. She began moving her tongue over Rachael's wet lips, savoring every drop of love's juices that she could find. As Rachael became more and more aroused Angie parted Rachael's folds sliding her tongue between her lips. It was as if the river was over flowing it's bank as Rachael's juices flowed onto Angie's tongue.

Angie began tongue fucking Rachael as Rachael had done to her. She concentrated on every movement, trying to make her tongue feeling like a cock penetrating Rachael's pussy. The harder she tongue fucked Rachael, the more Rachael moaned, and pushed her pussy into Angie's face. Angie took Rachael's clit between her lips, as she replaced her tongue with her fingers, sliding as many finger as she could into Rachael's pussy, as well as sliding her little finger into Rachael's ass. Rachael responding by cumming over and over.

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  . . calling out to Angie as the orgasms continued to wash over her. Angie was so busy with Rachael's pleasure, that she didn't even realize that they were not alone in the room. Only when Rachael's orgasms started to subside, and Rachael smiled and said,

"Hello Dear. . . I'd like you to meet Angie. "

Angie looked at Rachael wondering who she was talking to or was she hearing things. Then she noticed Rachael's gaze was not at her, but at another part of the room. Angie turned and saw a very distinguished looking man, probably in his late fifties, and very handsome standing there smiling at she and Rachael. He was naked, and was holding his large cock in his hand, slowly stroking it as he said,

"Hello Angie, it's a pleasure to meet you. . . I see you've already met my wife.

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Rachael laughed telling her husband Derrick about how she, and Angie had met, and how Angie had given her a ride home. As for their passionate love making Rachael just smiled and said,

"You know me, and my passions for beautiful young women. "

Then Rachael looked at Angie asking,

"As you can see Angie, my husband understands my needs, and if you're willing I'm sure he'd love to join us. As you can see he has a magnificent cock, and I can tell you from experience that he knows all to well how to pleasure a woman. Would you like to have him join us? I think you will find his cock most pleasurable. "

Angie thought for a moment then replied,

"Why not. . . it seems to be a night for discovery. . . . why not take it all the way. And I do love I nice hard cock. "

Rachael smiled and suggested that Angie lean against the headboard while she pleasures her pussy, and Derrick watches.

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   Once Rachael was back between Angie's thighs, Derrick moved over to the side of the bed offering Angie his cock. It was beautiful Angie thought as she wrapped her fingers around his cock. She began running her tongue up and down the length of Derrick's cock, pausing to swirl her tongue around the thick head then running her tongue down the length of his shaft to his balls and back up again. Then as her arousal grew from Rachael's tongue on her pussy Angie tried to take as much of Derrick's cock down her throat as she could. Angie was nearing another orgasm as she sucked Derrick's cock, moaning and she listened to him praising Angie's oral talents. Angie suddenly stiffened and started cumming as Rachael brought her to orgasm yet again.

Next at Rachael's suggestion, she allowed Derrick to lay down on the bed, and then lowered her pussy down onto his cock as Rachael held it still. Derrick's cock filled Angie's pussy to the point of almost being painful, but it hurt so good. As Derrick stretched Angie's pussy to it's fullest, Angie started humping Derrick's cock while Rachael watched, and fingered her own pussy. Angie loved the feel of Derrick's cock in her pussy, as Rachael moved behind her, and pressed her body against Angie's. She moved her hands beneath Angie sliding her hands over her body, and cupping Angie's breasts in her hands where she began caressing them, and rolling Angie's nipples between her fingers. Angie was loving every second of it; the feel of Derrick's cock filling her pussy, and Rachael working her nipples. It didn't take Angie long to start cumming again.

Rachael moved onto her hands, and knees as Derrick withdrew his cock from Angie's tight pussy, and entered his wife from behind. In the meantime Angie had moved between Rachael's legs, and began licking Rachael's pussy, and Derrick's cock every time it appeared from Rachael's pussy covered in her juices.

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   She would lick his shaft, and then his balls, and then Rachael's pussy all of which was making Rachael call out in a lusty passion. Rachael lowered her head, and was soon licking Angie's pussy as Angie continued licking and sucking both Rachael's pussy, and Derrick's cock and balls. This went onto until Rachael started cumming. As Rachael moved over, Derrick quickly maneuvered around sliding his cock back into Angie's pussy, and began fucking her again as Rachael watched and masturbated.

Derrick slammed his cock into Angie's pussy. . . his balls slapping against her ass as Rachael egged them both on. Angie closed her eyes and listened as Derrick grunted and his balls slapped against her bare ass. Never had she been fucked so hard by a man with such a large cock. She could hear Rachael telling her husband to cum on Angie's tits. After several more strokes Angie was cumming, as Derrick pulled his cock from her tight pussy, and started jacking off. She could hear him grunt and them felt his hot cum spattering onto her breasts. Then she felt Rachael's tongue on her breasts licking up her husbands cum until it was all gone. Afterward she and Angie showered, lathering one another until they were finished.



Angie, Rachael and Derrick went down for drinks afterward. As they talked Angie found out that Derrick was a very prominent attorney in the area, and when he found out that Angie had just gotten her law degree he offered her a job in his firm. It was clerking to begin with, but would definitely lead to her becoming a full fledged attorney if she worked hard. Angie didn't know what to say except yes. Angie found herself soon living with Rachael and Derrick. Not only did it work out well, but whenever Derrick was away on business, she and Rachael spent many a night making sweet love, and when Derrick was there Angie had all the cock she could ever want. For now it was a perfect arrangement. Angie had begun her legal career, and she had all the pussy, and cock she could ever need. . . . things were good, and looking better all the time. All this as a result for being a good Samaritan on a cold rainy night. .