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Second year college and I was doing good with grades without help besides friends that helped me with study. I was realy doing okay then ran into a big problem in philosophy and the professor changed cause the regular one had some family emergency shit. Well, I was good for a few classes and then we had the test coming up. I did not get the diferent types of schools and the diferences of the ideas. Now some of you may laugh but I was running into a brain block. Ms. Urondo came in the week of the test and gave us a review. She was 5'8" and realy kind of tomboyish but very pretty. I think that was my problem. I could not keep her out of my mind. When I opened the text there she was. She was very slim and if I had not found out from someone that knew she had to have implants. Her hips were a tomboy and maybe 34 and her waist was 16 and then her chest was 42EE and it was natural and she would filrt wit me like crazy I thought anyway. In review I was dazed and then after class she said "everyone can leave now except Ms. Gordon, you need to stay. " I stayed and sat there feeling totally defeated.

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   She always wore casual dres pants and a button up blouse and a kind of blazer ofer them. She had her blazer off and as the last student left I heard the click of the door locking and got nervous. She turned and her blouse was unbuttoned down to the top of her clevage. Her caremel skin was so beautiful and she walked to me and bend over and her perfume went to my head. "Ms. Gordon, there are two things you will never get in this world. You will never pass my class and. . " then she hesitated and smiled and said, ". . . you will never ever get to have me in bed. " and she sat in a seat near by. I was stunned. Her smile stayed and she knew she had taken me by surprise.

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"So what do you think of that Ms. Gordon? I have heard of your past teachers that you traded favors for grades," she said. "Oh yes, we talk to each other dear. " she said again leaning down. "You would love to have these wouldn't you dear. " she said and now unbuttoned her blouse to her waist. "Yes, I would love to have them and you. " I said and she smiled. "I will make you a promise, if you get a passing grade on the final I will give you the whole night in bed with me. " she said. "Promise, the whole night. " she said and picked up her bag and walked out. I got up and talked to a few friends that had gotten 100s on her tests and Becky gave me help. I crammed the hole years stuff. I was nervous the day of the test and was dizzy for some reason.

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   Ms. Urondo passed out the tests and she leaned over to give me mine. "remember my promise. " and she moved on. I went through the test and was really stressed and finally handed it in with only a few seconds left on the clock. I left and did not see her smile at me. Becky came over and I told her what the questions were and my answers. "You did it girl, you passed if that is all you can remember, you passed.

I went to check the grades on Friday before leaving campus and saw her standing near the list. She was not smiling and then saw me and broke out into a smile. Her hair was down instead of up and I went to the board and looked at the last 4 of my social. "B". . . .

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  I looked again, "I got a fucking B!!! I said and she steped close to me, "You got more than a B, when do I come over to pay up my bet?" she said. "Tonight. " I said wanting to have her so bad all semester. I went to the apartment and showered and tok care of any fuzz that I had . I was smooth and hoped that she kept her promise. I put on a thong and silk top that was a string shoulder straps and no bra. 8 P. M was never going o get there I thought but it did and there was a knock on the door. I went to the door and I know I was breathing heavy already. "Hello. " she said and walked past me to the living room. She sat down and crossed her legs looking like she was there but was not going to enjoy anything. I stood at the door and said, "Look, if you are just here cause you lost a bet then leave but if you want to enjoy the night," I gave her a glass of wine, "Then stay and loosen up. " She drank the wine right down, "May I have another?" and she drank that one right down too. After 4 glasses she began to sip.

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   I stood in front of her and leaned down showing what was in my top then let it slip off. She looked at me and smiled, "You know why I am so nervous?" she said. "I have never done this before. " she said and I sat next to her only my thong on me. I undid her blouse and took it off and then asked her to turn her back to me and began massagging her shoulders and back. "Oh that is nice. " she said. I undid her bra and her wonderful breasts were free. I got up and stood her up and undressed her slowly kissing her hips as I did. She was trimmed close and neatly and I kissed her pussy lips and stood and took her hand and said, "Let's go to the bedroom. " and she walked with me. We stood noxt to the bed and I carressed her face and then gently kissed her. She had full lips and I kissed them and parted them and let my tongue wake her feelings and she responded. Suddenly she was kissing passionately and I felt dizzy all over.

She laid on the bed and I laid lext to her and began kissing her and her nipples got hard suddenly.

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   She laid there, "Oh, oh that feels so good. " she said. She gave me her tits and I played with her making her nipples and mine like they were glued together. "Suck my nipples too. " I told her and she did and was moaning loud and told me "Oh my god, this is so wonderful. " and she began really sucking them as I told her to do it harder and to bite them too. After she stopped I went down her tummy to her pussy and began eating her slowly with all I knew how and she was all over the bed. She had three orgasms in a row and was hugging me kissing her juices off my face. "Oh I have never done this before Brenda. " "Well, every woman shoul. d make love to show her the difference of a man. "She looked down and slowly looked up, "I mean that I have never made love to anyone, man or woman. I am a vigin. " she said and then she kissed me, "Please, dont let me be when I leave. " We began doing everything tow women could do.

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   I ate her again and then let her between my legs and told her to do all that felt good to her. She drove me crazy and after several orgasms we were kissing again and she said, "Now how wil you cure the rest of my virginity?" and I rolled over and got my strap on out and stood and put on a nine inch strap on. Her eyes got big and I told her to lay down and went back top licking her pussy and licking her through another orgasm. "Now Sweetheart, we take care of that virginity. " and I slid it between her pussy lips and she jumped. An inch went in and she moaned. Another inch and she was hurting and then she said, "Just do it please. " and so I laid down, my hips arched and the two inches of dildo in her pussy. I kissed her and held her hands and then while we kissed I puched hard and it did not go. "Relax. " I said and as soon as she did I pushed hard and it went in hard. "Oh my god, oh, oh no, on how did it do it?" and she began movin her hips against the dildo. We made love and she began going faster till her orgasm came and she had her legs wrapped around my hips. We laid there quietly and then she began kissing me again. "Do it again please.


  " she said and then she helped me get it in and now she was being aggressive.

In the morning we had breakfast and ate naked and made love one more time on the couch. She got up and dressed and kissed me at the door. "You are the only one living here?" she said. "Yes. " I said. "Good, I will see you this afternoon. " she said and left. I slept for a while and showered and about 5 a knock was at the door I looked out the privacy hole and it was her. I was naked and did not dress but opened the door. She had two suitcases in her hands. "You need to dress and help me with my things. " she said. "What do you mean?" I said. "I am moving in.

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