The White Knight


Karen. It was always Karen - why was it always Karen? Karen…


I’m guessing I should probably start from the top. My name is Ellie. But a lot of my friends call me El. Ah my friends…that’s beside the point - anyway, as I was saying, I am a student at Korono High. It’s a highly prestigious school. The smartest women of today came from Korono. Its also an all-girls school, which suits us just fine, considering how all the boys who try to get in here are all horny perverts. However, Korono isn't known as 'prestigious' for no reason,  and not one boy has been successful at sneaking onto school grounds without being caught. Korono likes to give off the image of being a place of "innocence", and we were raised to show it. . . . Until Karen showed up.


She amazed practically the entire population of students with her looks. She instantly became the 'popular girl'.

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    The thing is, Korono's strict rules had caused many of us to behave in a rather reserved manner, but Karen challenged this in every way - she was a rebel in our eyes, one who spoke her mind and followed her own decisions, so naturally many teachers despised her. They put a notable amount of effort in their many attempts to get Karen expelled, but the school board never allowed it due to her grades - boy, was Karen an intelligent person. She excelled at all of her subjects. Teachers were torn between their dislike of her behaviour but felt her results contributed towards the school's good reputation. However, unlike the teachers, we idolized her.  She was the ideal friend, the ideal idol, the person everyone wanted to have something to do with. Who would have known she had such a dark side to her. . . ?


I was 16 that night. That meant only one thing; PAR-TAY! Due to the amount of restraint we placed upon ourselves at school, many girls from the school had a tendency to be wild on their birthday - especially their 'Sweet 16th'. I was no exception, but I had exercised as much self-control as I could. Anyway, I threw this party at my house, and made the decision to pick-and-choose people from Korono. Naturally no boys were invited, but there were drinks - plenty of them.


We had a WILD night.

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   Among the people invited, was Karen. She was always invited for the parties, as she was known to always be great company. Despite the many invitations she received, Karen actually attended very few. To be honest, I was rather thrilled when I opened my front door to see her standing in front of me. With a nervous smile, greeting, and expression of gratitude, I accepted the gift she offered in her open hands. At that point I realized the party was going to be great. No one thought that it would last for so long after the party was finished - for the two of us, anyway.


The party was in full swing, crazy shit was going around, dances, games, spin-the-bottles, and all of it was great. Then finally everyone started heading home, the party was over, eventually everyone brushed off. Karen however stayed behind to help clean up. So I said thanks, and we got to work. We couldn’t do much, considering the state I was in. yeah I was a bit drunk, not a lot but enough to cloud my mind.


So Karen and me went and put away all the stray paper plates and put the food into the fridge. Then I headed off briefly to my bedroom to check for plates and shit lying about.

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   So there I was in my room searching around for hidden plates, when I heard someone at my bedroom door. I whirl around and see it’s just Karen. Damn she gave me a fright. She apologised and said she was going to help me look. So we both started looking. I said I would check under the bed and she said she would check in my closet. So I got down on all fours and searched then I suddenly remembered;




I whipped up just in time to see Karen holding my pink vibrator. She looked at me in shock as I tried to explain. I spluttered and she just looked at me for half a second in shock then she smiled, not a warming smile but a cheekier smirk. I was confused. Wasn’t she embarrassed? She then slowly walked towards me,


‘Well isn’t this a surprise,’ she said.


I was still dazed. She then came up to me and said


‘Well then, wanna have some fun?’


Fine I’ll admit it, I do get lonely and horny sometimes, but Karen, doing this, just blew me away. I slowly nodded. She then guided me to my bed.

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   Where she lay me down. She then came up and whispered in my ear;


‘So, what do you fantasize about when you play with yourself?’


 I just looked at her; my state of shock was being slowly replaced by ease. I lay there. Then suddenly I felt this weird feeling. My body started to get really hot. I was slowly panting and then I realized why, apart from me being incredibly horny right now, Karen was lightly touching my breasts. Now I have to admit, they are slightly small but I wasn’t disappointed at them…most of the time.

Karen then started to light fondle the undersides of my breasts, messaging them, making my nipples incredibly hard. The reasoning part of my brain was slowly shutting down; just this ‘touching’ itself was driving me mad.

I got to admit, I am really sensitive, and Karen was doing a good job at feeling them up and touching me, then I felt this light touching on my thigh. Karen was stroking the inside of my thighs;


‘A sensitive girl aren’t we?’


She gave me this smirk, and I could see something awaken inside her. The look in her eyes had changed and it must’ve changed in mine too as suddenly she looked at me and kissed me, on the lips. I let her tongue into my mouth.




She tasted sweet, and her tongue to was intertwining with mine.


I want more of her.

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With slight shock I realized I wanted more of her, so I slowly coaxed her tongue back in her her mouth, I sat up and made out with her, mouths this time slightly apart so only our tongues were in contact.


Oh my god


Her saliva was driving me nuts. I started squeezing her breasts, feeling her up. She started moaning;


‘Yes, yes oh my god, yes touch me there, yes there. Girl, do you find my body hot?’


All I could give her was another squeeze and a grunted a ‘yes’. She then lay me back down and said


‘Well birthday girl, since it’s your day, this is my second gift to you,’


She slowly slipped of my shirt. There my nipples perked upwards towards the roof; I didn’t find the need for a bra that night as there weren’t going to be any boys. But there I lay, nipples standing, in the cool air. She then, using 2 fingers pinched my right nipple while she proceeded to lick my second tit. I was enjoying it so much. She then started sucking. I can tell you right now, it was the best feeling ever. I was moaning more now, panting hard and quietly begging for more. Then, using her other free hand, she slid it down my skirt and brushed against my pussy, only then did I realize I was dripping wet. Karen felt it and looked down the floor.

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   You could see a small pool forming from just my dripping juices. My panties were soaked, there was a small puddle on the floor and I had a hot girl servicing me, this night could not get any better. Or could it?


Drip drip drip.


You could actually hear my juices dripping into the pool. At that point Karen had already slipped her hand inside my panties and was slowly fingering me.


Oh my god, it feels sooo good.


I was literally clenching my bed sheets and cringing as a unique lust filled me. I was in heaven, she was fingering me well, then all of a sudden, my back arched incredibly and I let out a small but load moan as I came. A sudden increase of pussy juice flowed out from me.

Karen’s eyes suddenly got big in surprise.


‘You can squirt?’ she asked.

‘I can what?’ I said between pants,

‘Squirt. It happens when you orgasm, a sudden ejaculate of your pussy juice comes flying out’ she explained.

‘Wait, why is it such a surprise, cant you do it? I mean I do it every time I play with myself’,


Karen gave me a sly look.


‘Thing is, most women cant, it’s a rare talent, and one that I find very hot.

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   I can do it myself, but I have always tried to make other women squirt, your one of the few. Now, it seems you have made a mess, I think I’ll clean It up for you. ’


Karen moved downwards, towards my vagina.


‘Wow. Look at it’ said Karen ‘it’s still dripping and now its pulsating. ’


It was true; my pussy was expanding and contracting lightly with each breath I took. I looked up at the ceiling, thinking about what Karen had just said, and I thought to myself;


Wow, I can squirt, I’m hornier than i-


My brain stopped dead mid-thought as I felt this pleasurable feeling rush at me, I looked down and saw Karen licking me.


She’s licking my vagina. How can this fell sooo good? Don’t stop keep going.


When I said that her sucking my tits was the best feeling ever?  Well. I lied. I was unable to control myself, my legs immediately stiffened and clamped up, I couldn’t help myself, my hands flew down and gripped Karen’s hair. I was pushing her in tighter; I saw her look up at me and gave me a smile. Oh boy I was enjoying this, my body was in heaven, I was telling her not to stop, I told her to keep eating me, I told her to tongue fuck me hard. Oh this pleasure was the best.

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   I was in a state of ecstasy.

Karen started off by licking around my clit, all the while single finger fucking me. I could feel her breathing on my pussy lips. She then started licking my whole pussy, all the while giving short sharp flicks to my clit after each wave. Finally her tongue started speeding up and she was basically eating me out, giving light nibbles to my clit. I was moaning like crazy, telling her not to stop, telling her to lick everywhere she could get her tongue on. Then finally;

I don’t know, but something inside me snapped. My brain lost all thoughts of reason, over-taken by this pleasure and ecstasy my body and brain was feeling. I half commanded, half screamed at her;




Karen looked slightly startled but was quick; she whipped out my vibrator, turned it on and handed it to me. I grabbed it, plunged it inside me and started to madly fuck myself. I can tell you right now, it’s a miracle I can still remember all this as, and I swear to god, my brain was just in sexual frenzy mode at the time. Karen got smart too; she undressed and stood with her pussy above my face. I knew what she wanted and was all too happy to give it to her. I started madly eating her out all the while fucking my mad, wet, and ever demanding, gaping hole.

As I licked I could hear her moans of pleasure escape her mouth and I felt relieved as I thought to myself;


Oh good, she’s enjoying my tongue-fuck.

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   I must be doing it right.


Mid-lick she stopped my hands. She slipped out my vibrator, which just released another torrent of built up juices. She got on top of me,


‘Ever tried the 69?’

‘ Heard about it’ I replied,


She then gave me a wink, got on top of me with her ass pointing towards me, and started cleaning me up again. Her pulsing pussy was right in my face, I proceeded to eat her again. It was hard for both her, and me as we both had extreme pleasure feelings pulsing through our bodies. But I forced myself,


‘You taste delicious, mostly sweet with a bit of salty. ’ She said.


I replied;


 ‘Yeah you too’


But added;


 ‘your smell turns me on so much. This musky smell of chick cum, drives me mad every time’


She looked at me and asked;


‘You seem to play with yourself a lot don’t you?’


I gave her a guilty look.


‘Don’t worry’ she assured, ‘I play with myself a lot too, but I use a ton of toys, not just a vibrator’


I looked up, but she then gave me an apologetic look


‘Sorry didn’t bring them today. ’


I had a disappointed look on my face. I got back to eating her. After 5 minutes I finally came again, but a larger torrent of juice came rushing out. This time though, Karen left it dripping;


‘I like it wet and wild.

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   The wet part has been accomplished, now the wild part. ’


She sat me up and then slipped one of her legs between mine, she then held me close. She was really warm. I then felt our tits and clit’s touch each other. I knew what she was going to do next. She started moving. It was wonderful. I never knew such subtle movement could cause so much pleasure. I could tell she was enjoying it as well as she started to pant a lot. I then started to move as well. As she went up I went down, and it when on like this for a while. We then started moving real fast and our top halves separated.

All you could hear were our pants and moans as we enjoyed each other. Then I started to feel like Cumming;


‘Oh god, Karen, I’m Cumming’

‘Same’ she replied ‘hold out for a bit longer, I want us to cum together’


The feeling approached a lot closer. She suddenly held me tight against her and started to rub violently.


   We both started screaming, I slipped my fingers into the void between our pussies and both fingered her and me at the same time. We both squirted. The spray that came out was like rain. It sprayed onto both of us. We both lay there me on the bottom and Karen on the top, holding each other, drenched in both her juice mixture, and mine, just shaking and panting with exhaustion and ecstasy. The next thing I remember was smelling Karen’s musky ejaculate aroma off her and my body as we both fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up to Karen on my side, naked and sound asleep. I decided to go cook breakfast. I didn’t bother with clothes and just wore an apron. Eggs and Toast for both of us.

As I was cooking, I felt someone lick my pussy. I looked behind and saw Karen give me a mischievous look. I told her to stop as I was cooking and someone was going to get hurt if I lost concentration now.

We then had breakfast. It was nice, she told me, but she then added cheekily;


‘I would have preferred to feast of something else, but plates would have to do’.

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She then got dressed and I got dressed. She helped clean the rest of the house up as much as she could but she said she had to leave early. I sent her off at the door, but not before receiving another long kiss from her. She said that she would not be able to do this every night but she could come time to time. She then left.


Although that was my first experience, Karen still came by from time to time. At school we never discussed this type of subject, but I had my suspicions as to how she new so much. Then it hit me;


she must have other girls too. I haven’t asked her about it, but someday, someday I shall meet the other girls.


End First Story.

Well this is my first story. Might do another one, I dunno. Depends on the feedback, sooo post a comment below. Thanks


The White Knight.


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