Training Sarah PArt One


Training Sarah

Sarah is my older sister by 3 years. She is a submissive lesbian, and I trained her to be that way. Here’s how it happened…

Ever since I can remember, Sarah was a super sound sleeper. Having learned all the camp tricks like putting shaving cream in someone’s hand, tickling their faces, and watching them smear shaving cream all over their faces, I started to do some of those tricks on my sleeping sister. Being the sound sleeper that she was, she was the perfect subject, but after a while, the camp tricks got kind of boring. We still shared a room, but with me being 14 and Sarah being 17, mom and dad were doing an addition on the house so Sarah could have her own room. I was just starting puberty at 14, and she was 17, so we talked about boys, kissing and sex almost every night before going to sleep.

One night, after our talk left me feeling a little funny down south, I wanted to see how far I could take my sleeping sister. After she had fallen asleep, I turned the heat up a little in the room and then started peeling the blanket and sheet of her sleeping body. There she was in her panties and sleep shirt sleeping soundly. I slowly picked up her arm and placed in over the front of her panties, right on top of her pussy. Then gently began using her hand to massage her pussy through her panties. It didn’t take long for her pussy lips to start swelling, and a musky sent to begin filling the room. Then I lifted the waistband of her panties and slid her hand through her pubic hair and into her sopping wet pussy. I was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy, rubbing her clit side to side and her breathing was getting louder. I stopped for a while and took her other hand and placed on under her sleep shirt on her boob, and positioned her fingers on her nipple.

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  Not wanting to wake her, I think I got her pretty close to an orgasm, but stopped, covered her back up, turned the heat down, and went back to my own bed. The next morning, we both woke up, and she was none the wiser, and of course I wasn’t saying a word.

The next night, I did the same thing, but this time I got a little braver and pulled her hand from her pussy to her face and pushed her wet fingers into her mouth. I did this a few times, again bringing her close to an orgasm, but stopping just short and returning to my bed. After about 2 weeks of this, one night to my surprise when I pulled back the blankets, her hand was already in her panties, none-the-less, I helped her masturbate herself, and helped her pinch her own nipples. During the process, I got my fingers wet with her pussy juice and simply slipped my fingers in her mouth to clean them off, when I got a nasty idea. I returned my fingers to her pussy, and got my fingers soaked with her juices, and smeared her pussy juice around her mouth and nose. The room reeked with the smell of pussy. I took her even closer to an orgasm that night, and she almost woke up. The next morning, I saw her smell her fingers, and she washed her face for a little longer than usual.

The next night we talked about sex again, and she told me about these wild dreams she had been having, and how her nipples have been a bit more sensitive than usual, and how it may be time for her period. As luck would have it, she got her period that day. Not wanting to make a mess, I figured I was out of business for a week. When we went to bed that night, I found myself putting my hand in my panties, and fingering myself. As I was getting close to cumming, I had a vision of my sister fingering my pussy and licking her fingers clean.

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  It was actually a pretty interesting week of fantasies.

When I was finally back in business with my sister, I was determined to take it up a notch. Again, as I pulled down the covers, she had her hand just inside the waistband of her panties. I assisted her by pushing her hand lower, and began using her hand to work over her pussy. Again, I smeared her face with her own juices. I pinched her nipples hard, and twisted them a few times till they stood erect. Rather than use her other hand to pinch her nipples, I placed her other hand over her pussy as well, and alternated fingers in her pussy, so that both hands were coated in pussy juice. This went on for a little more than a week.

She confided in me later that week that she was waking up in the morning with tender nipples and a tender clit. Like those areas were more sensitive than they had ever been, her nipples were almost constantly hard from rubbing up against her bra during the day. And she even admitted to masturbating yesterday morning, because she was so horny.

The next night, I took it up a notch. Once I got her fingers in her pussy, I had my hand in my panties as well. Rather than smear her face with her pussy juice, I took my fingers out of my dripping pussy and smeared my juices on her face. Then I pulled my panties aside, and used her hand to get myself off.

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  I assaulted her nipples on again, keeping them nice and tender, and covered her back up. The next morning, she was a cunt cocktail with pussy juice all over her hands and face. She neither washed her hands or face before having breakfast, and I watched her lick some spilled jelly off her fingers, and swore I saw her lick fingers that didn’t have jelly on them at all.

This went on for another 3 weeks or so, until her next period. I didn’t know how I was going to last a week without my nightly ritual. It was in the middle of the first night that I got an idea. Fantasizing about her getting me off, I went over to her bed, positioned her head near the edge of her bed, and I sat on a stool and positioned my pussy just inches away from her face. I was pumping my pussy just inches away from her face, and frequently moved my fingers from my pussy to her mouth, resisting the urge to pull her mouth into my pussy. After I had cum, I was rearranging her covers and noticed her hand was in her panties. I was expecting the worst when I pulled her panties back to see her hand, but her fingers were on her clit, her pussy was dripping into her pad a bit, but nothing too bad. I figured she should taste her own brew, and stuck her fingers in her mouth before retiring.

The next night, I couldn’t resist pulling her face into my pussy, but when my pussy hairs brushed her lips and nose, she began to stir a bit. It was then I realized I had to shave what little hair I had down there to accomplish my task. I took a few swipes with the razor and returned to my perch. Just as I was cumming, I pulled her face into my crotch and came with her lips touching my pussy lips.

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  I did this the next 3 nights.

So, in the course of 2 months, I had my big sister masturbating in her sleep, eating both of our pussy juices, and me cumming on her face. What next I thought.