Calendar Girls - Miss March


“You fucking promised not to bring that bitch's name up again. ” Morgan said in a disgusted tone. “If you wanna keep bringing her up, you can just pull the fuck over, let me out and call her. I can walk home. ”

“I am not going to let you out of this car dressed like that. Not in this neighborhood. ” Daniel growled. “I don't care how pissed you get at me. ”

Morgan really could not blame him, since she was still wearing the very skimpy costume from the calendar release party. As mad as she could get at him, it would not justify getting out wearing only the very revealing glittery emerald green under wire top, matching skirt that barely covered the curve of her cheeks, a pair of high silky socks with green satin bows on them, black high heel MaryJanes with a little green glittery shamrock on them and a pair of low rise green bikini panties with the words “Kiss me. I'm Irish” in glittery gold letters.

“Fine. ” She hissed.

“Come on Morgan. You said you'd help me get this shit packed to get put in the storage lockers. The quicker I get it done the quicker I get her out of my life for good.

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  ” He sighed.

“Yeah right. ” She mumbled as she gave him a dirty look. She reached over and turned the CD player on, rolling her eyes as a Shinedown song began to blare from the speakers. She stared out the window, refusing to even pretend she wasn't annoyed. She had made it abundantly clear since the day he told her that he was seeing Heather Crandle that she did not approve. Daniel glanced over at her, knowing she was truly pissed at him. He reached over and turned the volume down.

“So. . . do you want pizza or Chinese?” He asked, hoping to gauge just how angry she was.

“Either, I just want to get out of this stupid outfit. ” She replied.

She reached back over and turned the music up again.

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   He didn't bother to try to speak again during the rest of the ride home. Once they made it inside the apartment, she kicked off her shoes, and headed straight for his bedroom to get out of the costume. She could hear him in the living room, checking his voice mail and shuffling papers around. She rummaged through his drawers, finding one of his t shirts and tossing it on the bed. She had managed to get the skirt off and the top unfastened when the door flew open, and he came in looking a bit panicked.

“What the fuck? Don't you know how to fucking knock?” She screamed at him.

“She's on her way. ” He said just looking completely shocked.

Morgan clutched his Slipknot Tee to her bare breasts. “Who's on their way?”

“The wicked witch of the west. Who the hell do you think I mean?” He snapped.

“Heather. ” She muttered.

“She called about 10 minutes ago to say she needed to pick up a few of her things before they went to storage. It went straight to my voice mail so she assumed I wasn't going to be here.

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  ” He sat down on the bed, still apparently oblivious to her half dressed state.
Morgan turned away, pulling the t shirt on. She yanked the socks off, tossing them on the floor with the rest of the outfit. She could tell he was quite upset by the news. Heather had broken his heart severely. She heard the door open and sighed. She headed into the living room, wearing just the panties and his t shirt, to confront her.

“What the hell are you doing here, Heather?” She growled.

Heather looked less than amused to see Morgan there. They had both made their dislike for each other quite clear in the past. Now that the relationship between Daniel and her was over, she knew that Morgan would no longer hold back her loathing.

“Where's Daniel?” She asked, trying not to seem bothered by Morgan's presence.

“He's in the bedroom. It's not important though. What was so important that you had to come here tonight for instead of picking it up at the locker tomorrow?”

“That's none of your business, Morgan.

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   I want to talk to Daniel. ” She replied.

“Well he obviously has no desire to talk to you, otherwise he would have been out here waiting for you. ” She snarled, catching a glimpse of him in the bedroom door.

“Seems like he must want to talk to me now. ” Heather boasted, looking over at him triumphantly.

“Poor delusional whore. You seem to think he is still a helpless little boy who is desperately in love with you. If that was truly the case though, he wouldn't have started dating me already, would he?” She retorted.

Heather looked shocked. Morgan walked over to him, slipping her arms around his neck as she turned away from Heather. She looked into his eyes for the briefest of moments, knowing that she couldn't risk even a whisper. She leaned up, hoping it would force the tramp to leave, and pressed her lips to his. Her eyes fluttered shut as their lips first touched. His arms snaked around her, pulling her body tight against his.

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   She had never felt anything like it. Heather gasped, storming out of the apartment in a hurry. It took several seconds for either to realize that she had gone. Very reluctantly, Morgan finally broke the kiss, looking up at him nervously, before pulling away.

“Well that seemed to do the trick. ” She said, trying to act unaffected.

She started to walk over to the door to lock it. Her heart was beating so hard she thought he could see it from where he stood. Before she could get more than a couple of steps from him, his hand landed on her shoulder. He quickly spun her around to face him once again and kissed her hard on the lips. She was breathless. The passion that the kiss had sparked had affected him as well. Heather, the packing, the argument earlier, none of that mattered then, it all had melted into the background. Each breath she drew, she could smell him. The subtle hint of cologne still clung to his skin.

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   He pulled her in closer, her body crushing against his. In that moment, she realized why all of it had upset her so much.

There was something so completely magical and mesmerizing that she could not bring herself to speak. The kiss itself felt like it lasted an eternity, yet felt brand new every second it lasted. He broke the kiss, staring silently into her eyes. Every worth withering as it met her lips, like bubbles in a glass of champagne, surfacing only to burst. He pulled back, taking her hand, looking quite nervous, before turning and leading her back into his bedroom. As she stood there, next to his bed, Daniel suddenly saw shyness in her that he had never seen before. She stared up at him, nervously fidgeting with her hands. He reached down, and threw the clothing off the bed, yanking the blankets down as well. She bit her lower lip, unsure if she should make a move or wait for him to do something.

She had always been the confident, take charge kind of girl. He smiled, amazed by the sheer vulnerability she was showing. He raised his hand, gently running his fingers through her shoulder length chestnut hair as he stared into her eyes. Daniel had thought about this several times in the past, but always fought the urge to try anything for fear of how she would react.

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   His hand stopped on the back of her neck as he leaned in to kiss her once again.

The moment his lips met hers again, she felt like a huge electrical charge was pulsing through her body. Her thoughts went in several directions, each a different consequence for what they were about to do. He gently scooped her up, placing her gingerly on the bed as he continued to kiss her. As he lay next to her, he placed his hand on her stomach, feeling her body heat through the dark cotton t shirt. He slowly began to move it upwards, until he reached her breasts. She let out a soft moan into the kiss as his hand cupped her breast, tenderly massaging it.

He broke the kiss again, immediately noticing the disappointed look in her eyes. His hand remained on the soft mound of flesh as he stared at her. He could feel her nipple hardening against his palm as he continued to play with it. It was easy to see by the look in her eyes, she was wanting this just as badly as he was. His hand moved back to her stomach, this time dragging the t shirt up with it. She stopped him, leaving him with a questioning look on his face. He could not fathom why she would stop him.

“Do you want me to stop?” He asked, puzzled.

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She shook her head, biting her lip. He could see something was wrong.

“Are you sure? If you want me to stop I will, Morgan. ” He said trying to comfort her.

“Can we. . . can we turn the lights off?” she quietly whispered.

He chuckled, leaning in and kissing her softly. “Of course we can, if it would make you more comfortable. ”

He got up and turned off the lights. Before he climbed back on the bed, he stripped down to just his burgundy cotton boxer briefs. Soft pools of light filtered in through the open curtains of the bedroom window. She seemed a little less nervous now. He moved in closer, this time pushing the shirt up once again as he kissed her.

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   Her skin felt so incredibly soft against his hand. The more he mauled her breast, the more passionately she kissed him.

He suddenly remembered a tidbit of information he had gotten not long after they first became close. He broke the kiss, his lips moving to her neck. She inhaled sharply, squirming slightly as he began to kiss along the curve of it. Morgan whimpered and gasped as he continued. He could tell she wasn't trying to get away or stop him. The sensation was simply driving her wild. She did not know why, but it had always been the one spot that always made her lose control.

She maneuvered until she finally got him on top of her. Her body started to grind against him the moment he had gotten into the position. Her nails raked down his back, causing him to moan. She could feel his bulge growing as she moved against him. She closed her eyes, whimpering louder than before.

“Oh god.

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  . . oh my god” she murmured as he continued his assault on her neck. “Take me. ”

The words slipped out so easily that it almost scared her. He wasted no time in getting his boxer briefs off. She stripped off her panties and tossed them across the room, not caring where they landed. He moved between her splayed legs, one hand resting on the bed near her side. The other was holding his swollen cock as he guided it toward her delicate flesh. She drew in a sharp breath as the tip of his cock parted her lips and slowly began to sink into her. In the back of both their minds, they knew that after this moment, nothing would ever be the same between them. He pushed gently into her until he had hilted himself inside her. He leaned down, kissing her as his hips pumped slowly.

Her hips lifted to meet his every stroke, keeping up the slow, gentle pace. She moaned into the kiss.


   After several minutes, his thrusts became harder, each one slightly more intense as the passion between them built. He once again focused on her neck. The result was instant. Her hips bucked faster, slamming hard into him. Her nails again clawed at his bare back, sending chills through him. Whimpers and moans mingled with gasps and sighs as he continued the sweet, sweet torture.

The shyness had faded completely from her. She lifted her hips and started to wrestle him, finally getting him onto his back. She looked down at Daniel, straddling him. He could see the wickedness gleaming in her eyes as she reached down and slowly guided his cock back inside her. She sat up straight as she began to ride him. He watched her breasts bounce with each movement. He placed his hands on her hips, trying to control her pace, but she wouldn't let him have complete control over it.

Her hips moved in ever changing patterns as she continued to ride him. He had never felt anything like it.

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   Her pussy was so incredibly hot and wet, that he knew there was a danger of her pushing him too far too quickly. He wanted the moment to last forever. Her movements became wilder, as she threw her head back and moaned loudly. He could feel her muscles tightening their grip on his throbbing shaft as it slid in and out of her wetness. The sound of her moaning his name in absolute pleasure was almost too much for him. She shuddered hard, letting loose a flood of her sweet honey all over his swollen cock. The spasms of her muscles around him were quickly pushing him to the point of no return.

She collapsed against him, still riding him, but her movements weaker now. He was so worked up that he could not fathom the thought of waiting for her to recover completely. He wanted to coax another orgasm out of her. This time, in unison with his own. He gently rolled her over, taking only seconds to get back inside of her. An evil grin was plastered across her lips as she looked up at him, still catching her breath. He began to pump his hip, thrusting hard and fast into her. Daniel lowered his head, seeking out that oh so sensitive area on her neck once again.

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She began to squirm beneath him, recovering faster than either of them imagined she would. His lips moving over that patch of soft skin fueled her on. Her nails dug into his back, among the several thin red streaks she had left the previous time. He groaned and continued to manipulate the spot. His unyielding attack had quickly brought her to the verge once again. Between kisses he growled in her ear.

“Cum with me, Morgan. ”

The feel of his hot breath, and the words made her head spin. His lips again were moving softly over her neck, making it hard for her to do anything but obey his words. She let out a loud whimper as he drew back and gave a final hard thrust into her. His name followed as she shrieked in pleasure. His lips left her neck and attacked hers, kissing her hard as he started to cum inside her. She could feel each shot of his warm cum exploding into her. Her muscles seized around him, sending wave after wave of her juices over his cock and mingling with his own sticky sweetness.

This time, when the kiss ended, they just stared into each other’s eyes, both trying to catch their breath.

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   He gently brushed the hair away from her face with his hand, remaining inside her as his cock slowly began to soften. There were so many things he wanted to say, so many answers he needed to hear, but in that moment, he could not ask a single question. A sudden look of fear had washed over her. He wanted so badly to reassure her but he had no idea just what to say.

He slowly pulled out of her, moving to lie beside her. She started to get up, but he pulled her quickly against him, holding her close. While words seemed to fail them both, the action seemed enough to quell the fear, at least for the moment. She closed her eyes, her head lying on his chest, and listened to the quiet beating of his heart. It managed to calm her. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her body as she fell asleep in his arms, for what he hoped would not be the last time.

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