I'm glad it was you {Chapter 1}


Topic: part 1It was my 28th birthday today, and the 6th anniversary of my love and I actually getting together. We lived in an apartment in Indiana. I had today off, and was planning on just playing my 360 until Alex got home, which I knew wouldn't be until 9. But I could wait. No sooner did I turn on my console and sign into live did I see Alex online. Surprised, I looked where his 360 should have been hooked up to the other TV, and it wasn't there.
He sent me a voice message in his "imitation: sexy" voice: "Hey there, sexy lady. I'm surprised you managed to blend in with FOXHOUND so far. Though it looks like someone with more experience has to take you under his wing. "
I laughed at the metal gear solid reference and sent a quick reply. "Oh, Snake, that sounds wonderful. But you have to come get me. I'm hiding from Wolf. " It was dorky, but it would do. He logged off and I turned my own console off moments after. I barely had time to look in the mirror before a box came crawling in the door.

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   Dismayed, I realized my own brown, messy hair. It never looked nice, no matter what I did. And I realized that I was fat. I was 5 foot 6, and had 225 pounds of something other than muscle. I liked to believe that at least some of it went to my 42-C size, at least.
From the box sprang Alex. He quickly wrapped an arm around my neck and an arm around my large waist. How could he love such a hideous thing as myself? His stunning, and right now loving, green eyes stared into my hazel ones before they closed and his thin lips pushed onto my full ones. We were physical yin and yang. He was slim and fit, while I was. . um. . fat. He was one inch taller than myself, and took a moment to back out of the kiss and look me in the eyes again.

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"Tell me what you want aside from this. Paint a picture in my mind so that I can make it into 3-D for you. " he said. He didn't whisper like in the cliches, nor did he murmur. It was just me and Alex, and for some reason, just being himself made him sexier than when he pretended to be super sexy. But I wrapped my arms around him and held his gaze. I already knew the answer, no matter how cliche it was.
"I have it. I've had it for 6 years now. You. " I kissed him again, and he explored my mouth with his tounge. We found our way to the bed where our kiss pulled apart and he had me laying on his back. He took my shirt off and kissed my neck while unbuttoning my pants. "Ellis?" He murmured under his kisses.
"Hm?" I replied, working with his pants button.

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"You're corny. " Both pairs of pants came off at the same time. He didn't wear underwear, and it didn't take him long to get mine off.
"As long as I only belong to you. "
He massaged the inside of my thigh with one hand and rubbed my left breast with his other.
"and no one else. Now stop being so corny. " He smiled and broke his rhythm to kiss me and adjust himself to go in.
His long, hard dick slowly slid into my wet, waiting pussy, and was, at first, slow. But with each masterful thrust, he went a bit faster each time. I could feel him inside me, and I tightened my pussy as I got closer to cumming.
Within two minutes, we both came. He was still hard and didn't pull out. We were both panting. "I love you, Alex.

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"Happy birthday, Ellis. "
Not sure how part two's gonna go yet, but Ellis and Alex are going to be the characters in this little series thing, and you'll get to know more about them.
This is my first sex (or sexish story anyway) story, and I want to know how I did. Reviews would be nice, and so would input for me to improve.