A night out: Part 1

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Let me tell you about this strapping young lad who has just turned 21. His name being Alex Jones and as I just mentioned he has just turned 21. Mr Jones has been attending Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin since he turned 19 two years ago. He wanted to celebrate this coming of age with a little bit of bar hopping with few friends like most 21 year-old Wisconsin residents. Although he was not originally a Wisconsin resident coming from a small town in Texas called Alpine, which happens to have fewer than 6,000 people in it.

He always wanted to play professional football in the NFL, his chosen position was
quarterbackwhich being6'2” and 175lbs must of which was muscle he would have been perfect for it, but this was all before his car accident at the end of his senior. What happened you may ask, well he was coming home from work at his local Wal-mart which he worked at to save up for college in case he did not get a scholarship which he ended up getting a full ride until he get hit by that drunk driver who died on impact, he himselfwas a lot luckier being as he only broke his arm, sadly it was his throwing arm which the doctors had to put a rod in which hinders his ability to throw. Of course if you asked him he will probably tell you that he wished he had died. The year later thought, he choose to become a lawyer and fight for what he believes in.

Although he had put on maybe 10-15 pounds since getting out of high school. Partly because of the accident the other reason being that he has been to busy with his college course work to really hit the gym, he was still in fairly good shape and he knew which he was usually pretty humble about although some times he would get a bit cocky about the fact.

Before heading out he took a shower was needed so he turns on the water getting it to his perfect temperature, his being quit hot. Grabbing a wash cloth getting is covered in his favorite body wash he starts washing his chest getting it nice and clean as the suds start building over his body. After he was satisfied with his chest finishes the rest of his body covering it in suds. After he had finishedhe starts to clean his cock with the wash clothes, he does this for some time till the 6 inch member eruptsall over the shower wall which he quickly cleans off. At which point he walks under the shower head washing away all the soap covering his body down the drain.

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   Still wet he steps out of the shower and grabs a towel which he uses to dry the glistening water off his body.

After he was pretty much dried off, although still a bit damp he put on deodorant. After he had finished that quick and simple task he walked to his bedroom naked, which he could do as he had his own apartment from the 10 million dollar settlement he got from the city after he and his family sued when the drunk onduty police officer hit him the night his football career went down the tubes. Yea I suppose I forget to inform you of that wonderful detail. The cop who had been on the force for 18 years decided to go to work pissed up after his wife of 23 years left him for one of his co-workers. But enough about that sad story.

As it was only 8:00 PM he was taking his time getting ready. Alex walked to his closet to look through his wardrobe to look for something that would show off his still pretty muscular body just right. After finding a tight black shirt that he knew would show his body off just right so he picked it off his hanger and through it on. Still needing to cover the bottom half of his body he grabbed a pair of black pants along with a pair of boxer briefs and some socks and through them on. Not likeing to wear his shoes around until he heads out he walked around with out them.

He then headed to the bathroom again to put on his favorite cologne which was American Eagle “Real”. He was ready for the night that was to change his life, although he doesn't know it yet. He does know hisonly two real goal for this warm and clear spring night was to get shit faced and get that oh so special birthday sex. He was not a novice drinker by any means but tonight he was going to extra mile.

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   Alex has not hooked up with anyone since he broke up with his girlfriend 2 months ago. Which he found out that she had been cheating on him with one of her professors for the past 2 weeks . So tonight is the night he was finally going to forget about the tramp which he devoted himself to for the past year.

Since he was ready and was just waiting for his ride. Not taking out his own vehicle because he knows the laws well enough being the future lawyer that he is. Plus he knows how much drunk drivers can screw up peoples lives. While waiting he took 2 shots of vodka to calm himself down a little bit from the awesome night he knew he is about to have. If only he knew the night that was awaiting him he might have wanted to do a few more.

Hearing the horn beep he throws on his shoes and runs out the door to the black Escalade limo which he rented. Which was already filled with 10 of his closest friends in college, one of which was his friend from his home town.

Part 2 to cum. . .

Please note I am no writer, I have never written a thing in my life let alone a sex story so let me know what you either by leaving a comment or sending an email to CheapTrick2010@ymail. com.

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