Alice at the Rest Areas

True Story

Hey Guys,
Thought I would tell ya about Alice and her love of driving in north Florida and stoping at truck stops and rest areas for sex. She did not realy care if it was male, female or animal as long as it wanted to have sex. She stayed hot and never turned down anyone that offered except once and that is another story all together.

Well, she took to wearing just cut off shorts that had as the crotch just the seam the went between the legs and since it was just the seam it was far less than a camel toe. It just split her juicy pussy and she loved it. She would wear the shorts and a bikini top or her nightie top that was thinner than the bikini. Well, we drove along and she flashed the truckers and they hit the horns and she would wave them over. If they stopped she gave them a prize and if not she shot a moon as they passed. We were driving back to Mississippi one night late and Alice was feeling really horny and so she took off all her clothes and just laid the seat down and turned on the dome light. I began passing and a couple truckers let the air horns go and a few miles down the road we pulled into the rest are and 5 trucks pulled in behind us. I parked as far away from the rest rooms and woods as I could so that Alice would have to walk the whole way naked. I had taken her clothes away and told her since she was so bad she was naked for the night.

We were both high and so, parked on the car side far away from the woods and the trucks she got out and started walking to the trucks that had pulled in. She walked past the rest rooms and a few people called to her and she just waved them to follow her for fun. Two guys did and then by the time she got to the trucks there were a dozen or so men (and a couple women) waiting for her. They had a blanket and walked around into the woods and since Alice was naked already the party began with her grabbing cocks and sucking and taking them laying on the blanket.


   She was in a feeding frensy and was sucking off men and eat and sucking women's tits as much as were given to her. I was watching and enjoying the occasional money given to me for her services although no one was asking for any. A guy came up with a couple german sheperds and Alice slapped her ass as she presented it to the dogs and one mounted her right off and found his way easily. The knot slipped in and Alice began moaning and shouting and soon the dog was locked and squirting her full. He finished and the other did the same and they both filled her with dog cum. After that the guys slowed down and soon, it was just one or two and they got in got off and got out. Alice said for us to go and I walked to the car a good hundred yards away and she was behind me and stopped at the rest rooms. She came out and went behind the rest rooms and did a couple black guys and then walked back to the car. "Come one, this place is all fished out. " she said and I drove off as she fell asleep with the window open and the air hitting her body. She slept most of the way home except for another piss stop and she hada couple more guys.

THis was the norm for her most of the time. Just sex. No wonder Carol and I stayed together after she left. .

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