Brother and me

True Story

My brother and mom came down from Ohio there getting tired of the cold weather and are looking to buy a house around gulf port, miss.which will make my husband happy he likes fuck my mom. But this is about me and brother I'm 45 and he 22 a big differencean he black. There was a movie playing that he wanted to see an since he didn't no his way around I told him I would take him,it would give me sometime to get to no my brother,we talk for a little while before the movie started an he was telling me how I look for my age, he didn't pull any punches an said he would do me in a minute it started getting me wet as I put my hand on his leg he put his hand on top of my hand an started slid ding myskirt till you could see my thongs, he ask me to take them off right there the light,s were still on and the place was starting to fill up I was horny and did as he told me. He put my thong in his pocket an rub my cunt two seats away there were people looking at us.they keep on looking at us an probably wish that was them, we left an went strait home no one was there ,as I pull down his pants what a monster of a cock he was not full hard yet as I put that purple head in my mouth he was at 11 or 12 inches if you ever put a ruler on the table an look mat the size you would say no way. I ran my tongue up andown his cock an suck on his balls, his balls were Shavian I had both balls in my mouth and pumping his long shaft he was about to cum when my mouth slid down that long cock, that his pubic was touch en my lips when a stream of cum fill my throat, I suck every ounce out of him. Next miring at breakfast which was nice I didn't half to cook good old mom love to cook, i was still in my night gown it was short and I had a g-string on as i went to get the maple sugar for the pancake,s my gown was up to my waste,when little brother ask mom if he can have Lois to eat,that up to you an her she said.I cum en ought that I could put it on my pancake, he started eaten me out right there in the kitchen chair I took my gown off and got the maple sugar on putsome down by my cl it as he was licking it up his cock was hard as he got up and sat down on a chair and had me set face to face to him as his cock was sliding up in to me I was pumping his cock harder and harder an was telling my little brother to fuck me good and hard I want you to cum in me as he started to fill me up his cum was running out of me it like he been storing it all for me, as I kiss him an suck his tongue into my mouth, I thank him an said hope we can do alto more of this, mom said pancakes are cold now. I wink.