Date to Dinner And A Strip Club

True Story

I did not know really what catagory for this one since it is with a couple different things that happened so here goes. Jill, a friend of mine some years ago, came to me one day at school. We were in colege and she was excited and new I was at time, Bi. "Really, Randy wants to go out with you and that is all he talks about to me. " she said and was very excited. I had thought Randy was really cute but not thought of him as a possible date or anything else since he was part of the group that had money although he never acted like it. "I think you are on something. " I told Jill. "No shit, he really wants to go out with you. " I looked down at my cleavage and smiled, "Yeh, I know what he wants to go out with. " and turned around to walk away. Jill turned me back around, "He is going to ask you in Biology. " and she turned and left. The next day I wore clothes that hid my tits and were not thin so my nipples would not show through. I was in class and Randy came in and saw me and smiled. He sat two rows over from me normally and this time he sat in the next row.

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   "Hey Brenda. " he said smiling and I said "Hi, how are you. ?" and he smiled and said, "Well, I would be doing great if you would go out Friday night with me. " I looked at him and smiled, "So Jill was not lying to me, you do want to go out. " "Yeh, I have for a long time. "

I looked at him and smiled again, "And why" He just looked at me and said that he had wanted to for a long time. "Maybe. " I said and the class started. I did my best to ignore him and after class I left fast and got to my car and left. JIl called me and said he had called her and wanted my number and that she had given it to him. He was going to call me tonight. HE did, Hello" I said and he said, "Did I piss you off today?" he said. "No. " I told him. "Then why did you not give me an answer?" he asked me.

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   "Well, I just don't get why you wanna go out with me, you have all the girls you want to ask out. " But I don't want to go out with them. " he said and was quiet. "I will go if you take me to where I wanna go. " I said. "Sure" he said, "Anything. " "You are sure, you may not want to go where I want to. " "Anywhere, dinner and then anywhere after. " he said. "Okay. " I told him. "5 for dinner then to where I wanna go. ""Okay. " he said and I hung up.

Friday I was ready to be a bitch and tease him and let him down.

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   I don't know why except that I felt like he was setting me up for something. I wore a sheer pastel dress that wrapped and crossed over my breasts and tied at the waist. No bra and a thong. He drove up in his BMW and got out as I came outside and stopped and looked at me. "Damn, you look great. " he said. "Thanks, just remember, you can look but not touch. . . . " I stopped, "Unless I say so. " He opened the door and I made sure he saw my legs as I sat down and he closed the door and got in his side. I kissed his cheek and he hesitated and kissed me on the lips and I let him. We drove to the resturant and went in to eat. He was very polite and finally we had some after dinner wine.

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   I had four glasses and was feeling very warm all over and he asked where we were going now. "I wil give you direction. " I said and we pulled out of the parking lot. I told him when to turn and finally came to an adult club. He looked at me and was totally without a clue. We had driven from Athens to Atlanta and now we parked and got out.

We got to the door and they took his admission fee and the guy asked me what we wanted to do, "Well," I said, "Better give us full access, I am not sure what I want to do tonight and he has never been here. " Randy gave him the $200. 00 and maked our wrists and let us in. The girl at the door inside was topless, "Hey Brenda. " she said. "Kayla" I said and we kissed deep. Randy looked at us and she laughed, "First time?" she said and I said that it was. Randy grabbed me and kissed me deep and tried to feel my tits. I slapped him hard and he looked at me, "I said look, but not touch unless I say so.

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   Understand!" Kayla laughed and said, "Either do as you are told or leave now. " and Randy finally said, "Yeh, sure. " I took off the thong and gave it to Kayla and said, "Keep it till I leave hun. " and she laughed. I went to the viewing room and sat down and sat Randy next to me. There were two men together and then one took the other in the ass and Randy was not really wanting to stay. "If you leave then the date is over. I can get a ride home. " and he stayed. Half way through the show I got up and took his hand and guided him out. "Would you rather see two women?" I asked him showing him more cleavage. "Well, yeh, I would. " he said. I took him to another viewing area and there were three women just getting heated up. "Better?" I said and he said, "Lots.

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  " Then I looked at him, "I prefer this room too. " He just sat there.

THen I saw Jill come in the room and got up and hugged her. She sat with us and we held hands. "Hey Randy. " she said and he said hello. Soon she began kissing my neck and I let myself get hot. "Keep it up girl and we will be in the room. " I said and she said, "Promises. " The women in the room finished and left and the room was dark. "Come on. " I said and Jill and I left. "Be back soon" I said and kissed him letting him see my tits. Jill had on shorts and a t shirt and we went into the room. We sat on the bed and touched and kissed some then began really going all the way to get everything hot and wet.

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   Soon we were both naked and laid on the bed and were slowly working around each others bodys. Then I was eating her and she was having orgasms one after another. I laid back and spread my legs, "My turn. " I said and she dove in and soon had three fingers in me then four and then I yelled, "Fist that pussy baby. " and she pushed her fist in and I sprayed all over her arm in an orgasm. We kept everything going and going and soon the viewing room was full. Randy sat alone with a bulge in his pants.

We finished and left the room and I held my dress and Jill her clothes and we walked with Randy. The scent of pussy was all over both of us. We went to a small private room and then I stood in front of Randy, "Help me get him hot. " I said and Jill came to me. We began kissing again and then I turned to him, "Strip. " and he stood up and took off his pants, shirt and boxers. I almost fell over with the huge cock that came out. I had seen the bulge but as it sprang out I almost died.

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   Pre cum leaked out of the slit and I told Jill, "Lick him for me. " and she did. She laid him back on the bed and I climbed on his face and told him, "eat baby. " and he did making me have an orgasm quickly. I sat there after and then turned around on my hands and knees and presented my ass to him, "Which hole do you want?" I said and he slipped into my pussy filling it up with his huge cock. It was filling but still had room and Jill took his cock and wrapped her hand around it and then told him, "Go on in. " and with her hand around his cock she guided him into my pussy and made me moan. They began moving in and out faster and my pussy really reacted and sprayed all over. I let him slip out and told Jill, "Now the ass, do the ass. " and she guided him to it. She put it there and he shoved into my ass and I moaned louder and he began fucking me harder as I told him to ram it good. I told him to let me roll onto my back and he kept my legs over his shoulders and he began fucking my ass again. Soon he was ramming hard and I was close to an orgasm with Jill fingering my pussy. Then it swept over me and I sprayed all over his belly and Jills hand.

Now I decided to see if he was ready to really play.

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   He was sliping his cock out slowly and there was some of my shit on it. He was looking for something to clean it with. "Well Jill, take care of it. " I said and he watched as she took him in her mouth and he came out clean. Jill laughed and I did too. Then I pulled her to me and we kissed. "Put him back in the pussy. " I told Jill. His half hard cock was in my pussy and he was looking at us. "Okay Jill, on my face. " I said ands she got over my face. She squatted over my face and I laughed as Randy looked at us, "Now what?" he said and was willing to do it I knew. "Don't you have to piss now?" I said the Randy. "Yeh. " he said and I said, "Well, fill it up then.

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  " and he said, "Serious?" and I said I was. "Jill has to piss too don't you hun?" I said and she laughed and said she did. Randy closed his eyes and then I felt his stream flowing inside my pussy, hot and making me have orgasm after orgasm and then Jill let her piss go and I was trying to drink it all down. He had finished and Jill moved. I sat up and had a mouth full of her piss and took Randy to my face and kissed him letting it flow into his mouth and he gagged some then swallowed. Jill was eating my pussy and soon we all laid sucking and eating and Randy filed my mouth with his cum.

We got up and went to a shower and all cleaned up and then Jill left and came back with the tape of our visit. All we had done was on the tape and I had a copy and Jill had one but we refused to let Randy have one. JIll left and Randy and I got in the car and rode home. I took off my clothes and played with myself for the truckers and Randy had two my good cums before we got back and he dropped me off. I kissed him and said, "Now, remember dear, anything I want, I just ask. " and I had the tape. "Anything, as long as I get to fuck you like we did tonight. " Good I said and he left.

Randy took me to Atlanta a lot more after that and he was very agreeable to anything that I needed to buy for a long time.


   More later. .