My Wife Develops Sexually, Dominated and Her Services Sold Pt. 3

True Story

Well, Alice was very active around the apartments. Carol tended to stay with me while Jerry was working and as she grew her tits began to really mature. Her nipples got huge and began leaking milk which she had me regularly suck and massage for her. Alice on he other hand was always getting high and getting laid. Men and women both came to the apartment and asked for her and I would hand her over and she would come back hours later well laid.

One day I came home from work and Carol was in my apartment and said that Lyn had come for Alice to take her to her apartment. Lyn was Chinese and in her 40s or so she looked. She was very buxom and a little chubby but very attractive. She always had an attitude about her that said she was a dominate female. Anyway, I was to come to her apartment when I got in. I kissed Carol and patted her growing tummy and walked around the complex. Lyn lived in one of the back units and so had some privacy that the other units did not have. I knocked on the door and she came to the door in only a black leather thong, her 38 or so DDs standing out proudly, her nipples hard. She took my hand and brought me into the living room of her 2 bedroom apartment. She spoke easily and told me that Alice wanted to be in a movie she was making and that the role was very hot. Alice wanted to see herself on film and she asked if that was okay with me.

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   I told her that I supposed it was as long as we made something from it. She said we would be paid well but that Alice was expected to perform and that she was to do absolutely all that she was told no matter what it was. Alice came out of the bedroom and was obviously high and came to me and kissed me. I could taste the taste of fresh pussy on her lips and Lyn looked at me and smiled. "Well, if it is okay with you we can begin the filming, you will be able to watch but can say nothing, understood? You are not here. " she said. She spoke in her language almost all of the rest of the time and so I understood nothing of what she said but from what happened she was running the show. Two Chinese men came from the back and had cameras on their shoulders. Lyn put on a long button up dress and half way buttoned it up leaving her cleavage and legs very visible. She took Alice by the hand and they all walked to the patio in front of the apartment, still very private. She sat Alice down and put a drink in front of her and walked off. At a signal Lyn came into the little patio and said Hi to Alice. Alice rose and said Hi to her and they hugged. Alice was wearing a blouse and skirt. The skirt was short and her bra was thin as were the panties she wore.

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They sat down and talked some and Lyn asked Alice's age. "Oh, I am just 15. " Alice said but she was at that time 17. I know it was for the film. "You are so well developed for your age. " Lyn told her caressing her face. Slowly her hand went to Alice's cleavage and then she leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, "And you are so lovely. " she said. "Tank you. " Alice told her returning the kiss much closer to the lips. Then Lyn took something from her bag and pointed to something that Alice turned to look at and she poured a liquid into her drink. Alice turned back and Lyn gave her the drink, "Sip some more of your drink Hunny. " Lyn told her and Alice did just that. Alice gulped the rest of the drink down and they sat there a little with Lyn caressing Alice's face and Alice looking more and more high. Finally Alice looked at her and leaned forward and Lyn kissed her deeply.

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   "MMmmm, I think you are all ready Dear. " Lyn said. "Ready for what. " Alice slurred her speech and I could tell it was real. "Ready to come o my apartment. " she said and took her hand and got her up. Alice leaned against Lyn and they walked to the door of her apartment and Lyn opened the door. I was allowed in ahead of the cameras and sat away in a place Lyn had shown me. Lyn took Alice and leaned her against the counter and stepped back and took off her own dress exposing her black thong and hard dark nipples. "Oh my, that is a surprise. " Alice said and smiled. "Do you like what you see?" Lyn asked her and Alice leaned towards her as Lyn kissed her again and caressed Alice thru the dress she wore.

"I have something special I want you to do for me. " Lyn said and Alice said, "What is that?" Alice was there now sitting in the middle of the floor and Lyn called out in Chinese and three huge Dobermans came into the room. I mean that were really big and all males.

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   Alice looked at them as if to want to pet them and they circled her and sat on the floor. "Well, my boys have been without for a long time and you are going to be their bitch tonight dear. " Alice started to get up protesting and Lyn gave a command and one of the grabbed her arm, not biting but putting pressure on it. Alice protested and Lyn said another command and the other knocked Alice down with his front paws and stood over her with his paws on her stomach and his teeth inches from her tits, although clothed that was not very much protection. "But I thought that you and I were going to play. " Alice protested and began to cry. "Oh, we will if I feel like it after my boys finish with you. " Lyn said and gave another command and the one on Alice's chest grabbed her blouse and began tearing it of. He did not bite but was very close. Alice put up a fake protest and then Lyn told the other and it began tearing at the skirt and then the panties and the bra. The clothes were in rags and Lyn told the dogs something since they backed of and sat all facing Alice. Lyn went to her and threw the remaining rags to the other side of the room and Alice sat there totally naked in the middle of the Dobermans. "But I do not want to do this. " Alice protested again and one dog a Lyn's command took a tits in his mouth and began to apply pressure and Alice cried out. "Okay, I will do it, please don't let him rip me apart.

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  " Alive said. "Get up and lay across the small stool there. " Lyn told her and she did her tits facing up and then she told one to mount her since that is what he did. Lyn was there to help guide him into Alice and he did not waste time and began humping hard and deep. He was huge and soon the knot plunged into Alice as she almost screamed. The dog was now licking her face and then Lyn told her, "Oh, the boys want to kiss you, kiss them back. " and the tongue was soon in her mouth and she was getting hot from it. Finally Alice sucked the tongue into her mouth and was mas sagging it with her tongue. The dog humped and finally came out of her and a glob of dog cum came out. "Clean it up dear. " she told Alice and Alice licked it from the floor where it had fallen.

"Okay, now on the tummy. " she commanded Alice and Alice laid across the kind of padded cushion and spread her legs. "Let Mommy aim you baby. " Lyn said and moved to slip the next dog into Alice's ass.

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   "Oh no, oh no. " Alice was saying as the cock found her ass and plunged in. Now she was in pleasure and her hips went back to the dog as she was mounted. Then the knot was hitting her ass and before she could say anything it popped in and Alice moaned how big it was. He was tied and humping and Alice was going from one orgasm to another. Another half hour and he fell out and this time Lyn told her to clean him of and also to clean the cum from the floor. She gave another command and moved the stool and told Alice to lay next to the dog on the floor that had laid down and was all spread out, his legs open. "Now dear, this one you suck off. " she said and Alice laid down taking the sheath and massaging it till the cock was fully out then it disappeared down her throat. The knot began hitting her lips and made them bleed some but she kept sucking and soon cum was flowing down her throat. She swallowed it all and laid back mas sagging her tits and pussy and rammed her fingers into herself. Her pussy was sloppy full of dog cum and she was licking her fingers as she came to orgasm after orgasm and then she laid back and began mas sagging one dog cock again and as he got hard she laid on her back and patted her tummy, "Fuck your slut and give her puppies. " she told one then he mounted her and she guided him in. The knot slipped in easily and he was drooling on her chest and she took his tongue again.

Soon he was finished and the other mounted and filled her again and the third she patted her ass and he found the way into her ass and filled it.

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   Finally the three dogs were all laying next to her and she was cleaning their cocks off and licking them. They also licked between her legs and she laid there, well laid by all. . The filming stopped and Alice laid there sleeping for real with the dogs around her. Lyn looked at me, "She is a natural porn star, I will want her again for more. " and she handed me $5000. 00 in cash. Men in country will want to fuck the blond porn star after they see this, Will she be available?" she said. "At these wages I am sure she will want to get laid again. " I said and left. "I will be back in the morning for her. " I said and went to the apartment. Carol was there in bed and I had a raging hard cock that needed relief and she rolled over and offered me her pussy. "Then I wanna suck it. " she said.

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   "If I can eat you then you can suck me Hun. " I told her. After a couple hours we fell asleep. Alice came home the next day at noon and laid in the bed. She slept for hours more. Later we made a few more movies and Alice was the middle of attraction in all of Lyn's movies. It was true that Asian men loved sluts that were blonds. .