Carrol and Lynn, episode 14


The morning after Lyn and Carol were both feeling the pain of a hard night of drinking. . . and fucking. And what a fucking it was! Without Lyn's knowledge, Carol had been out on the balcony getting head from Dot. It dawned on Lyn that the party was turning into an orgy and wanted very much to leave probably not because she didn't want to get laid that night but becuse of her recent escapade with her coworkers she might actually enjoy herself. Although she was not ready to admit it the thought left her very horny.

"I was drunk, Carol. I was drunk and horny and it s daytime now and I don t want to be held responsible for something I said when I was in that condition. I'm adamant about this Carol, I m not going to fuck Ted or anybody else. Forget it!"

Weeks before the party they had made plans with Dot and Ted for a motor-trip to Paris. It was to be their first trip to the CIty of Lights. It was where Dot and Ted went for their honeymoon and where Dot had spent a year as an exchange student. It was a six hour drive and they planned a picnic on the way. After a few hours they stopped off the main route so they could set up their lunch on the fold-down tailgate of Ted's Buick station-wagon. Lyn could not travel long without a nip of her Jack Daniels, either.

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   They conversation with them was always lighthearted and interesting. They had grown to be great friends. They were having fun and everyone but Carol, the relief driver, was drinking. They ate of their prepared lunch with wine.

"I know what you re thinking Carol. "After the picnic Ted talked and cajoled Lyn into riding in the back seat with him. "It s just my integrity that I m talking about. I want to be able to say that I ve never had sex with another man but my husband. " In any case, after a couple of hours she was cuddled up on the seat next to Ted with her legs folded under her. It was a long ride and it was getting late on this cold winter afternoon. Lyn was pleasantly drunk. . . just like she wanted to be. An occasional nip kept her there.

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   Ted's arm around her shoulders was pleasant enough and her legs and feet were wrapped warmly under a car blanket. Dot had moved next to Carol and while her left arm was stretched out and resting on top of the backrest behind him, her right hand was fondling his cock through his loose pants. She had a handful of cloth filled with cock but trying not to let Lyn know what she was doing. . . yet. Ted knew. Dot peeked into the back seat occasionally just to see if there was any progress being made.

Carol reminded Lyn, "You had sex at that party with your ward friends. "

"That wasn t really sex, Carol. I wasn t exactly a willing participant.

"But you had an orgasm, right?"

"Yes, but I mean. . . he didn t fuck me, Carol.

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  " Their conversation eventually turned to sex. They enjoyed sexual banter with much pleasant innuendo. They discussed the after party the previous weekend.

Dot looked back at Lyn, "Let me get this straight. You had sex with one of your hospital friends?"

"I was drunk, Dot. You know how I get. And also, somebody brought a couple of joints to the party and I got stoned. Didn't know what I was doing, Dot.

Dot repeated, "But you had an orgasm, right? You enjoyed it. There s nothing wrong with that, Lyn.

"It s easy for you to say, Dot. You swing with your neighbors. "

Dot replied, "Yes, liebchen, we like swinging with our neighbors. They're our god friends too. We like them a lot and we wouldn't fuck them if we didn t like them a lot.

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   Who better to fuck than your friends, Lyn?"Lyn was obviously conflicted.

"I don t know, Dot. I really love you two as friends, but I would feel. . . . I-I don t know what I would feel. "

It would feel good, Lyn. It would feel very good. You don't mind if I put my arm around Carol, do you Lyn?" She implyed that it was a rhetorical question and then turned and faced forward. She wrapped her left arm around Carol s neck and rested her left breast on his right arm. . Her right hand went back to the tent in his pants. She unzipped his fly and reached inside. Carol felt her cool fingers slip under the leg band of his briefs and spread his knees for better access.

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   She found his testicles and opened her hand to encase them in her palm before moving up to grasp the base of his hardness. She felt the pre-cum on the head of his cock. I wonder if I can slip down and suck this thing in my hand, Dot thought. Ted slipped his arm down past Lyn's shoulder so he could hold her around the waist. As he spoke he brought his hand just under Lyn's breast.

"So if I did this we wouldn t exactly be having sex, right?"

"Uh-hummm. I can t deny it feels good, Ted. I enjoy sex as much as anybody. And I would have sex with you in a minute. . . if we weren't all married. "

"How about if I just did this? He cupped her breast and before she could reply, "I m not fucking you Lyn. Like you said, it s not exactly sex, right?" Ted continued to coax her and lightly rub her nipple through her blouse. "We re good friends, and I believe we're closer to you than your colleagues at the hospital.

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   Correct? So why can t we just enjoy each other and if you choose not to fuck, that's Ok too. If you want to maintain your integrity you and I won t fuck, Ok?" Ted unfastened the top button of her blouse. He felt her stiffen slightly and her breath was coming quicker. Ted leaned his head against Lyn' s and spoke softly, "I don't have to put my cock in your pussy, sweetheart. But maybe you'll let me lick it.

"Oh, oh shit. " Lyn placed her hand over Ted s pressing it to her breast then pushed it down away from her breast.

"Stop. I don t really think we should be doing this, Ted. "

"But Lyn, sweetheart, I want you so bad," he cajoled. His closeness and his persistent description of what he wanted seemed to fit the fantasy she had expressed to Carol the night of the party while getting porked. His hand was also persistent and even though he did not touch her breasts again as she requested he gently stroked her lower abdomen and thighs. This was very pleasant. So she acquiesced to his gentle fondling. After all, I really do want to fuck him.

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   And. . . her cunt was dripping. After glancing into the front seat, Lyn slid down Ted s chest and rested her head on his lap facing up. Ted was seated directly behind the driver 's seat so Lyn stretched her legs out till her feet touched the opposite door and covered herself with the blanket. Ted gently rubbed her upper thigh and hip. He felt her hips undulate slightly under his fingers. Lyn was getting horny. God, I wish he would finger my clit, thought Lyn. Ted lowered his head to her face. His lips barely brushed hers and he softly kissed her. His lips moving close to her whispered, "I want to fuck you Lyn. I want to eat you and then fuck you. Let me feel you Lyn.

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   I'll stop anytime you want. " His fingers were hovering over her mound.

"Oh god, Ted. Oh god!" Ted let his fingers graze the cloth over her clit. Lyn s heart was pounding and the heat coming from her groin was deliciously wicked. She reached up and pulled Ted's head down and their lips pressed urgently. Ted cupped her mons and held it tightly. "Umm. . . ummmm. " Lyn hummed into Ted s mouth then her tongue delved further into it. Lyn's moan was heard in the front seat. Dot did not want to create any disturbance that would spoil the moment for Lyn so she just tugged on Carol s prick. Carol did not turn his face, but understanding, smiled and humped his hips into Dot s hand.

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"I want to lick your pussy, baby. I can do you almost as good as Dot can. " His fingers were slid up and down the indentation in her clothes that outlined her slit. Her dampness was seeping through.

Whispering back to Ted, "Oh god, Ted. . . does she really?" The thought of her friend Dot eating pussy made her swoon with lust.

"Yes she does. And she taught me how. " Ted let go of Lyn's pussy and brought his hand to her face. He gently placed it on the side of her face and pulled her to him. Lyn felt his hardness under his pants. It nudged her cheek. She turned her head towards Ted and the bulge was at her mouth.

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   At the same time she folded her knees and her skirt rode up to her thighs. Ted found access to her cunt much improved. Oh fuck. . . what the hell am I doing, she thought, this is so good and I m so horny and I m going to cum soon if he doesn t stop. Lyn opened her mouth wide baring her teeth and bit down on the lump. It was Ted's turn to moan. He made certain Dot and Carol heard him. He looked up front but Dot was gone from view. Lyn turned on her right shoulder and fumbled with Ted s fly. When she had pulled Ted s cock from his pants she held it in front of her face and stroked it. She reached for the blanket and pulled it up over her head. Then she opened her mouth and took Ted s helmet into her mouth and savored it.

"Mmmmm, mmm.


  . . uh hummmm. " Ted s fingers found her clit under her panties. It was hot and wet. His fingers traced her furrow and he inserted his index finger deep into her. "Mmmm! Mmm!"Lyn could not help feeling that Carol and Dot must've heard her. With Ted s cock inside her cheek, Lyn tilted her head so as to detect any motion in the front seat. She heard Dot, but didn t see her.

"Mm-mm, mmm-ummm, umm. " Lyn sat up abruptly leaving Ted s glistening penis cold and lonely. Dot felt the movement and quickly sat up too. The women stared at each other in the fading light as the car sped down the highway. Dot glanced at Ted's lap then Lyn leaned forward on the back of the seat to look into Carol's lap to find an equally glistening cock standing straight up through his trousers. They both choked back a giggle then burst out laughing uproariously.

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   Dot nudged Lyn's shoulder.

"You bitch! You were sucking on my husband s cock!" Lyn replied with the same nudge.

"You bitch! You were sucking on my husband s cock! They continued with shrieks and laughter. They reached across the seat and hugged each other. Their heads backed off slightly and they stopped laughing long enough to look each other in the eyes. Dot leaned forward and kissed Lyn on the lips. Lyn kissed her back. They opened their mouths to capture traces of each other's husbands. Lyn broke the kiss.

"Hold it. Hold it! This is going a little too fast here. I don t go that way Dot. I m sorry but it just isn t me. "

"It s Ok Lyn. I understand.

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   I just wanted to kiss you; no big deal. No need for apologies. We want to keep this within your level of comfort. And if you don't mind I need to get back to what I was doing. Come on, Lyn. . . have some fun. Ok?"Lyn leaned against the back of the front seat withing inches of her husband's right ear.

"Don t you have anything to say about this?" Carol reached for the rearview mirror and turned it slightly so he could look her in the eyes.

You know how I feel about this, Lyn. But I ll go along with your wishes, dear. Whatever you say. I won t go any further than you. .

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  . . but, honey. I do need to get off soon. How about you, dear? I know how much you really want to fuck Ted. Are you ready for a good cum?"

"Oh god, Carol! Do you realize I'm sucking on another man s cock? Doesn t that bother you at all?" Dot interceded.

"Does it bother you that I m sucking on Carol's dick? I m your friend Lyn. I wouldn t hurt you for the world. I want to be straight with you. I love you and Carol as friends. And it's because I care for you so much that I feel a great affection for you. It s demonstrative affection. Just consider it heavy petting. And Carol is a good looking sexy man. I feel natural about wanting to share my libido with him.

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   Ted knows this. Ted and I have sharedwith all our good friends and neighbors," Dot emphasized. But she was not about to tell her that this was not the first time she had Carol s cock in her mouth.

"Carol?" Lyn wanted further assurances. "Are you sure you re Ok with this?" Then in a more submissive tone, You know how horny nasty I can get. " That was the turning point. Carol knew his wife well enough to know that she had just relented. She admitted she was horny and liked to get nasty too.

"Enjoy, honey, enjoy. Mmmm. . . mmmmm!" Dot had dropped back down to his cock and it practically hit the back of her throat. "Mmm! Mmm! Uh-humm! Fuck, that s good, Dot!"

"You'd better pull over somewhere quiet, Carol. You re going to lose control and get us all killed.

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  " Lyn placed her head back in Ted s lap and pulled the blanket over her head. She held Ted s hard-on in both hands in front of her face. She pulled on it till it bumped her chin and slid into her mouth. She felt the gravel under the car. It came to a stop. She felt the motion in the front seat too. They re getting comfortable, she thought. Ted kept his fingers busy in her panties. He worried her clit with his thumb as his index and middle finger filled her quivering hole. And she sucked. . . voraciously. She hummed and moaned. She wanted to be heard in the front seat.

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   She had competition. Dot was mimicking her.

"Mmm. . . uh hummm! Mmm! Mm-umm!"

Lyn stopped sucking and loudly said, "Bitch!"

From the front seat, "Cunt!" The four broke out into laughter again. The laughter subsided and only lusty moans and nasty slurping sounds were heard. Carol slid to the middle of the seat and Dot knelt on the front seat between Carol's legs. Anybody walking by the passenger side window would have seen her beautiful pear shaped ass and her fingers moving under her disheveled panties. Her other hand was wrapped tightly around Carol's cock as he lay back against the driver s side door. He could hear familiar sounds from Lyn in the back seat. They were the same sounds he heard when he made love to her. She thoroughly enjoyed sex and he knew she was hot and getting well taken care of. He had seen Ted with Dot and he knew Lyn was in good hands. He was trying to hold off his orgasm, but Dot was a real hummer.

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   This woman can suck cock!He thought. Lyn's not bad in that department either. . . I ll bet she s giving Ted a good suck. The thought sent him over the top. He wanted to see her sucking Ted's cock. He saw it in his mind. He also saw her eating Dot s pussy. He couldn t hold back. . . he held Dot s head in both hands and tried to warn her.

"Mmm! Uh-um!" Then she swallowed. .

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  . once. Twice. One more swallow before his cock stops jerking, thought Dot. Her fingers squeezed her clit as she came too.

"Aaaaaaaah, uh-uh, aaaaaaah!" Dot could give herself the best orgasms all by herself. This was not the first one that day. She was looking forward to more at the hotel. She was horny for Carol She remembered what a great fuck he was. And she remembered fucking both of them, Ted and Carol. . . . together. On that thought, she squeezed her clit between her thumb and index fingers and had another quick jolt of a cum just as Lyn's kiss flashed back through her mind.

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  Ted held her head as he fucked Lyn s mouth. His right hand sawed three fingers in and out between her labia. Her legs were splayed out, blanket now gone, and her panties hung around her undulating hips. She clenched his hand between her thighs as her orgasm overcame her. . . loudly.

"Aaahhhhh. . . g-good god, I m cumming!" Carol heard Lyn. . . That s familiar, he thought. Lyn felt Ted s cock spasm in her mouth.

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   His warm liquid shot into her cheek. She paused for a moment. Oh, what the fuck. It can t taste much different than Carol's. She swallowed while her cunt, three fingers full, still quivered from her orgasm. She was thinking, I m going to fuck her. . . . no-no, not her. Him. . . I m going fuck him good before this night is over. Humm, his cock is so good in my mouth.


   Sne muttered aloud.

"Why don t we get back on the road and get to the hotel where we can be comfortable? I want to do this right!" Carol peered over the seat at his wife. She knelt next to Ted, one hand stroking the man s dwindling cock. The lust was apparent in her expression. He had seen it before. When their eyes met. Lyn smiled weakly at her husband, her mouth shiny with moisture. Carol saw her shoulders hunch over, then her torso shivered involuntarily. Jeezus! He thought, she looks hot! He had never seen her so turned on.

They had asked for adjoining rooms. That s what they got. In an old establishment like the Star-Hotel, just off the Le Etoille, adjoining rooms means just that. The room had two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. You had to walk through one bedroom to get to the bathroom. Carol and Ted looked at each other and smiled as they walked in.

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   Dot and Lyn were busy in the bathroom getting freshened up before dinner. With the girls in the bathroom, Ted and Carol quietly compared notes.

"Was it good for you, buddy?" Carol asked Ted.

"Oh hell yes! I love a woman who really likes sex. I do believe we have a hot night ahead of us. I think Lyn is ready. "

"From what I heard coming from the backseat, I think you're right. "

Ted replied, "How about you? Are you ready to see another man fuck your wife? It can be difficult the first time. I know. "

"I can't wait to watch you fuck her. I know you can satisfy her the way she wants. It'll be great to be with Dot again, too. " In the bathroom Dot hugged Lyn to her. Just a friendly hug to soothe the jitters. Dot had poured her a shot of Jack Daniels on ice.

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"It s going to be Ok, Lyn. Honest, you won t regret it. You like it, I know. "Dot kissed her on the cheek. Lyn looked at her with questioning eyes. Dot kissed her again, lightly on the lips. Dot lowered her hands to Lyn's buttocks and pulled her, pelvis to pelvis. Then Dot kissed Lyn again. . . more forcefully. Their lips parted, tongues flicked apprehensively. Lyn opened her mouth to allow Dot's probing tongue. "I want to make love to you too, Lyn. "

"I know," replied Lyn as she cupped Dot s ass in her hands.

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   "I know. I m game, baby. " They were all famished. It was slow in coming but the dinner was hurried; either by hunger or anticipation, but it was devoured quickly. They lingered over coffee just long enough to enjoy their after dinner drinks. Conversation about their afternoon was mostly avoided because of Lyn's nervousness. It was not really nervousness. She was anxious. In the chill of the Paris night they practically ran back to the hotel. Going up in the elevator, Lyn hung onto her husband. She hugged and kissed him repeatedly, telling him how much she loved him. Back in the room Lyn continued smooching up her husband with further assurances that she truly loved him. Carol took his wife by the hand and walked over to Ted. He placed her hand in Ted s.

"It s Ok, baby.

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   Go ahead. Go with Ted, honey. We'll be along in a minute. "Lyn looked first at Dot, then at Ted.

"Come on, stud. Let s go in the other room. Once alone, Lyn put her arms around Ted s neck and brought their mouths together. They began to remove each other s clothes. Ted removed Lyn's blouse to reveal her ample breasts beneath her bra. He bent his head to kiss the impressive mounds. Lyn unzipped her skirt and let it fall. "I m very horny Ted. I've been thinking about this for a long time. " She tugged at his trousers and they dropped on the floor next to her clothing.

"You didn t seem to enthusiastic about the idea earlier.

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   Didn t you say you were adamant about not fucking another man?"

She replied, "Yeah, well. . . I couldn't seem to be to enthusiastic about it in front of my husband could I? Even if he wanted me to fuck you. " Then, "has he fucked Dot?" Ted figured she had put it all together. But before he could reply. "I ve pretty much kept up the pretense of a faithful wife up to now. It s all been mostly bullshit though. I planned to fuck you sooner or later. " Lyn had one hand on the back of Ted s neck as he sucked on her nipples. The other hand had a hand full of Ted s engorged cock. She stroked it as she explained. "I know he s been unfaithful to me. I understand his needs. For a long time now, our sex life dwindled to almost nothing.

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   After fifteen years of marriage he became bored with me and I with him. " Ted's fingers were at Lyn s pussy. "Oh fuck! I m so horny. This not the first time I ve had sex with another man outside my marriage. I've had a couple of one-night stands and I knew he was also straying. "Now tell me, has he fucked Dot?" Ted hesitated. He pulled Lyn down on the bed with him.

"Wow! You are quite a surprise lady!"Again Lyn asked.

"Has he fucked Dot?

Yes. . . he has. Yeah, he's fucked Dot. The three of us got it on pretty good before you got here. Are you angry?"


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  . . strangely enough, I m not. I m relieved, actually. I've wanted to tell him about the young studs I've fucked. The graveyard shift gets long and boring sometimes. There's always an empty bed somewhere on the ward. Ted was curious.

Have you ever made it with a female nurse?'

No, my only contact with another female was the incident I told Carol about. It went no further than her sucking my breast. But I've thought about it. When Jan hinted at what was going on with her and Dot, I thought about it some more. I m glad Carol fucked Dot. . .

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  . she told me she wants to fuck me and I want her to. "

"Yeah, she wants to do you, sweetheart. But I get to do you first. " Ted slid down between her legs. He felt Lyn's hands on the sides of his face urging him into her.

"Are you a good flap-lapper like your wife?" she asked laughing. When Lyn got horny she often became vulgar and nasty. Ted didn't reply. His tongue had better things to do. He licked the crevices on both sides, between the warm folds of her slit and her thighs. Then he gently touched the tip of his tongue directly on her crease, and slid it up and down. She held his head between her hands, and she began tugging strongly, trying to force his head into her. He resisted, and continued touching and licking the outside of her womanhood. When her tugging increased, Ted pointed his tongue and penetrated her labia, hooking it upward, hoping to contact her clitoris.

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  He succeeded. Lyn s body shuddered, and her thighs replaced her hands, clamping tightly against Ted's ears. "Now!" she panted, "s-stick that thing in m-me. I need to f f-feel you inside me. " Her voice was broken by her heavy breathing and panting.

Dot said later that they had heard her in the other bedroom. Dot looked at Carol, "I need it too, liebchen. " She unbuckled his belt. When they were naked on the bed Dot turned around and on top of Carol to suck his cock and placed her cunt over his face. "I want to suck a while before you put it in. . . meee! Yes, baby, lick it!" Not minutes later she came in Carol s mouth. She swallowed his second load of the day. But.

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  . . he was still hard. "Fuck me now, Carol. I need you to fill me. Fuck me good, baby, it's been a long time. " Carol loved fucking Dot. She could do things with her pussy that Lyn couldn't. Dot s cunt squeezed his cock. She squeezed his cock at will. With every stroke, she squeezed. Her cunt felt like her mouth.

"I love fucking you, baby. You are such a hot fuck. " And he continued impaling Dot until she had a second orgasm with the help of her fingers.


   Carol couldn t cum again so soon but he never lost his hard-on that night. "How do you think Lyn s doing?" he asked. "I d really like to see them doing it. "

"Wouldn t you rather join them now? I want to join them, Carol. I m still horny and there's married pussy in the next room. "

"Let s go Dot. I really want to see that. "Standing back at first, Dot and Carol watched quietly from the other bedroom. Carol stood behind Dot with his arms wrapped around her to better fondle her breasts. His cock was firmly ensconced between in her buttocks nudging her labia. He couldn t get it in her cunt because the poor angle of attack, so when he humped her. His cock slid past her opening and she could feel it bump against her fingers and clit in front. Moving closer to the bedroom door where their spouses were, Dot stretched her arms up and rested a hand on each side of the door. Then she arched her back and bent slightly forward.

"Put it in me, Carol.

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   Put it in. . . now. " Carol bent his knees slightly and Dot guided him. She pushed back against his cock and Carol held her hips to him. They were on the bed. Ted was kneeling straight up. Lyn's left leg was between his knees. Her right leg was straight up and up along Ted s chest, her right foot resting against the side of his face. Lyn turned slightly on her left shoulder as Ted drove long slow strokes into her. When he went in, her labia disappeared. When he pulled back they extended out along his fat eight inch cock. Lyn's facial expression displayed her lust. Her tongue rolled over and around her lips.

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   She massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. Dot leaned her head back and whispered to Carol.

"Is that what you wanted to see? Look at them. Ted is giving it to her good. Doesn t she look hot?"

Oh yes. It s better than I dreamed. She gets so worked up when we have sex, but look at her. She looks like she can't get enough," he replied.

Oh fuck, Carol! It feels so good!" Dot looked back toward Lyn and Ted on the bed. Lyn was staring at her and Carol. She had seen them, but Dot didn t know for how long. Lyn massaged her breasts. Her other hand was busy fingering her clit and grasping at Ted s cock as it plowed into her. Lyn grunted rhythmically with each stroke.


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  . . uh. . . uh. . . uh. Ah. . uh. . . uh.

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  . . uh. " She kept looking at Dot and Carol. "I-I m cumming, Ted! I m cumming! Carol! I m cumming, Carol!"Dot pulled away from Carol and took his hand.

Come on. It s now or never. She ll go for anything right now!" Dot knelt on the bed behind Ted and circled his waist with her arms. Her hands reached down to his lower abdomen and felt for his cock between him and Lyn. When she grasped it with her fingers Ted drove her hand into Lyn s pussy. Again. . . and again, and again. Carol knelt next to his wife s head.

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   He sat back on his haunches and moved close. Lyn saw his intent and opened her mouth. She was glad he was there now. It was nicer to share this wonderful feeling with her husband. . . while she was being fucked by another man. She held her husband s cock and sucked. Her cheeks hollowed and it pressed into her cheek. Carol talked to her.

"Is it good, babe. Do you like it?" Lyn lazily pulled his cock from her mouth with a loud plop.

Oh yesssss! It s sooo good, baby! She could feel Dot s fingers down there as Ted fucked her. "Dot? Dot, honey? Come here and kiss me. " Ted and Carol looked at each other quite surprised.

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   Lyn wanted to get close to Dot. She had both men in her and she wanted to kiss Dot like she did earlier in the day. Lyn knew it would be good.

"Here I am, liebchen. " Dot came around from behind Ted and lay next to Lyn. As Dot rested her head on Lyn's shoulder she reached for her friend s breasts and teased her nipples. The women faced each other and brought their open mouths together. Dot dropped her hand down to Lyn's cunt and slipped her fingers down to where Ted s cock continued to fuck a steady pace. She fingered Lyn's clit as they kissed till the woman was delirious and breathing hard. Dot broke the kiss and with lips still touching asked, "Do you want me to lick this, Lyn. Do you want me to suck your clit?"

Oh god, yesssssss, Dot! Do it. Dot it to me like you do it to Jan! Please! I want to feel your mouth down there!"

I'll do it just like I do Jan. . . and Marsha.

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  . . and Brooke," Dot teased.

"Yesssssss! Yes, Dot. . . eat me like that!" Lyn s head was spinning with visions of Jan. . and Marsha. . . and Brooke. Brooke? Jan's daughter? Young pussy! Uh-hummm! Ted shifted so that both of Lyn's legs were astride his thighs with her flat on her back. This raised Lyn's pelvis and gave up Lyn s cunt to Dot's mouth. Dot saw the exposed length of Ted s cock in Lyn's cunt except for the helmet.

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   He kept it lodged just inside her. Dot turned toward Ted and swung her leg over Lyn's torso. She bent down to Lyn's pussy and kissed her there like she had just kissed the woman's other mouth. Lyn could see Dot's buttocks and her pussy directly over her. Carol could not resist feeling Dot's ass. He spread her cheeks apart and leaned in to lick her ass. He licked at Dot's nether hole and down to her cunt. When he did so he blocked Lyn s view. "Carol! Move! Let me do it!" Carol was thinking, She s going to do it! She s going to do it! Carol moved away. Lyn grasped Dot s hips with both hands and pulled. Dot knew what Lyn wanted and adjusted her position to bring her pussy to Lyn's mouth. "Oh, Dot! Oh, Dot. I want to lick you too! I want to eat you!" I can't believe it. . .

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  I want to eat her pussy. It looks so good! Lyn thought. Dot grasped Ted s cock and pulled it from Lyn's gaping hole. Ted knew Dot was going to suck Lyn's juices off him. She did. Dot replaced her husband's cock.

"Just hold it there, honey," she told Ted. Then she placed her forehead at the root of Ted s cock and covered Lyn's cunt with her mouth. Her tongue danced on Lyn s clit. "Mmmmm, mm. . . . mmmmmm. .

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  . mm," they both hummed into each other s cunts. Lyn felt Ted's helmet hump ever so slightly into her as much as Dot s head would allow. It was almost unbearable to feel Ted s cock poised just at her entrance but unable to press further. Dot s mouth was the most delicious sex she had ever experienced. Lyn licked and sucked on Dot s pussy to her heart s content. She felt like she was in continuous orgasm. Where s Carol? she thought.

"Carol?" She tilted her head to find Carol then realized that her head was between his knees and his cock poised to enter Dot from behind and above her. She saw him stroking his cock. "Carol! Are you going to join us? Come on babe, get nasty, put it in her. " Carol straddled Lyn's shoulders so he could come up behind Dot. Dot shouted into Lyn s pussy.

"Fuck me, Carol! Come on, baby. Fuck me!" Then quickly went back to Lyn's wet pussy.


   Occasionally, she sucked up and down the length of Ted s cock back to Lyn's clit. Lyn looked up and saw her husband s cock bobbing up toward Dot's waiting pussy. Lyn grabbed it and stroked it lovingly. She lifted her head so she could get it in her mouth.

"Lyn, h-honey! That s so good!" Lyn aimed his prick at Dot's cunt and rubbed the head on her friend's labia. Dot humped back against the familiar appendage till it found her. Carol pushed it in as far as he could. Lyn watched it disappear into Dot. Lyn fingered Dot s pussy and the cock that disappeared and reappeared from view above her. She lifted her head to get her mouth to the juncture. Carol pulled out from Dot and his cock went directly into his wife's mouth. Then back again into Dot's cunt.

Ted interrupted, "Ok, let me have her, I want to cum and I want to do it fucking her. " Lyn eagerly agreed.

"Right on, Ted! Let s do it proper!" When Dot and Carol rolled away, Ted leaned down to kiss Lyn and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

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   "Put it in me, Ted. Fuck me, good. " Ted grasped Lyn's ass underneath and pulled her to him as he fucked for all he was worth. The bed bounced under Dot and Carol. Dot buried her face on a pillow and hugged it. Her back was arched and her ass was up high and fucking back into Carol s forward thrusts. Lyn s head turned to watch Carol fuck Dot. He s so good! I ve never seen him fuck from this perspective, she thought. She reached out with her hand to touch her husband. "We re g-going to have to d-do this more often, babe. Oh, oh. . . oh, Ted. .

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   Soon after, Lyn hosted a little afternoon delight for all the women in the group one Sunday. Dot, Jan, Marsha, Doris, Brooke. And a couple of nurses from her ward. Dot gave Ted all the details during a thorough blow-job.

Continue reading Maxine's Divorce, episode 15.
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