Suprised Wife......Well Kinda


Well I dont have much time to write since my wife is coming home now so I will give you the readers digest version. I always wanted to see her get screwwd by another man or two so I ran an ad on Craigslists. Once I found the two guys I wanted and meet them I told them the full details and they agreed. It took me a while to find them cause several said no and was scared of the plan. Then plan was to give her two xanax bars when she had a headache and tell her they were tylenol. One day she had an headache and the timing was perfect since it was a Saturday so I gave them to her.
Sorry I have to be brief on the details but she will be home soon. She is white, 25 yrs old, 5'2'', 125lbs, black hair, very curvy and petite, B cup tits. She took the pills and an hour later she was DRUNK!!! I mean she couldnt even talk without sleering her words and she was smiling from ear to ear and couldnt stand so I called up the guys. The first couldnt make it so I called the second guy and he said he will be right over and he could bring a friend to help. He told me not to worry that he was cool so I agreed. When they came over I noticed his friend was black. I said hold on a minute you never told me he was black and he said but you never asked, is there a problem? I said no lets do this. The first guy whos white pulled out his cock which was 7'' and started to put ot in her mouth and I said NO, we had a deal you have to wear a condom and you can only have a piece of her pussy. Then he said something that blew my mind. He said no, Im going to have her without a condom anywhere I want and if you dont let me Im comeing back later with this pic I just took of her on my phone to prove what happened and tell her your plan.

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I was spechless, what could I do? I said I cant protections a must, I cant have her getting something. He said look, Im married as well and so is my friend. Were 100% clean, so whats it going to be? I said have her your way then. So the first guy stuck it in her ass and the black guy pulled out his dick which was huge. It must have been about 10'' and he stuck it in her pussy. After sandwiching her for 30 min they switched and the black guy put the whole 10'' up her ass. She started moaning with pain and pleasure then he spun her around and shoved it down her throat and came hard, forcing her to swallow as he held her nose shut so she couldnt breath. Then the white guy bent her over like a dog and came in her ass. Then they said your wife has been great, when is our next session? I said what?
Well we want one more piece another time. Just give it a couple months and do the same thing again and call us. I never have done it to her again cause she said she was sore as hell and her ass hurt a little. I told her we were having sex and my dick slipped out and accidently went up her ass and I was sorry. I told her the reason she didnt remember much was cause I accidently gave her the Tylenol with 8hr sleeping stuff in it. Im debating if I should try something again. I dont want the guys coming back and setting me up cause it would kill my marriage.

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   I dont know what to do?.