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  • NAOMI GDE reviews 18-01-2021
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    2021-01-17 120 min Athens
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    I know this agency very well, they bring beautiful girls. I came to Athens for my business visit. Last night I made an appointment with the agency and went straight to the hotel to the meeting place. The hotel is a hotel that everyone knows. Naomi looks young in her pictures .. but she's 33 years old and a little overweight. He also has a few scars on his body. His English is not good. services are normal. But she wants it to end very quickly she. I did not get much attention. If I saw the previous comment, I might not go. I didn't like the BJ and he was short. Tall girl. But for this money you can meet better and younger girls. It was a normal sex experience. Nothing extra. I like younger girls. There may be such bad experiences once in a while, but I love this agency. ????????????