A straight guy's bi story


I consider myself straight but this post is of the bi-experiences I had a number of year ago.   I can’t say it did anything for me other then give me a story to tell later in life.  

Please note that all all names and situations have been changed and any resemblance to your real situation, friends or family members is unintentional and coincidental.
I was 20 which was same age as my friend Todd and a year older then his girl friend Kim.    None of are very large (Todd and I only 5’-8” and 120lb,  Kim around 5’-2” and 90lb soaking wet).    I guess Todd and I are fairly good looking since we really never had any problems with girls.   Kim was small cute and adventures.    We had known each other for years and she was always a bit of a tomboy.     We all enjoyed camping and unlike the girls that I brought, wouldn’t even think twice of changing in front of us.    Kim is best described as cute, flat and skinny assed.   She does shave so she doesn’t leave much for the imagination in or out of a bikini.
As much we had seen each other nude many times there wasn’t anything sexual between the tree of us for a number of years.    That changed one night in my car.    Todd and Kim started making out and then he told her to go for it.   She moved over to me and starting kissing me and rubbing my crotch.     I then felt her go for my zipper and the pulling out my dick.

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    She then dropped between my legs and started to give me head.    Todd climbed over the seat and told Kim to join him.    She did and the both started to undress while I sat in the front seat.    They then asked if I was going to just sit there or join in.    I jumped in the back Todd and I took turns going at Kim.     She would give him head while I screwed her and then we switched and I would get head while he screwed.    Having known Kim since we were kids it was strange screwing her and even stranger watch her suck like a starving animal.      Todd and I kept ourselves going by pausing and eating Kim out.     Todd yelled we needed to switch and I went to back and he came to the front.    I got ready to enter her again be she stopped me and grab my dick and directed it to her other hole.    I had never done anal, nor had I had much of a desire, but that’s where she wanted it so I went for it.    It was tighter but there was no issue with penetration and I found out later it was far from her first time.   I got into it and then needed to pull out before I reached climaxed.    I then got below her and started to eat her out and Todd came back and entered her backdoor.      It was pretty wild to be so close the all action and I just ate and watched.

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     Todd started getting faster I knew his time was coming to end and end.     He then gave a final thrust, stopped but then quickly pulled out.   He then shot his load straight at me and I found myself tasting both of them.     I quickly slid up and under her and started swearing at Todd for being so stupid.   He told me he was sorry but laughed and asked how it tasted.    Kim chimed in and stating how do you think and then told me that I would need to cum in her since Todd blew it.     I said sure but where?  She told me that she does not allow switching back after anal so that’s were I finished.  
I wasn’t dating at the time and sexual play as threesome was very welcomed.    That changed the day Todd decided to go for some bi-sexual play.    It was just one of those things that happened but I can’t regret because it can’t be undone.    I was straddling Kim as she gave me head and Todd was laying down eating her.   I felt him spread my cheeks and then I felt some thing warm, soft and greasy between them.    My instinct was to move forward but Kim picked her head up and then started to bite down.   Todd then started blabbering about how he has been sharing Kim’s ass and now it was time for me to share mine.   He told me to relax as he kept trying to get his dick in but I wasn’t going to relax and have a guy fuck me.

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     He managed to get his head in but that was about it.   He stayed there and told me to just relax but I could and we just stayed that way for what seemed to be forever.    At one point he told me he had enough and it was time to get fucked but I managed to hold him back.   We played this stalemate game for a bit and just started saying relax or we’ll be like this all night.    I’m not sure if I tired or just gave up but relaxation occurred he was all the way in.      I’m not sure if my doctor has big fingers or Todd is simply small but it didn’t hurt much worse then a rectal examine     He then told Kim to move forward and he pushed me down into to her pussy.     He then stated to move in out a little and I decided to keep my mind on her and off of him.    He picked up the pace and I knew it was soon going to end.    As much as I hoped he came in her ass I was looking forward to when he pulled out of mine.    He didn’t and gave me a few hard trusts and pushed in for all he was worth.   I knew he had cum but I really didn’t feel anything other then his pushing.   He removed himself and got in front of me asked if  I wanted another taste.    He then pushed my backwards and started to suck me but I wasn’t into it and was as limp as limp could be and he soon gave up.   He kissed Kim and told her thank you and told me now you have nothing to worry about and left.   Kim and I laid there and she kept saying sorry and how Todd has always wanted to do that with me.

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Kim and I fell a sleep and I woke to her kisses and apologies.    I didn’t say much and instead just laid there rolling her nipples between my fingers thinking of nothing more then her small her tits.   Things started feeling right so I started to reach down to between her legs but she stopped me saying she was committed to Todd.    She said we could still all play together but not alone since they were dating.     I told her it would never happen again and only happened this time because I was forced.    She asked why I viewed it as such a big deal and why does it matter now that you’ve already been fucked and tasted cum.   With that she gave me a kiss and whispered it’s not a big deal and she would miss if we stopped playing.  
I guess this is the point where I should be talking about how I had Todd arrested.   I’m not sure if was the dry period or the alcohol but I regretfully went back a few more times.    I had fallen in love with Kim and viewed it as the price of admission and just let it happen.   I never viewed myself as bi even though I haven given oral and receiving anal/oral from I guy.   It truly did nothing for me and  only did it to get the girl I was to marry.
You see today there is no Todd!  He came to terms that he was living the lie and now lives with gay friend Dave.     Kim and I are happily married and remain sexually open minded.    Our bi experience is mostly with other woman and bi-curious men wishing to give oral.

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