Rainy Day Friends Part Two


Actually, it seemed sort of funny, the two of suddenly being naked together like that. Normally there would have been no reason for us to have our clothes off, since neither of us tended to be nude around the house as such. Yet, the idea that this was meant to be sexual, even if just cautiously, provided a teasing excitement. As we stood there, something that neither of us could keep from showing, as our penises began to grow and curve off to one side. Then, with almost embarrassing swiftness, becoming sufficiently stiff to push upright.
"Man!" Ron exclaimed with a modest grinn.
"Tell me about it!" I said, equally as surprised by our lack of difficulty in getting a boner like that.
We climbed onto the bed, neither of us quite sure what to do exactly. There we were, laying side by side, naked, and having a huge hard-on together. I was still surprised and slightly taken back by this, and I could tell that Ron was, too. Yet, almost right away, it felt so good. There was a shared sense of masculinty that we could both understand and appreciate, and that was emotionally rewarding to be able to experience. It seemed wonderful to let our feelings of friendship show like with each other in such an open and honest way.
The original idea for both of us, I was sure, and for Ron as well, had pretty much just been jacking off together. At that particular moment, however, it seemed so invitingly all-male, and like such an incredibly romantic thing to do in a way that was refreshingly independent of female influence. We both wanted to explore this unbefore and never quite realized means of expression between two guys.

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Ron reached out to take my erection in his hand, to gently hold and feel my arousal. I did the same to his, my fingers going around the large, firm, male-shape of his erection. Again, it felt so satisfyling masculine in a way that neither of us had ever had the chance to experience before. It was wonderful laying there, being so relaxed, as we calmly enjoyed being so personal with each other.
I loved the way that Ron's hard penis felt in my hand.
"This is really nice. . . " Ron breathed.
"Yeah," I agreed quite unashamedly. I liked how it felt having my penis in his hand.
There was no urge to rush. Rather, just a mutual desire to enjoy our decision to have a moment like this together as friends. Maybe even a little afraid that we might never work up the courage to be so engagingly uninhibited again, and wanting to make the most of it.
Ron gave me a sort of sheepish smile and I smiled back in the same way.

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Without a word, Ron leaned over and took the swollen tip of my erction in his mouth. I really was not expecting him to do that. Instantly the warm, wet sensation made me moan a little. Ron moved his head up and down several times. I felt his hand cupping my balls, and I moaned again.
Ron pulled his mouth away and looked questioningly at me, trying to gauge my approval. Before I lost my nerve, I leaned over. Gripping his stiff length in my hand, I took the mushroom head of his penis in my mouth. The expanded tip felt huge and so incredibly smooth. I could hardly believe that I had another guy's boner in my mouth like this. It was exciting, though. More than I could have ever imagined. I slid my mouth up and down the thick, curved shaft. Just as it had been with me, it was hardly a serious attempt to give him a blow job. It was just wanting to see what that was like.

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  To take advantage of the opportunity to have that experience. Although the excitement that I felt half made wish that he would suddenly come in mouth so I could see what that was like, too.
I heard Ron sigh, and I pulled back before Ron was even close to ejaculating, I was sure.
Our oral indulgence made our involvement even more excitingly personal.
We found ourselves closing our eyes and slowly leaning forward. Our lips touched. Very gently, then more firmly and with more fullness. It was a token gesture, but one filled with meaning. I ran my hand over Ron's smooth chest, feeling the protruding point of his nipples. Ron pressed his slightly parted lips against mine with more pressure, and some how we found our tongues touching. Then quite deliberately sliding into each other's mouth, and for a moment we were using our tongues to fuck each other. Finally we drew apart, both of us needing to breathe.
We hugged. Ron brought a leg up over mine, and somehow I found my absolutely rigid penis jabbing up between his legs. The tip making contact with his tight anal pucker.

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  It was unintentional, but never the less there, spearing upward purposefully.
"Oh. . . yeah. . . "Ron groaned, his eyes closed, lost to being naked in my arms as much as I was in his.
The natural impulse to move my hips, even just a little bit, made my boner jab at his opening again.
Ron held me tight, offering no objection to the intimacy of where my stiff penis was. I pushed a little bit more again, deliberately this time, and liking what it suggested. Ron seemed to, as well. .