Surprise !


My wife had been out of town (again), this time in New York for the past week. We had spoken on the phone, exchanged emails, generally stayeed in touch. . . 'miss you, love you' that sort of thing over the week and then I went to pick her up at the airport yesterday.
When we were on the way home she said she wanted to stop at the liquor store where we picked up a bottle of mead(honey wine) and some brandy. We chatted and got caught up, talked about the mail, etc.
We got home about 10 :00 at night and she went up for a shower telling me to pour us some mead and a brandy. I heard the shower running for a few minutes and opened the mead, Bunratty, and the brandy and poured a stiff glass of both for each of us. She was taking a while so I finished my mead and poured another glass. Not having had dinner it hit me pretty quick and soon I was feeling a glow. Jean came down stairs wrapped in a big fluffy robe, and got her wine and brandy. SHe downed the mead , also quicly. (it;s outrageously good) and then had a drink of brandy while I went and got her another mead. She demurred telling me to go ahead and have it, not knowing I had already had one. One thing lead to another and with the lights low and the music on and the wine fuzzies on both of us  she took her brandy and went upstairs, telling me to givfe her a few minutes then come up and join her.

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 about 10 minuted later I went up with the bottle in hand and walked into the bedroom. This was not the same Jean I was expecting. She had on thigh high stockings, held up by a lace garter, a leather corset,stiletto heels about 5" high,crimsom lipstick. She had shaved her pussy while showering and most noticeably,,,was sporting a huge strap on cock.
Iwas . . . surpsised I guess would be a good word. She came over to me, now much taller than I, gave me one very deep kiss then pushed me back towards the bed, telling me to 'drink your fucking brandy and then have another, then get on your knees'.
I went along with it, even though this was out of my ken and not at all what I expected, but what the hell. The brandy burned all the way down and so did the second one , but I was now 'way m,ore than half drunk. I started to say something but Jean cut me off. 'Do you like what you see?' She stood in front of me hands on her hips, tall. over 6', lips a straight line, full and pouty , tits over the top of her corset nipples huge and erect and that huge cock sticking out at me. it was about 7" long, thick and very realistic looking.

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   All I could do was nod. My cock was hard as steel at this point. not quite as big as the strapon but big enough. My hand moved toward my cock.
'Suck it. Suck my fucking cock. Now . And get your pathetic hand away from that sad little toy. You will do as you're told'
Without any further protest from me I went to work on the head of her cock, not knowing quite where thsi was going , but my start wasn't enough for her . She grabbed the back of my head and rammed it down on her cock. 'Now you know how that feels. 'I thought back to the times I had done that very thing to her. Surprise was long in the past. I was drunk  and now I was sucking a huge cock. On my wife.

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  Who was being amazingly dominant and sexy as hell. All Iwanted to do was fuck her. I stopped for a moment and said so. This got me a big shove backwards where I fell on my ass. (drunk and not very stable is my guess). She towered over me and put on stietto=heeled foot square in the middle of my chest. 'Shut your mouth. You will do as you're told and nothing else. You will stroke my legs, and lick my shoe. then you will suck my cock again until I tell you to stop. '
God did I ! As i stroked her leg, felling the material of the stockings and then licked her shoe I got back in position and again wrapped my lips around her cock. She started pumping it ion and out of my mouth. I slavered over it  untill my mouth was tired and then she said, 'Stop. Lay over the foot of the bed. ' 
As I did so I heard her open the drawer of her nightstand.

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   She took out thesmall vial of lube she kept there. Now there was no doubt where thsi was going. She spread my ass, squeezed a small(small0 amount of lube on my asshole and then with no further preparation rammed that huge dick in my ass. She started slowly pumping it in and out quickly building up speed. My dick ,deflated at the shock of the initial thrust soon was back, pressing hard against the bed. She was slamming me, long thrust aafter long thrust. I sneaked a look at her . Her face was one of pure pleasure. eyes closed smiling and pounding my ass all the while.
thsi went on for a whilee. then she pulled out and made me suck her dick again, straight from my ass to my eager mouth. i was now really into this. Being drunk was a great help. She told me, 'Stop and now to eat my cunt' Imoved toward her cunt slowly removing the strapon, only to see it was actually a double dong with about 6" of cock in her cunt, too. .

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  Soon we were eating each other and then ensued an incredible fuck session, with me returning her favors of a cock in her ass, lots of sucking , long pounding strokes in her cunt and her ass, ending with a massic=ve load of cum in her ass. She resisted a bit when I pulled out and jammed my dick in her mouth, but after relenting and sucking me clean I sucked my cum from her ass and we shared the pleasure of it before we both collapsed in bed.
This morning she said 'Well. That went well. don't you think?' She smiled at me, gave my dick a little squeeze and we went on with our day.
I can't wait 'til tonight. . . .