Zombie Lust


I was walking home from a friend's graduation party and I admit I was more than a little drunk. But hey, I was eighteen, a young, good-looking female, and if I wanted to party, I partied. But that night would be a night I would never forget. I was so tired I just wanted to go home and get some sleep. I had to make a choice, cut through the graveyard and get home in half the time, or go all the way around which would take longer but was less creepy. I said, "Fuck it," and went through the graveyard. I hated the graveyard. It was always so creepy and the place just gave me a bad vibe, even when I was a kid. Yet there I was, walking through the damn place at 2 a. m. so I could get to bed quicker. There was a full moon so it wasn't pitch black outside. I didn't really like the fog that was about knee high but I would be home soon and everything would be fine. As I swaggered through the graveyard I kept hearing a noise. It sounded like a low moan. I thought to myself, 'Someone from the party must be getting laid out here.

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  ' I giggled and continued walking. I was about half way through the graveyard when the moaning got louder. There were about ten big trees in the middle of the graveyard and that was where the moaning was coming from. I giggled and decided to see who was getting laid. I snuck behind one of the trees then peeked around it. No one was there. I slowly tip-toed to the next tree. I fell once but got up quickly. I laughed out loud then said, "Shhh!" I got behind another tree and peeked around it. Again no one was there. I was starting to get bored and was about to give up when I heard a loud moan behind one of the trees I hadn't checked. I ran over to the tree, hit it with my face, and fell down. I told you I was a little drunk. I got up slowly and rubbed my nose. Then it dawned on me.

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   What would happen if they got mad at me for spying? I laughed and thought, 'Hell, I don't care!' I may be only 5'3" and 105 pounds but I'd kick him in the balls and his lover would probably be too embarrassed to do anything so I could escape easily. I peeked around the tree and to my delight I saw a nice pair of muscular male ass cheeks. Actually I saw the back of a naked man but my eyes were focused on that sweet ass. From what I could tell, he was alone, just standing there. He let out a low moan. That was when I figured he must be touching himself. Now my curiosity was peaked. I wanted to see him stroke his cock. I wanted to see his cock's length and thickness. I held onto the tree and leaned way out to see more of him. That's when my hand slipped off of the tree and I fell down. I just laid there in the fog for a second then I heard him walking towards me. I stood back up and was about to apologize for the intrusion, but I couldn't speak. I stood there in shock. I could barely breathe.

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   The man was facing me and I couldn't believe my eyes. His skin looked blue in color, his face was all fucked up. One of his eyes was dangling on his cheek. He had about five broken teeth in his mouth and blood was dripping out of it. He had big open sores all over his body and yellow puss was seeping out. A big scar ran from the top of his chest to his belly. Worms and maggots were coming out of the scar at his belly. His penis was hard but the flesh was tore all over it. This thing was just staring at me, rocking from side to side. I whispered, "I have to go. " The thing looked into my brown eyes and gave me a hellish smile. I was petrified and I was shaking from head to toe. The creature moaned out one word that chilled me to the bone. He moaned, "Pussy. " I turned and ran as fast as I could in any direction.

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   I didn't care where I went as long as I was away from the zombie guy. As I ran my foot got caught on something on the ground and I fell. I couldn't see what it was because of the fog but I quickly got up. I could see the zombie hobbling after me. He was walking so slow I knew he would never catch me. I began to run and again something caught my foot and I fell to the ground. I rolled onto my back and sat up. Something had hold of my foot. When I took a closer look at my foot I screamed. I could see a hand coming from the ground holding my ankle. The hand had rotting flesh all over it but was very strong. I clawed at the hand to release my ankle but all I got was rotting flesh under my fingernails. As I tried to get my ankle free, another hand came from the ground and grabbed my other ankle. "Oh God, no!" I screamed. Then I felt my long brown hair being pulled.

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   My head was pulled to the ground. I clawed at the hand that was pulling my hair but as I did so, two more hands came out of the ground and held my wrists. With my hands held firmly above my head and my ankles secured firmly below, I began to cry. I was about to scream when another hand covered my mouth. Four hands came out of the ground, one on either side of my rib cage and one on either side of my hips. The two at my rib cage tore open my white blouse. As the buttons flew everywhere, they tore off my bra exposing my breasts and erect nipples. It was so cold laying there on the ground. The other two hands at my hips tore off my skirt then held my hips firmly in place. The two hands that were holding my ankles slowly moved up to the backs of my knees. The hands were very big and wrapped around each knee. The hands pulled my knees to my chest then spread me wide open. I screamed into the rotting hand that covered my mouth. I thought to myself, 'Why is this happening? What is going to happen to me?' Then I heard a low moan. I looked up between my legs and there it was - the zombie.

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   That hellish grin came across his face as he looked at me. Then he moaned out that familiar word, "Pussy. " The two hands that had torn off my blouse and bra began milking my breasts. They squeezed so hard I thought my breasts would burst. Squeezing, relaxing, squeezing, relaxing, over and over like a damn machine. The zombie kneeled between my legs and with one of his hands he tore off my yellow flowered panties. My muffled cries went unheard. He opened the folds of my pussy and ran his blood soaked tongue deep into my soft wet girlhood. I screamed as the ice cold tongue violated my hot wet vagina. I could feel his tongue lapping at my outer lips then going deep inside, lashing at my inner pussy walls. As I cried, he continued eating me out. He pulled his tongue out of me and then began to suck on my clit. My belly tightened as he suckled on my button. My breathing was getting faster and the hands that were milking my breasts got faster too. I could feel my body building to orgasm.

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   'How can this be?' I thought. 'Am I really going to orgasm for my undead rapist?' I did just that. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. My arms twitched and my legs tightened then relaxed again. My eyes rolled back as I moaned into my undead gag. The zombie just watched me orgasm for him. Him with that grotesque grin on his fucked up face. When I finished my orgasm, I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to throw up. I looked at the blue rotting thing between my legs and wanted to kill him. That is, if you could kill something that was already dead. The hands on my breasts never stopped milking me. My breasts were very sore from the continuous squeezing. I looked at the zombie and he placed his ice cold hands on my hips. I couldn't believe what he was going to do to me.

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   But it was true. He was preparing to mount me. I pulled at my wrists to get him away with no success. I was spread wide open and my knees were held firm. He put his face in front of mine and moaned, "Pussy. " Then he thrust his ice cold, hard cock up inside my hot wet snatch. I screamed as he raped my soft little muffin. With the blood from his mouth dripping onto my neck and his eyeball dangling down and bumping against my cheek and nose, I thought I was going insane. Still he kept pounding into my pussy. Hard and slow, his rotting cock felt like a thick icicle slipping in and out of me. Pushing his rape tool in as deep as he could in my abused cunt, his breath was a cross between strong blood and feces. He bit down on my left nipple. I cried in pain as he sank his broken teeth into my breast. Still the undead hands kept milking me for him. He was sucking blood from my nipple as he poked inside my vagina.

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   I felt so sick that I turned my head and vomited. There I was, held down and spread wide open by the undead, being raped by a zombie. While he sucked blood from my nipple he also pumped at my pussy with his ice cold rotting shaft. Every time he pushed into me, a little vomit would come out of my mouth. His pace started to quicken as he stopped suckling on my breast. I knew what was coming next, even though I prayed for it not to. He was going to seed my fertile pussy. I tried to struggle but it was no use. He arched back and moaned, "Pussy," then filled me with his cold seed. My body betrayed me and I came too. It must have been because my pussy was so hot and his cock and seed were so cold. My whole body vibrated and my pussy tightened and relaxed around his ice cold member. I was milking the seed from him. It wasn't like a normal guy's cum inside me. It wasn't hot and sticky.

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   It was ice cold and clumpy. I would have to say, it was like someone put bad milk inside my pussy. You know how it gets when it goes bad? Liquidy with big clumps and very cold. That's what it felt like as he coated my pussy with his seed. He pulled his cold rape member out of me and walked away while I was still uncontrollably orgasming. The hands slowly went back into the ground. First the ones at my knees, then my breasts, then my hair. The one that covered my mouth went to my neck and started to choke me. I couldn't breathe and thought I was going to die. Then I blacked out. The next thing I remember the sun was starting to come up. I gathered up my clothes and ran home. Everyone was still asleep. I jumped into the shower and washed up. After I was done I went to bed and thought about what had happened to me in the graveyard.


   Someone at the party must have slipped something into one of my drinks. I probably hallucinated it all. Not the rape mind you, but what I saw raping me and holding me down. That had to be it. About a month later I found out I was pregnant. I kept it a secret from everyone. That is until my water broke nine months later. Then everyone knew I wasn't just getting fat. The delivery was quick and painless to my surprise. It only took an hour. I gave birth to a baby girl but the doctor and nurses were very quiet. They whispered then told me my baby was dead. I asked to see her and they held her up. She was very blue and cold to the touch. They took her away and the next day, the day of my release, I noticed that I was lactating milk mixed with blood and it was cold, not warm.

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   A scary thought came into my brain. Later that night, I snuck into the hospital morgue. I found my baby girl and held her to me. I took out my breast and put the nipple into her mouth then squirted my milk and blood mixture into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide and she began to suckle my special milk from my breast. Her eyes and hair were black as coal. Her body was cold and blue like her father's. I had given birth to a zombie baby. As we left the hospital, she clung to my breast. I looked up into the sky and and wondered what was ahead in our future. Ah, but that's another story. .