Champ chapter 3


Topic: champ chapter 3This story was corrected by Kash the priest. He writes great stories which is why I asked him to help me. *"In two months Kody Wight will face off against Vladimir in a title unification bout to see who is the better heavyweight. " Says the announcer on TV. "It is being pegged as the fight of the year, because of the two fighters, their last fights both ended in Knockouts"I turned off the TV. I really was not expecting this to be fight of the year. I have already been training a lot and I feel better then ever. I look over and the time is nine at night so I go to sleep. One month later. BAM BAM. I land two jabs to the punching bag while my trainer is yelling into my ear. One of my team members comes out of the trainers office and tells me he has a very important phone call that I should answer. I shadow box my way to the phone. "Hello?""Hi! Mr. Wight I was hoping to talk to you about your upcoming match. " Said the voice.

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   He kind of sounded old. "Uh sure what's your name?" I asked. "Hugh Hefner. ""SERIOUSLY?" I asked. I waved for the guy who gave me the phone to come here. And he just smiled. "Yeah. I don't know you, but my girls want to see your fight in person. Is there anyway you can get us some tickets?"Now since I am the main attraction of course I can get tickets. I was already given five front row tickets to give to whoever I wanted. And Hugh's girlfriends are hot. "Yeah. Sure. I could, just tell me where to mail them to. ""Well I thought it would be better to meet in person at the weigh-in and you could give us the tickets there and we will pay for them so don't worry about that.

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  ""Are you kidding me? You can have them for free!""Well thanks I cant wait for your fight""Alright I will see you later then. Bye. ""Bye. " He said and then I hung up. Wow Hugh Hefner and his girlfriends. That is going to be some great publicity. A couple of weeks later it was time for the weigh-in. Me and Vladimir were getting onto the scales and people started going nuts. I could not see Hugh or any of his blonde girls. But man the feeling of the crowd like that was just exhilarating. Then we stood toe to toe in fighting stances for the cameras. He was talking trash. "Just one more day Vladimir" I said, then I walked away. As I walked off the stage to my changing room I was kind of disappointed because I didn''t meet Hugh Hefner. I opened the door and there he was.

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   Old, but still that cool old man with his three hot girls. "Nice to finally meet you. " I said holding out my hand to Hugh. "Same here. " He said. "Kendra won't stop talking about you. She says that you're going to beat the hell out of Vladimir. ""I knew who he was talking about so I turned to her. She had on a tight shirt with blue jeans. I smiled. She was on one side of Hugh and Holly on the other with Bridget on the other side of Kendra. "Well that means a lot to me. Thanks!" I said. She just smiled even more. "Can we have a picture with you?" Asked Hugh.

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  "Sure all of us together or separate?" I asked. "Well how about you get a picture of all of us and then one with Kendra?""That sounds great!" I said. So they all moved with Hugh. Holly one side of me and Kendra and Bridget on the other side. Now this was great for me, because I think Kendra is the hottest. So we got a couple of pictures together and then It was time for me and Kendra to do the separate picture. "How about we get one with a pose and then one with your arm around me?" Asked Kendra. "Jeez Kendra! He probably already has a girlfriend!" said Holly. To which they started laughing and giggling. "Its OK. I haven't really had time for one training for this fight. "" I said with a grin. They were still giggling. I did the pose, one with Kendra where we acted like we were fighting with both us jabbing at the other. In the next picture she got up against my side and I put my arm around her.

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  "Well here is your tickets and I will see you at the fight. Bye!" I said my eyes lingering on Kendra. And then I was off to the hotel to sleep in till tomorrow. One day later. "LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!" The announcer steps out of the ring and so does both fighters teams. I looked over outside the ring and there was Hugh and his girls. Kendra was on her feet cheering and clapping and smiling at me. I am going to win this fight for her, I thought to myself. The bell rings and I rush in and start jabbing. He starts copying and jabs right along. He goes in to a jab this time and I sidestep and put all my power into a right uppercut. BAM. He falls to the ground. He gets up after 5 seconds. He gets back into the fight and from there, I try to make this fight as good as it can be.

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   Me and him just start throwing bombs. This continued into the later rounds. At round 11 he caught me with a flurry of hooks and I fell. I was on the ground and I looked over and Kendra was shouting "GET UP KODY!" I got up after six and went back into the fight. We sat at our corners for the last round. We were both exhausted. I didn't appear to look too, bad but Vladimir was bruised and bloodied. Time to go in for the knockout. My team got out of the ring and the bell rang. I rushed in started throwing hooks and straights, putting all my power behind them. He was covering up so I started throwing hooks and uppercuts to the body. He clutched his chest and then I threw a flurry of hooks to the chin and sent him down. I walked back to my corner waiting for him to get up. My trainer yelled I have 2 minutes left. He got up and the count went to nine.

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   The ref let him go and I ran to him and unloaded everything I had on him. Upper cuts and hooks rained down on his face. He covers up and that's when I go to the body. He grimaces in pain and his arms go down and I put all my power into a right hook and knock him out cold. The crowd is going nuts. The count goes to ten and the ref calls it. I drop to my knees in relief. I went the distance. I look over and Hugh's girls are going crazy, especially Kendra. She is clapping and cheering. The reporters and everyone jump into the ring and surround me. They start throwing questions everywhere at me. I just wave to my crew to pull them off. "This stoppage of the fight comes in at two minutes and thirty seconds in the twelfth round and the winner by knockout and the new unified heavyweight champion of the world Kody-"My team is pretty much going nuts and hugging me. Larry merchant heads over and starts asking questions.

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  "Next weekend the other two title holders are facing off in another unification bout. Do you plan on fighting the winner?" He asks. "I would love to. But right now I feel exhausted. " I said bye and left the ring. I couldn't see Kendra or Hugh and his other girls. I walked to my changing room with disappointment. I may be the new champion but I wanted to talk to Kendra. I opened the door and there they were. Kendra came up and started Hugging me. I just hugged her back. Hugh said he had to get going, I didn't ask any questions. Kendra stayed though, so we could talk and everything. My team gave us champagne for the victory and the night was spent with me and her talking and laughing. At around 4, I had to leave.

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   She wanted to come with me so I let her. I drove to my house and let her in. "Nice place!" She complimented. "Thank you!" I said. She seemed a little drunk. "I am beat"" I said. "Well I am going to make you feel alive starting right now!" She said grinning. She dropped to her knees and with surprising speed pulled down my trunks and boxers. My cock sprung to full attention as soon as she was staring at it. She immediately went to work sucking the tip. Keeping it nice and hard in her pretty little mouth. She just sucked and sucked away. She finally started bobbing her head up and down my shaft. It felt really good. She was swirling her tongue around as she sucked.

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  She looked up into my eyes as she sucked. I couldn't hold it any longer. "IM CUMMING!" I shouted. She just went faster and sucked up every last drop. "You worked him over pretty fast there Kendra!" Said a girly voice from behind me. I turned around and saw Bridget naked looking at my penis. She has a great body. "Whoa you're bigger then Hef!" She said. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Well we followed your car here. " said Bridget. "Who's we" I asked. "Me and Bridget" came a voice from my side. I turned and saw Holly also naked in the doorway to my bathroom. She gasped when she saw my cock.


  "Wow it is bigger then puffins!" She said. "We never get sex from him because he is too old. We need a real man to satisfy our needs. " said Kendra. I turned and saw that she had stripped down to nothing. "Well I am only one man but this one man is not going to sleep till he satisfies every last one of you. " I said. "Well I am going to start with Bridget, because she looks ready. " I walked over to her and told her to lay down. She laid down and I lined my dick up with her pussy. Then I rammed straight in making her gasp with pleasure. I started going as fast and hard as I could making her moan with pleasure. I looked over and saw Kendra eating out Holly. I rammed harder. Holly positioned herself so she could lick and suck at Bridget's breasts.

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   As soon as she did, Bridget shook and screamed with pleasure cumming onto my cock that was pistoning in and out of her. I pulled out of her and moved over. "Holly you're next" I said. Kendra stopped eating her out and I jammed my dick into her pussy. I started ramming into her like I did for Bridget. But this time I pistoned each and everyway I could, making her moan with pleasure. She looked extra hot with my dick in her with her eyes rolling around. It was pure bliss doing this. I pounded and pounded away at her pussy and she just kept moaning and moaning. Kendra was sucking one of her tits while Bridget was sucking Holly's tit. She came a few minutes later. "Last but not least, it's Kendra's turn" I said. She got up on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me. "You like it doggy style don't you?" I said grinning. "HURRY UP AND FUCK ME!" She shouted.

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  I rammed my cock into her pussy. She was tighter then the others. It felt so good. I pistoned in and out of her as fast as I could. Going deeper every time. She started pushing back in time with my thrusts making it all the more better. Holly got up and pushed her pussy against Kendra's face. "EAT ME OUT!" Shouted Holly. Kendra must have been good at eating people out because Bridget and Holly always wanted her to do it. Kendra obliged and started licking away while she matched me thrust for thrust. Bridget started caressing and licking Kendra's boobs while Kendra was giving oral to Holly, while I fucked her. It was great. Pretty soon she came all over my cock. And yet I had not cum yet. I pulled out a little exhausted after the fight and fucking three hot women.

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  "Why have you not cum yet?" Asked Bridget. "I seem to always have a problem cumming. " I said"Well it would be an honour for all three of us to make you cum. " Said Holly and they all started giggling. They made me stand up and then Holly and Bridget dropped to their knees. Holly immediately took my cock into her mouth and started bobbing up and down. Bridget started lick and sucking at my balls. Every so often she would put them in her mouth. Kendra came up on my side and me and her started kissing. It was incredible three women were giving me more than I could handle. Pretty soon I pulled away from Kendra. "IM CUMMING!" I shouted. Kendra just came back for more tongue, while Holly and Bridget kept giving me head. Then right before I came they all were kneeled under my cock waiting to be sprayed with my semen. My first shot was sent shooting onto Kendra's face landing on her forehead and then it sort of spread out and dripped down her face.

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  My second shot landed on Holly left cheek. My third shot landed on Bridget's lips. Then they all took turns coaxing all the semen out of me and into there greedy mouths. They all drank it down and then stood up. "You were probably the best fuck I have ever had!" Said Kendra"Yeah same here!" Added Bridget and Holly in unison. 'What about Hef?" I asked"We are going to leave him. " Said Holly. "OK. " I said. Then they all turned and huddled and whispered in a little group. Like a minute later they turned around. "We want to stay here and live with you. " Said Kendra. "Yeah, you can always keep us satisfied and we will always make sure that you are as well!" Said Holly. "Please!" They all said with a pouting look on there face.

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   How the hell could I say no. One week later. "In celebrity news Hugh Hefner's girlfriends have left him for up and comer heavyweight champion Kody. " Said the host of a news channel. "They have all been seen going in and out of Kody's house and when asked for comment, they say that they are happier living there then they ever were with Hugh. "I just smiled watching the television. I turned it off and went to sleep with Kendra and Holly snuggling up against me while Bridget was out doing a photo shoot. 2 weeks later. "In sports news. Kody the heavyweight unified title holder will face off against Ivan, the other unified title holder to crown the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in 5 months. " Said the announcer. "The fight is being pegged as fight of the decade and each fighter will get 40 million for this fight and the winner will get a bonus 20 million. "The girls were watching and were cheering and clapping for me when we were in bed. I went to sleep satisfied from sex as well as Kendra, Holly and Bridget. To be continued.

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