Fantasy Man or Real?


When we bought our house, there was a fellow who kept his lawn mowing equipment in our garage in exchange for mowing the lawns. I was working out of town and my wife didn't drive so he would also take her shopping and help around the house a bit - very convenient.

After a few months, my wife started telling me she had a fantasy man who wanted her and she was finding it hard to resist. It wasn't hard to figure out who her fantasy man was. She told me she liked it when he looked at her - she felt very sexy. She always said it was her fantasy man, as if it wasn't really happening, but she would be really wet and horny after telling me and we were having great sex. Whatever was happening was making her hot and horny.

I was surprised how open she was talking about her "fantasy". She liked sex but she was also quite prudish and proper. She said her fantasy was to have an affair - to have two men and that she really liked to be fucked. She asked me if I thought she was bad wanting to be fucked by more than one man. Thinking of her being fucked made me horny, but I knew from previous conversations that she wanted me to be jealous, so I told her it was OK to have fantasies but not to do it. She told me many times she wants to be fucked by other men.

One Friday I came home and found her in the yard trimming some bushes. We kissed, sat on the lawn and started talking, enjoying the cooler evening air after the hot summer day. Soon she was telling me about her fantasy man again.

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   It had become common conversation for us a usually lead to great sex. She said she liked to dress sexy for him and her fantasy man liked to kiss her and she would get very wet. She also said her fantasy man liked to touch her. I asked her what she meant and she said that she liked when he kissed her and squeezed her breasts and ass.

Then she told me she was finding it hard to control her urges - she felt guilty about our marriage but she couldn't be responsible for what happened while I was away. I asked her if she was talking about her fantasy or if it was more real than that. She said it was her fantasy man, but asked me what if he was a real man? I told her lots of people have affairs, but they can end badly. She said I love you and you can trust me, everything is under control. But she told me again she can't be responsible if something happens. She also said she wants to go for a drive in the country with him, stop somewhere and give him a blow job because he really wants her. She doesn't like oral sex, so this was surprising.

I asked her if she ever dresses sexy for her fantasy man and she said: yes, sometimes I wear my short skirts. She is petite with beautiful legs and looks very sexy in a short skirt. I remembered the short skirts she used to wear when when I met her working as a waitress. One of her fantasies was to bend over in the kitchen and be fucked by the cook.

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   When she told me about this fantasy, which she did many times, she always became very wet and horny. So, when she told me her fantasy man liked looking at her in her short skirt, I knew what she was thinking about, I knew how wet she was and I knew what she wanted. I asked her if anything ever happened and she said yes, but she stopped him. She didn't say it was a fantasy, she said he touched her but she stopped him before they had sex so I shouldn't worry. I thought about him touching her breasts and feeling her very wet pussy and wanting to fuck her and how much she wanted to be fucked - I was very turned on. Did you like when he touched you? I asked. She said yes, I wanted him to fuck me.

I asked her if she really wanted to be fucked by her fantasy man and she said she did. She said she had fucked other men before we were married but it was much more exciting to be married and fucking someone - breaking the rules and having a secret affair. It was funny that she wanted to have a "secret" affair but she was telling me all about it.

She asked if she was bad and I told her her fantasy was very sexy and OK. She said she really wanted her fantasy man to fuck her. I asked her if she is a bad wife who likes getting fucked by other men and she said she is - she likes to be fucked by a lot of different men. Will you let your fantasy man fuck you when I am not here? I asked. Yes, she said, any time he wants to - every day if he wants to.

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   Can he do whatever he wants with you? Yes, as long as he fucks me with his big cock. What if he wants to fuck you while I'm at home, I asked and she said: I can meet him the the sleep-out and we can fuck. I felt her pussy and she was dripping wet, her juices running down her legs. We fucked and she pretended I was her fantasy man and she told me I could come to fuck her any time. What about your husband, I asked. It doesn't matter, she said, I just want you to fuck me every day. She was wetter and sloppier than every before, and I loved the feeling.

She told me her fantasies - almost every time we had sex. She always said to trust her and she never had sex with anyone else, but she also met other men. There was a man for the fish and ship shop and she used to go the the fish market with him. It was in another city and they stayed overnight. She never said how they slept, but one day after she had been seeing him for a while she told me about how aggressive some men are and how much they like to have sex. I was rubbing her pussy and she said some men are very good at it and I should try using two hands: one to hold it open and the other to rub her clit. She was very wet, telling me about aggressive men who like sex and I asked her if anyone had rubbed her pussy like that. She was a bit coy, but admitted someone had and it felt very good.

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   I asked if anything else happened and she said he tried to fuck me but I made him get out before it was too late. In our house, in our bed, she had let this other man rub her pussy and fuck her and she was admitting it and very wet as she told me and thought about it.

True story.