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"What a boring old stick in the mud, surely now we have no kids at home we can have a good time who wants to sit in and watch telly night after night. "

Celia slammed the door Alf just sat in his chair silently watching telly he just could not make out what had come over his wife.
He heard the car engine start what was that crazy woman doing? going to her mothers again to sulk no doubt.

Two hours later he phoned her mother.

"No she's not here I hope she's ok have you had a row what happened?

It was saturday night and Alf went to bed without her and woke up to find she had not been home that night.

About eleven that morning she came in as if nothing had happened.

"Where have you been all night ?"

"Having a good shag put the kettle on make me a coffee. "

Alf could not believe his ears, "are you serious is this some kind of joke. "

"No I've had two big cocks up me most of the night it was lovely. "

"You can't frighten me I don't believe a word of it . "

"Well tonight you can have a ringside seat but don't you get in the way of these boys they can get angry. "

"Pull the other leg its got bells on. "

Later that evening Celia came down stairs dressed to kill. She had extra highs, fishnet stockings, a short skirt and her face was made up with eyeshadow and lipstick. Alf stared at her then went back to the telly.

The door bell rang and in came two teenage boys both skinheads dressed in jeans and leather jackets; they were big brawny lads and wasted no time in introductions but grabbed Celia and began to handle her taking no notice of Alf at all.

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"Hey what do you thing your doing thats my wife get out of my house. "

The bigger one laughed and pushed him back into his chair, "sit down grandad while we do your Mrs she loves it. " Alf was furious, but also rather nevous these boys looked pretty ugly types he decided to go for the phone.

"I said sit down grandad before you get hurt, "Hey Jake tie him to the chair he can't be trusted. " Having trussed him up they dropped their jeans and showed him there huge thick cocks.

Celia was down like a shot tossing one and sucking the other Alf was utterly speechless," you whore he shouted. ''

"Now thats not a nice way to talk to your wife grandad you must learn self control old man," they rocked with laughter.

They soon had Celia's panties off and Jake put them over Alf's head, " thats for being rude to your wife grandad" and the three of them laughed.

Alf was helpless he was strapped and humiliated there was nothing he could do, especially as his wife was condonning and even encouraging their conduct. Yet in his helplessness he felt a strange stirring; he watched through the panty leg as they began to fuck her Jake bare-backing her thrusting his long stiff rod right up, she was groaning with delight, in out in out in out, he pumped her swollen fanny lips. Meanwhile Ted was fucking her mouth, in out, in out, in out, his purple-headed cock pushed way down into Celia's throat.

"She loves it eh Jake a real old spunk-bucket. "

"Yeh god its lovely to get my cock in the old girl's mouth touch her tonsils," and he gave a dirty laugh as he held her head steady to thrust in that extra inch of dick.

"We will be popping round quite often now grandad just fill the old spunk-bucket up for you, ohh lovely right up the old girls cunt Im gonna shoot my load soon ohhh fuck her hard. "

As they pumped and pummelled his wife so their language became more disguisting and she just groaned and quivered with extreme pleasure; these boys were using her flesh as she had never been used before they were crazy to fill her with their young hot spunk.

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   Soon Jake began to heave out his load like a furious wild man smacking into her buttocks with a loud slap as he injected his load up her. This insensed Ted who flooded her mouth, "drink it down you old slag swollow that spunk granny gobble it up oohhhh yes you old bitch take it ooohhh god lovely. "

"Such thoughtful boys," said Celia as she untied Alf, "I do hope we see a lot more of them," she smiled at Alf licking the spunk form her lips.

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