Sweet Submission

Erotic Poetry

Time's faded dream, the mansion now derelict. Our backdrop In this passion play. The air heavy with the energy of restlessspirits. Bound to this place by chains both rusted real and spectral. All about me I'm surrounded with that essence which is you. Locked in a lover's embrace, nestled upon the fresh wet earth. Exploring One another. Tongues entwined, taking each othersBreath within us. Pinning me down your hips encircle mine. Your mate scent ripe, feral in nature as you brush the silken wetness over me. Fingers interlaced, captive in your embrace. Palms touching asthe earth beneath us devours our hands. My eyes searching your body, watching pink hued nipplesstiffen in morning's soft breeze. The fiery curls of yourmound, matted. Glistening diamond droplets weeping over my loins, searing my flesh with your desire. The curve of my lips between your teeth, nicking tender flesh.

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  Raising yourself above the carnal spear, you hunger for itsincision. Arrow point stabbing at your crimson bud. Seeking release within the velvet wetness of your quill. I shudder, intoxicated by your liquid spice. Your urgent swoop enfolding the lustful spire of your creation. Thefragrant earth strained between your pearl white toesseeking purchase. Domination reign over me, taking what has always been yourssince time began. Hypnotic movement of your hips, like wavescrashing over this human shore. Soul surrender, mind and body declare as one. Your sacred temple, my safe haven. I feel your bliss, yoursultry release wash over me. Shuddering atop me, each breath like tiny deaths keening from your breast. My submission complete. Life's essence fused within you, thundering deep and viscous. Drawing earth's magic from this haunted place we succumb to our desires, this talisman created.

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   Our union most perfect in its simplistic design. Our eyes searching each others spirit, joined in this harmonic balance of love and time. Forever and a day. .