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Old Desires Over the last few months my life has turned up side down. I used to have a fairly normal life with my husband Tim and our daughter Lucy. We live in a nice house and Tim earns a good living. Lucy had grown up beautiful but like all teenagers she was rebellious and stropy at times. Tim and I had had an adventurous sex life in the past but had settled down into our habits. My earliest sexual experience was back when I was 16, about Lucy’s age now. My rather straight-laced parents and I had gone on holiday and one day when we were on the beach they disappeared for a walk in the dunes away from everyone else. I went off exploring and suddenly came across them lying together hidden in the dunes. I ducked down and hid myself from view. As I watched my Dad and Mom started making out. He was lying on top of her and after a minute or so she pulled down his swimming trunks. Dad pulled down the top of Mom’s swimsuit and his hand covered her breast. Neither of them was looking in my direction and I creped forward for a better view. Dad continued to pull Mom’s suit down and pushed a hand down between her legs. With a kicking of legs Mom’s suit was flung to the side and Dad started to suck on her breasts. I didn’t know much about sex but somehow automatically started to rub my own breast and between my legs as I grew bolder and sat amongst the sea grass.

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   Dad’s naked ass started to rise and fall in a steady rhythm as he lifted himself off my Mom so I could see her white breasts and their hard brown nipples. I pulled down my own swimsuit so I could play with my small breasts better and roll my nipples between my fingers. I could feel dampness in my crotch too as I rubbed harder. I sat up onto my knees so I could play with myself better and pushed my hand down inside my swimsuit, which was now around my waist. Mom was now fondling her own breast with one hand whilst she grabbed my Dad’s ass with the other. Suddenly she turned her face toward me and our eyes met. I was no more than 20 yards away sat in the swaying sea grass with my swimsuit pulled down and my hand between my legs. I thought I was going to be in so much trouble but Mom just stared straight at me and our eyes locked. She started pushing herself up against my Dad’s thrusts and pulling hard on her own nipple. I couldn’t stop what I was doing and we were locked together in a flood of sexual endorphins. She could see me plainly and never looked away. She started moaning and a shudder ran over her face and body. Dad’s strokes got bigger and then he made a final thrust and almost froze for a few moments. Mom at last closed her eyes as she trembled beneath him. Dad rolled off her and I could see her neatly trimmed pussy hair and his wet cock still almost fully erect as he lay on his back looking up at the sky.

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   I was rubbing my own pussy hard and could feel so much dampness. I also wanted to hide in case Dad looked my way but Mom opened her eyes again and looked back at me, catching me in her stare. She spread her legs more and started to touch her pussy, running her finger up and down the exposed lips. Dad turned to look at her and reached over to feel her breast, propping himself up on an elbow. I had a clear view of my Mom’s cunt as she slowly opened it up for me and pushed her fingers in. Under my swimsuit I copied her actions. I was staring straight at her pussy as she dipped in and out with her fingers and ran them to the top. Dad was rubbing his hand up and down his cock. My own fingers felt a little button there and it felt so wonderful as my slippery fingers ran over and around it. Mom was finding it harder to keep her eyes open but just as the feelings were building higher and higher in me she made sure she was watching me. Her body started to buck as she pushed her fingers deep inside her. I had a sudden wave of feelings crash over me in what I now know to be my first orgasm and I could hardly control myself but needed to keep watching. Mom slowly calmed down and only gently touched herself as she returned her attention to Dad, smiling up at him. As my own feelings subsided I crept back to hide in the dunes again. When I saw them later it was as though nothing had happened.

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   Over the years I tried time after time to spy on my Mom and Dad. I tried to catch them in their room or in the bath. I even broke the bathroom lock so I could walk in but it never worked. I used to leave my room door ajar and strip naked where I could be seen but no one looked in. I don’t know what I wanted to happen but I was almost desperate for her to see me bringing myself off again. It wasn’t until I met Bill that some of those desires could be fulfilled. At first just him watching me was OK but later I got the chance to watch him with another woman several times as I sat and openly masturbated. Somehow, though, it was never the same and some little flame of desire always flickered away inside me. As I watched my daughter grow up the strange feelings were pushed away and suppressed. As she turned into a teenager it got harder and harder to get on with her. She would question more and more of our instructions and became very selfish. I was getting increasingly annoyed with how she treated us and how she dressed. Her skirts were getting shorter, her tops tighter and she took to wearing a sluttish goth look. We used to argue about her going out and I worried about boys taking advantage of her. One night she proclaimed she was going out to see some friends and I ordered her to stay in and do her homework.

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   She span on her heals but her storming off was disrupted by her dropping the scarf she was holding. As she bent down her skirt rode up and exposed her bright red silk panties under her black, netted skirt. I flew off the handle screaming at her how much of a slut she was and telling her that she was a fool; that the boys would only want to fuck her. She shouted at me that she would just do what she wanted and I should just leave her alone. I slapped her face and spat back “One day I’ll do what I want and we’ll see just how you like that!” She ran off crying and I turned to Bill, “Fuck her, just…fuck her”. Something in me opened and that flame of desire burnt bright again. I walked behind Bill sitting in his chair and wrapped my arms around him. “How would that be, hey?” “What?” he said, baffled by my meaning. “How would it be if I let you fuck her? If I made you fuck her while I watched you?” I reached down to his cock and found it growing hard. I could feel those desires from my childhood rising up inside me, some strange outlandish fetish. “That would show the little bitch. You’re big cock deep inside her, pounding the fight out of her. ” I unzipped his jeans and pulled out his hard cock. I started to run a finger up and down and around the purple head. Suddenly the front door slammed.

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   “God the little bitch has still gone out”, I said. “I have an idea, give me 10 minutes and then come up to Lucy’s room – don’t let that go down!” I walked out and up the stairs shedding my clothes as I went, letting them drop in a trail leading up to Lucy’s room. I walked down the landing naked and opened her bedroom door. I no-longer went into the room that often; I had given up picking up after her and just left piles of washing outside. The room was almost dark with a dim bulb barely illuminating the poster-covered walls. Half naked man and girls stared out at me from behind guitars and heavy make up. The room was a mess, the bed un-made and clothes strewn across the floor. I opened the wardrobe and rifled through her underwear draw but suddenly I had another thought and quickly skipped over to her laundry basket. Lucy and I aren’t too dissimilar. I’m a few inches taller and my tits, hips and bum are bigger but we have a similar build and face. I sought through her dirty clothes and pulled out a black bra I had seen her wear under a shear black blouse and then grabbed a pair of fuchsia satin panties. I brought them up to my nose and sniffed in the musky aroma of my daughter’s cunt. I slipped into the underwear and some purple and black stay-up stockings that she wore only an inch or two above the knee; more like long socks. The bra was small on me and squeezed my tits flat against my chest. Looking in the mirror I saw myself and could imagine her standing there already.


   I picked up a short raggedy skirt and a little top from the floor and put them on too. I sat at her dressing table, covered in an array of dark make-up and started to quickly copy her face. Dark eyes and deep red, almost black, lipstick. Finally I tied my hair up in two bunches in the mock schoolgirl look Lucy often used. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. It wasn’t Lucy but there was an obvious close resemblance and I looked like a little teen slut. I picked up the hem of my skirt and showed of my bright pink panties to myself. I could see they were damp already. I heard the door open and I spun round to see Bill stood in the doorway. “Hi Daddy”, I said. I turned away from him and bent down to pick something up giving him a full view of my fuchsia clad bottom as the skirt rose up. Bill took a few steps into the room. I stood back up and in the mirror could see his cock poking out of his fly. I pretended to stubble back into him and reached behind me to ‘accidentally’ grab it. It was too much for bill and he grabbed me round the waste and picked me up.

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   “Oh Daddy, what is that?” He almost threw me on to the dishevelled bed and I pushed myself onto my back as he descended onto me. His body smothered me and his hands grabbed at my confined tits. He pawed at my body and quickly pushed his hand up my skirt and into my panties, pulling them aside as his cock poked at my sopping cunt. “Daddy, don’t. Please don’t. I’ll be good, just don’t fuck me”. His cock plunged into my pussy and he began to furiously pump into me. He slid his hand up my blouse and grabbed my tit bound in my daughter’s dirty bra. I could feel those strange desires burning through my bloodstream as I looked across at the mirror and saw my husband banging my daughter. I watched him grope and defile his little daughter in the guise of me. I was gasping for air as Bill bit on neck and shoulder. I thundered towards a thrashing orgasm as he ploughed into me again and again. The waves of climax washed through me as my hands tore at the sheets. “Stop it Daddy, stop it, you’re making me cum”. Suddenly he pushed himself off me and I felt the emptiness inside me as his cock withdrew.

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   He half stood over me as a stream of creamy spunk ejaculated from his cock. Jerk after jerk of the stuff flew out and across my thighs and cunt, onto the skirt and my naked stomach and up as far as the blouse and exposed bra. He covered me, his imitation daughter, with his hot seed. My own juices were running freely, too, into the soiled bed and pink panties. I couldn’t believe how much we had both cum but I still spread my legs wide and began to wank myself off again, sliding my fingers like lightning over the slick surface of my cunt lips and dipping inside to scoop out more of my cum to mix with Bills. I came quickly and violently, jack-knifing my self into a sitting position before collapsing down again exhausted. I lay there for a while gently touching myself as the last embers of my heat died away. Bill just sat on the side of the bed looking at me with his erection slowly dieing away. “Fuck!” he said. “Where did all that come from?” “If you want to, I’ll let you”. I said. “What! No! I couldn’t. Not to Lucy”. “Didn’t you just do it to Lucy?” I could feel the spunk drying on my thigh and could see it soaking its dampness into Lucy’s clothes. “I want you to.

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   Fuck”, I continued, “fuck, I’m going to make you do it. I know you too well, you won’t be able to stop now”. I lay back and started to pull off Lucy’s stockings then stood and slowly stripped off her other clothes in front of Bill as he watched. I dropped the blouse and skirt roughly where I found them, still spattered in jism. Where the cum had dried on my belly and thigh I could feel it tighten the skin. I undid the bra and released my constrained breasts and tossed them into the laundry basked. Finally I peeled off the cum covered fuchsia panties and offered the crotch up to Bills nose. “I got them straight from her laundry; from her cunt to mine. You can still smell her”. Bills cock was hard again and I knelt down in front of him and took it in my hand. I licked the last remains of the previous fucking of the end of his cock. “Can’t you just imagine her sat here sucking on this?” I began to suck his cock into my mouth as I wanked him. I could feel him getting more and more turned on. I let him slip from my lips but continued to pump him steadily. “Do you think she would or do you think you would have to force her.

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   How long would it go on – you fucking her – before she accepted it; liked it; craved it”. I sucked on his cock again for a while then stopped again. “How long could you stop yourself if you saw her stripped, if I forced her on you, if I spread her little cunt in front of you while you watched”. Again I sucked on him and could feel his approaching explosion. “You couldn’t hold back. You’d fuck her where she stood just like you did right here. The next time you see her you’ll want to grab her ass and fuck her. You won’t be able to get it out of your head. You’ll be hard just looking at her and have to go and whack off. It will be all I can do to stop you and make you wait till the time is right for me and I can watch you fuck your daughter,” he was almost ready to spurt, “hold her down for you…” he was desperately trying to hold back now, “…as you spunk all over her”. Again his spunk jetted out in the dimly lit room and coated my neck and breasts and ran down my naked body. I opened my mouth wide to swallowed his cumming cock again loving the taste of his saltiness. I tucked him back inside his jeans and pulled him onto his feet. “Come on, she’ll be back soon and can’t find us in here”. I was covered in his cum but let it dribble from my tits and down my body as I walked back downstairs to pick up my clothes.


   I smeared the mess into my skin and licked my hand; feeling dirty and whorish felt good. I almost wanted Lucy to walk in and see me strutting down the stairs naked and covered in her fathers cum. I would make her lick it off me and clean my pussy for me, I thought. Was I really going to let Bill fuck her? I suddenly had regrets as the sexual endorphins began to ebb away leaving the guilt of what I had just done. I realised that I was probably right before; Bill wouldn’t be able to stop the thoughts in his head now. It was inevitable that sooner or later he would take her. I just had to control it for myself and for Lucy to make sure she would be OK. “Fuck her!” I thought. .
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