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A couple days later, Emma was just leaving her house to go for a walk, when Jake came up to her. "Hey babe," he grinned. "Jake?" she said in disbelief. "The one and only. ""Wow, I never thought to see you in person. ""Are you surprised babe?" he slung an arm around her shoulders. "Hell yeah," she smiled. He grinned,"I had to see you in person. Online just doens't cut it anymore. "She got his meaning,"Me either. ""So, you want to do something about that?""What did you have in mind?""A lot," he grinned,"do you have to be home anytime soon?""Nope. No one is home and won't be for a couple days. ""Good. Let's go back to my hotel room. "The hotel was only about fifteen minutes away. Once there, he led her up to his room and unlocked the door.


   Then he let it click shut. The sun was just setting and it was casting shadows around the room. Emma suddenly got nervous and scared. Maybe I should leave, she thought. Jake saw the look cross her face, doubtful, scared, having second thoughts. We can't have any of that, he said to himself. "You remember all the things I told you I would do if I ever met you?" he asked, half whispering. She nodded. "Well, I intend to follow through on that," he looked into her eyes. Now she was really nervous, but she could also feel herself getting wet, just by the mere thoughts of what he was going to do. Stop being a baby, she said to herself, you always wished he could do it all for real. Now here's your chance. He stepped over to her and kissed her lightly on the mouth, then harder. When he tried to slip his tongue between her lips, she parted them eagerly. Their tongues danced together as they drew as close to each other as they possibly could get, pressing their bodies against each other.

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   She could feel his hardness straining to be released. He tugged her tank top off over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra, so her 38 C breasts sprung free. His dick got even harder, and he could feel a few drops of precum drip out and rub into his boxers. He cupped her breasts, then pinched her nipples lightly. Her head dropped back and she moaned softly. He leaned down and lightly licked her right nipple, then tongued it harder before taking it into his mouth and sucking and nipping at it. He attended her left nipple with just as much vigor. When he finished with her breasts, her nipples were straining to peaks. He gave each one a final lick. He then picked her up and carried her to the bed, keeping her legs hanging off the end. He made short work of the button and zipper on her jeans and slid them and her white cotton panties off in one motion. He noticed her panties had a wet spot in the middle. He grinned,"baby, you are so wet," then he knelt down and then very lightly rubbed a finger across her clit, making her even wetter and making her squirm and open her legs wide to allow him full access. He circled a finger around her clit and she wiggled, trying to get him to touch it.

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  He then rubbed hard, but just for a couple seconds, then trailed his fingers down to her hot wet hole. He stuck one finger in excruciating slowly,"mmm baby you're so tight, it makes me want to just fuck you right now. " He pumped the finger in and out a couple times, then added another. Then he brought them out and licked all her juices off. She was so dripping wet that the sheets underneath her were getting soaked. He bent down and traced his tongue around her clit, then licked it hard, making her moan loudly. She was drenchd in sweat,"Oh please, fuck me," she whispered,"I need to feel your big cock in me. "He grinned,"alright baby. "He stood up and stripped off all his clothes. Her eyes widened at how big his cock was. She had seen pictures of it, but still. . . . He gently dragged her up the bed, then straddled her.

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  "How do you want it?" he said as he stuck the head at her hole. "Hard and fast," she gasped. He entered her in one swift motion. She felt a brief tearing pain, but with the next thrust, it turned into immense pleasure. He gasped at how tight she was, it made him want to cum right then. He held back, to give her the fucking of a lifetime. She dug into his back with her fingernails and spread her legs even wider. He pumped in and out of her harder and harder. It was part pain, part pleasure. The mixture of it felt so good to her. She met him for each hard thrust. Then he angled so he rubbed against her clit. "Cum for me baby," he said. A minute later she cummed, spilling her juices around his cock. The feel of the pull of her cunt and her cumming made him lose it and he shot four loads deep into her pussy.

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  After they had both layed there for a couple minutes, getting their breath back, she asked," so how long ya here for?""As long as you want babe. "She grinned, then slowly started stroking his big staff back to life. "Good, we're going to have so much fun. "He leaned back as her lips closed around the head of his cock,"That we will. ". has a long list of hotties and escort services in Mykonos!

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