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I love some of the men and women that have come here from India. The women that wear the traditional wrap around clothes and them men that are handsome are especially attractive to me. We drove one evening as the sun was setting on 85 towards Carolina and stopped a couple places but no one was there to my liking. I had dressed in almost nothing, a tank top tee shirt that was was too small so that it went to just below my tits that are 44EEE and a blue jean skirt that was short and slit up the side to my hip. No panties and no bra and so we left. Now, if I lift my arms even a little the bottom of my tits show and the nipples are hard anyway so what can I say. We drove and stopped at a coule and finaly as we stopped at one I saw a great looking guy and a woman that turned out to be his wife at one. It was about 11 and fully dark. Steve looked at his watch and said it looked like they were geting ready to close so he pulled up and I rushed in. Once inside they both looked at me and she gave him a very mean look, "As if, keep your eyes in your head. " I made sure I was exposed a lot and walked to her and made it a point to be friendly and say hello and al that. She tried to stay mean but got better. Steve came in and got a soda and I got a pack of wine coolers. We went to the counter and I puled one and opened it and drank it right down. The man objected and said, "You are not allowed to drink those on the property. " I laughed and did the same with another.

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   Now he was trying to act upset, "Lady, you are not allowed to do that, you must take them off the property. " I stood there and drank 4 of them with he and his wife looking at me and Steve smiling as I tipped back my head my tits came out of the bottom of the tank top of course and he smiled as much as he could get away with. "Ahhh, now that helped me cool off. " I said as the buzz was moving over my body. My nipples were hard as rocks and I was wet between my legs already and I had really done nothing. "The only thing about these is that they make me have to pee. " I said, "Where is the rest room?" and I looked at him. She stepped forward, "I will show you, there is only one and the lock does not work, I will have to stay there. " she said and her husband said, "I can show her. " She looked at him and he shut up. She took me to the back and opened a door that not only had no lock but the door knob was not there either. She stod there and I stepped close to her, "You won't let anyone in to hurt me will you?" I said and she looked at me, "I do not think you will worry if that happened. " so she stood there facing away. I took off my shirt and skirt and put them on a hook and sat on the seat and really did have to pee. It came in streams and I moaned that it felt so good.

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   After I finished I leaned back on the seat and spread my legs and said, "Oh that felt so good. " she looked at me for the first time and said, "Why are you all naked just to use the room?" She did not really want an answer but I slowly carressed myself and my fingers found my pussy sliping in. "I always do more than just pee. " I said and began massaging my clit with one hand and tits with the other. She stood there frozen and seemed to not be able to move so I went ahead and slipped more into my pussy and finaly an orgasm sprayed over my hand. "Oh that was wonderful. " I said and stood up and reached for my clothes. I did not put them on but stepped to her and was so close my tits almost touched her very nice chest and said, "Were you geting ready to close?" She stammered out "yes, as soon as we leave. " "Do you mind if we stay a while after you close?" I said and was now chest to chest with her, my tits against hers and the thin fabric of her outfit not doing much to keep me from feeling the heat of her body. She was visibily nervous and yet not moving away. "Could I ask you a favor?" I said. "Yes. " she said. "can I kiss you, you are so beautiful and you have such nice lips. " I said and she stood there and and seemed to be out of breath.

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   I leaned forward slowly and touched her lips with mine, she sighed and still did not move and so I pressed against her lips and she moaned softly and her lips came apart. My tongue went into her mouth and she kissed me back, soft and carefully as if she was afraid she would die. We kissed for a good 30 seconds and I stopped and she had her eyes closed as if expecting another kiss. I looked at her and she opened her eyes, "That was marvolous. " she said sighing. "Yes, it was. " I said and she was looking at my naked body. I took her hands and moved them to my breasts and began massaging my tits with her hands. "Oh they are so big. " she said and I said, "You have nice ones too, can I see?" and I looked for he place to let the top go. She reached around and released something and the top came off her shoulder and I moved a kind of bra off her and she leifted her arms to let if go. Her nipples were hard and very dark and she looked at me. I took my nipples and pressed them against her nipples and moved against her. She moaned softly, "My husband will not like this. " she said.

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   "Oh, all men like seeing two women making love" I said and kissed her again our chests against each other and now her hands playing with mine. Suddenly her husband's voice was there, "Steve told me you would be doing this, you are both so beautiful. " She stood there and then her dress dropped to the floor and we were both naked. I began kissing down her body to her very hairy pussy and separated the hair and found her clit. The pussy was soaking wet and I moved her to a couch in a little space near by and she sat down and I began eating her pussy. She moaned and made wonderful noises that a woman makes the first time another woman makes love to her. Her orgasm made her a little more noisy but she laid there all worn out. Her husband and Steve stood there watching and I went to him, still on my knees and took out a huge cock that was straining at his zipper. "Now u. " I said and managed to take his cock into my mouth then down my throat. He moaned too. She looked and said, "It is so big, how do you do that?" and I said, "Watch Hun, you two will learn a lot tonight. " He began moving his hips and his cock swelled and filled my throat and I swallowed it all down. "Do you have a home near by?" I said. "Yes, why do we not go there" he said and I took his wife by the hand, "You ride with me and Steve can ride with him.

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  " I said and she began to get dressed. "Sweetheart," we are just going to undress again, let's stay naked. " and kissed her and we all left to their house. We went inside and to the bedroom, then the fun began. More later folks. Lovetess.
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