Vacation Alone


Hi my name is Dahlia. I am 29 years old and have been married for 2 years. Every year, my husband lets me go on a week long vacation, since he works when i am dont. I can spend as much as i want, because we are well supplied in that area. So when it came time for me to go. . . .
I was out shopping for my first bikinni for the season. I was sure to have many more. I was looking at a circular rack, and so was this asia looking chick. She had black hair and green eyes. Anyways, we were looking at the same rack.   I found my pick and went to the dressing room. I walked in and closed the door. I was very surprised at what i saw.

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   The was an asian girl, ( not the same one) but younger than the other. She had blue eyes that caught my attention first. She was wearing a orange black and yellow camo type bikkinii top. She looked to be around 14 or 15.
"Momma!!! Kfhsofhrujf hfue isfhied iodspfvjs!!!!" she said a mixed version of english and asian.
The first asian came in. "Good girl, Maje! you know what to do now. I must go. "The little girl and i were left alone. I slowly roamed her addolecent body with my eyes. Her pert and perky tits were only an 36a i soon figured out. I slowly reached my hand out and stroked her face. I then knew what her mother or aunt or whoever the other chick was had meant. Her face moved closer to mine and mine to hers. Our lips met.

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   I instictivly wrapped my arms around her waist. For a moment, we were just exploring each others mouths, but now it was a hot steamy make out sesion. I could feel my pussy starting to ache with pleasure. Mry fingeers found their way to her ass. It was firm, but soft at the same time.
All of a sudden, the door came bursting open, and there was the other asian women. SHe was holding a brown bag. I wondered what it was, but pussed it out of my mind. She was coming towards me, stripping at the same time. She dumped the contense of the bag out and kissed me passionatly and roughly. Her hands felt around my body, lingering around my pussy, which i was sure was soaking my underwear.  She broke the kiss and pulled something out of the bag. . .
More to come tomarrow!!!

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