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   "What?" Gina replied while staring at Glenda's poor pussy. "You oughta shave this thing, I can hardly find your crack!" Here, let me help you!" Gina replied hoarsely while pulling her lips apart. "Is that better?!?" "Mmmmmm, much!" Katie sighed. "Now I'm gonna eat you up!!!"
What's he doing to her now?!?" Katie asked between slurps on Gina's pussy. "H-he's f- fucking her tits!!!" she sighed. "I-I think he's gonna shoot it on her chest!!!" "Mmmm," Katie hummed into the hairy snatch, "mmmmmmmm!!!" "T-that feels sooooo nice!" Gina offered while shoving her hips forward in order to make more direct contact between her clit and Katie's tongue. She stared down and watched in wide eyed wonder as her best friend slithered her hot tongue up and down her drooling labia while her breathing grew more and more shallow as her climax neared its crest! In the background she could hear Michael moaning loudly while his giant nut bag tightened up in anticipation of his next cum! "He's gonna do it!" Gina groaned under her breath. "H-he's gonna shoot it, h-he's close, ohhhhhhhh fuck, there it goes, all over her fucking tits and face!!!" Katie's tongue literally went into overdrive as Gina described in vivid detail how the black pecker was gushing cum all over Glenda's milky white tits! Gina's whole body lurched as her own climax crushed her pussy into complete and utter oblivion, causing her legs to buckle as she slid helplessly to the floor!
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