Fun Bike Ride


Many years ago, before every woman had a cell phone, I loved going for long bike rides. I would wear cut off tee shirts and very short swim trunks. I always cut the lining out of them so my cock could accidently (yeah, right) fall out. I would ride through mall parking lots and look for nice looking women, coming and going, and slowly ride by and give them a nice look of my swollen cock that was usually sticking about half way out of my short leg band. I always wore a cockring snug over my cock and under my balls so my whole package was really swollen. My cock is a little over 8 inches and, with the cockring doing its job, my cockhead would be swollen to a little over 2 ½ inches across. With my legs spread open it was almost impossible for a woman, that I slowly rode by, to miss seeing my cock. I loved the surprised look they would get on their faces, when they saw it, and the way they would blush bright red. Of course I would pretend I had no idea my junk was sticking out of my shorts as I slowly rode by and would usually say hi to them. They would quickly look up at me and stutter and stammer some sort of response. I loved their reactions and with each look I got my cock would get harder and start leaking pre-cum.

On this one particular summer day I saw this young woman coming out of the store, pushing a full basket, and she was really hot. I slowly rode by her and she was wearing bright yellow short shorts that looked like they were painted on. She was also wearing a very loose fitting, cutoff men’s muscle shirt that exposed the very nice globes of the sides of her tits. The short shorts were so thin they formed around her pussy so perfectly she may as well have been naked. I said “hi” as I slowly passed her and she responded but never took her eyes off my cock.

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   I was going so slowly I almost stopped and she slowed her basket so she could take a longer look herself. As I passed her I turned and looked back and her shorts were so narrow, top to bottom, that about an inch of her butt crack showed at the top and about 2 inches of butt cheek at the bottom. The seam, in the back, was all the way up her gorgeous butt crack and her very nice butt jiggled nicely as she walked and you could tell she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

She had taken such a nice long look at my cock I wanted to give her a little better look so I circled around the parked cars and rode up to the car next to hers, where she had just opened her trunk and was putting the first bag in. I stopped behind the car next to hers and propped my foot on the car’s rear bumper and said “hi” again. With my foot up on the bumper I could feel the cool breeze blowing on about 6 inches of my cock and a little bit of my balls. She said “hi” back and her eyes went right down to my cock and balls. Unlike most of the other women she continued to look and didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all and seem to really enjoy looking at my package. I said,

“I don’t mean to bother you but you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen and I just really wanted to tell you that. ” Now she was blushing and said,

“Thank you so much, that is the sweetest thing anyone has said to me in a long time. I’ve been married for a few years now and really try to take care of myself and my husband never tells me anything like that. I know you are an older man but you look really good too. It’s nice to see a man that isn’t afraid to let a woman see the very nice side of him. ” Looking down at my package she continued, “And I would just like to say, you have a very nice side too. That is nicest side I’ve ever seen and I just want to thank you for letting me look at it.

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I glanced down and fainted surprise and started to apologize for my indiscretion. She just giggle and said, “Sure, whatever. ” As we continued to chat she was loading the bags in her trunk. As she put each one in she would take her time positioning them. Each time her loose fitting muscle shirt fell away, in the front, exposing her gorgeous tits and her dark brown very hard nipples. I could feel the pre-cum dripping on the inside of my leg and I told her she had some amazing assets of her own.

As she was loading the last bag and closing her truck I felt a light sprinkle of rain starting. She said,

“I hope you don’t have to go very far. It looks like the sky is about to open up and you will get soaked. Listen, I don’t have to be anywhere right away, so if you would like to jump in my car we can wait out the rain?”

I very quickly agreed and she opened her passenger door for me. I got in as she went around to her door and I pulled the leg band of my shorts all the way up so my entire cock and balls were out just as she closed her door. Her eyes went immediately to my package. The sky did open up and a blinding rain fell. She said,

“I hope you don’t mind me saying, but that is the most gorgeous cock and balls I have ever seen. Listen, as hard as it is raining I am sure no one will be out in this so if you need to relieve you obviously very excited condition I wouldn’t mind at all.

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   I would love to help you with it but like I said, I’m married and don’t want to cheat on my husband. But if you would like to take your shorts off and jack yourself off I would love to watch you. If I just watch you, I don’t think that is cheating, do you?”

I told her it I definitely thought that would not be cheating and I would love having a woman, as amazingly hot as she was, watching me jacking off. I slid my shorts off and she could see everything. She said,

“I love the way you keep yourself completely clean shaven down there and the fact that you are circumcised. Your cockhead is so fat. I bet your women friends love the way that feels inside them. My husband isn’t circumcised and he always wants me to give him blowjobs. I make him shower really well but when I skin his cock back I can still smell the faint odor of stale pee. Plus, with all his pubic hair down there, I’m always getting it in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but I would gladly trade your genital area, anytime, for his. Also your cock is about 2 inches longer than his and way fatter. I love the cockring you are wearing too. I can’t believe how swollen you whole package is. I so want to put your fat cock in my mouth but if I did I wouldn’t be able to control myself and I would jump on your cock and fuck your brains out.

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   I think you should start jacking off before I lose control. ”

I had been wearing a small fanny pack that had a small bottle of lube in it. I applied some and started sliding my hand up and down my cock. With this gorgeous young beauty watching me I had to stroke my cock very slowly to keep from cuming too soon. She told me she loved the sound my hand was making as it slid up and down over my fat cockhead. She said she had asked her husband several time to jackoff for her and he told her he didn’t do that. She said she knew he was lying because she would find dried cum on her bras and panties. She said she had never confronted him about it and just let him think it was his dirty little secret. She said she though watching a man jack himself off was one of the hottest thinks she had seen and couldn’t believe it was finally happening to her. I asked her if she wouldn’t like to join me. I said, like she had said, no one would be out in this deluge. She said she thought I would never ask.

In a flash her top and shorts came off and she was even more gorgeous naked. Her pussy was clean shaven except for a small, neatly trimmed “V” just above her pussy split. I told her how gorgeous I thought she was and how lucky her husband was.

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   We turned and faced each other and as I continued stroking my well lubed cock she spread her puffy pussy lips for me to see how wet she already was. She asked me if I thought it would be cheating if she let me cum on her tits. She said she had asked her husband to do that and he refused her that too. Of course I told her that would not be cheating. What man, in his right, could possibly turn down that offer? As she watched me stroking my swollen cock I couldn’t take my eyes off her fingers working their magic on her gorgeous pussy. She had two fingers up her pussy and I could tell she was stroking her “G” Spot while two fingers, from her other hand, were making small circular motions on her clit. I told her I knew she couldn’t let me do it, but I would die for a taste of her sweet pussy. She said,

“If I close my eyes I can’t be held responsible for something that happens to me that I can’t see, can I?

She closed her eyes and moved her hands and my mouth was on her pussy in a flash. I was on my side stroking my cock while I was lapping her sweet pussy. I pulled my famous trick on her where I tickle her asshole with my tongue while I rub her clit with my nose. She started letting out little squeals and grabbed my hair with both hands. I moved up and down from sucking her clit, to tonguing deep in her pussy and back down to tonguing her sweet asshole and nosing her clit. I could tell she was having mini-orgasms that were building up to the big one. I looked up at her and her eyes were wide open and she had the most amazing look of pleasure on her face that I have ever seen on a woman before. She said,

“I don’t care if it’s cheating or not, I have never had anyone eat me out like you are doing and I wasn’t about to miss it.

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   When you get me close to orgasming you better stop. When I orgasm really hard, like I know I’m going to this time, I can’t control myself and I leak a little pee and I don’t want to do that in your mouth. ” I rose up slightly and said,

“You can do whatever you want but there is no way I’m not having you cum in my mouth. If you are going to let me cum all over your tits then you can cum, and whatever else, in my mouth and don’t you dare try to hold back. ”

I saw all the concerns melt away on her face as I went back to eating he pussy and she said,

“Well, since the cheating thing is totally out the window, would you like to cum in my mouth? I would really love it if you would?”

With my mouth sucking on her pussy I moaned, “Um-Hum”.

I had eased my index finger into her pussy and was tickling her “G” spot and my middle finger up her tight little rosebud asshole. I was sucking and licking her clit and I could tell she was going crazy. After just a few more minutes her hands started desperately trying to pull my mouth away from her pussy and with her eyes tightly shut I knew she was about to cum really hard. I held her tight and kept licking and sucking her sweet pussy. Then her hips started bucking and she screamed as she flooded my mouth with her pussy juice and just a couple of squirts of her pee. I drank it all down as I kept licking and sucking her clit and fingering her pussy and asshole. Then I felt her go completely limp and she no longer had the strength to try to push me away. I slowed my licking down to very soft licks and kisses. Her whole body spasmed each time my tongue or lips lightly grazed her clit. She said,

“I have never cum that hard in my whole life.

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   Now how the fuck am I supposed to give this up. ” She raised me up, gave me a deep soul kiss and said,

“Now get your hand off that gorgeous cock of yours and let me suck it. Oh! I can’t imagine why, but your kiss tastes like pussy. ” We both giggled.

She was over in my lap and her soft mouth devoured my cockhead. I couldn’t believe it when she kept pushing her mouth down until she had my entire 8+ inches down her throat. I felt her tongue licking my balls and then she gagged hard and rose back up and said,

“God, I’ve always wanted to try that and with your gorgeous cock it felt amazing. Now I’m going to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had. Oh! And don’t you dare try holding back. The faster you cum the better I’ll feel about it. That will let me know just how much you enjoyed it. ”

She was right. It was the most amazing blowjob I had ever had. Maybe it was partially because we were out in public, in a mall parking lot, but mostly because of the amazing things she was doing, with her tongue and lips, to my very sensitive shaft and cockhead. In just a very short few minutes I felt that all too familiar very intense tickling starting in my cockhead, crash down my shaft and into my balls and I felt my first squirt of cum rushing through my cock and I said,


My cum exploded into this gorgeous young beauty’s mouth as I fondled her firm young tits.

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   I couldn’t believe how much I was cuming and even though she was gagging on every squirt this goddess was swallowing every drop. She really knew what she was doing as she kept sucking me long after I stopped cuming. The intense tickling, in my very sensitive cockhead, was almost as intense as it was during my orgasm and she knew she was giving my immense pleasure. Finally she rose up and said,

“That was totally amazing. I couldn’t believe how much you came and how much more your cockhead swells up when you start cuming. I’m sorry I didn’t deepthroat you more, but I wanted your cockhead in my mouth, when you came, so I could taste it and boy did I get what I wanted. Not only do I love the taste of your cum, but I was amazed at the volume of it. OK, so it’s cheating, but I just can’t help it. Please give me your phone number and the next time we get together I want you to fuck me with that gorgeous cock of yours, OK? Now, we better get dressed. It’s stopped raining and there are people around, but I bet you’d like to have another woman see your cock, wouldn’t you, you dirty old pervert?”

I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply and told her she tasted like my cum. She giggled and asked me how I knew what my cum tasted like and I told her I really liked eating a woman’s pussy after I had cum inside her. She said she couldn’t wait to experience that.

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