Middle School Showers


Alyssa was 14 and growing into a very beautiful young lady. She had long straight blonde hair and perfect blue eyes but was a little smaller than most of the other girls her age. However, she was already starting to blossom sexually. Alyssa had begun masturbating very early and was becoming increasingly horny as more and more hormones pumped through her beautiful young body. That's why she was always seeking naughty ways of letting out her sexual tension, as she was still too young to pursue sex with her peers.
That is why on this particular Thursday afternoon, Alyssa was walking towards the school gym rather than catching her bus after class had ended at 3:00. She had a moist pussy and a plan, she was not leaving today unsatisfied.
Alyssa walked into the girls locker room confidently, wearing a simple pink t shirt and tight jeans that showed her incredibly slim legs.
She walked over to her locker nonchalantly, opening it to grab a towel and a bottle of soap. Slamming the door, she acted surprised when an older man of average stature walked around the corner saying, "What are you doing here?" However, this is exactly the opportunity Alyssa had been waiting for.
"Oh! I was just gonna get a shower before I go home, is there a problem?" she said lightheartedly.
"Well, I'm sorry but it's too late, I'm about to clean the stalls. " said the janitor, looking down at Alyssa as she removed her socks and shoes.
"It's okay, I'll only be a few minutes, I don't even have to do my hair, it's just that the hot water stopped working at my house and-" "No, I can't wait, this is my job!" he interjected.
"Just start on the last stall and I'll be done by the time you get to me. " Alyssa said as she stood up and let her jeans fall to the ground.

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   The janitor was about to say something more but was dumbfounded by the nakedness of her lower half. Her tiny slit was just visible below her shirt as was the light mound of hair above her labia, as silky and pale as the rest of her body.
He just stammered, "Well okay, hurry up," as Alyssa walked by and pulled her pink t overhead, letting it fall to the ground. Her budding breasts bounced as the fabric pulled them up. She wasn't wearing a bra yet but had large puffy nipples forming on what would be a small A cup.
The janitor was in awe as he watched her perfect shapely ass walk towards the showers, now completely nude. He knew she was aroused by the way her large, extremely pale nipples stood up as she walked by. And so was he, his hard cock yearned for what was so close, yet so far away.

To be continued. . . .