My Brother and I


It was around 6PM when mom and dad left for their vacation and left Steven in charge of me. I always hated when they did that,I was never allowed to do anything or have anyone over and it was torture spending more than 15 minutes with my brother. He was 25 and still lived with me and our parents. I have to say he's good looking though;short black hair,gorgeous green eyes and a body to die for and a lady killer so to speak. I on the other hand am 14 and I have long brown hair,brown eyes,36C boobs and a tight ass. . . innocent little virgin who has never been kissed or even touched by a boy.
After my parents left my brother headed to the kitchen for the liquor cabinet;wearing his ripped jeans and a black wifebeater tank top. I just rolled my eyes as I walked in behind him going to the fridge for a soda wearing a tight black tank top and a pair of tight shorts.
"You know when they come back your gonna be in some shit right?Especially since your drinking dads most expensive bottle" I say as i hop onto the kitchen counter.
"Well, he wont know cause I'll go get him another bottle"my brother said with a smile as he moved between my legs to grab a knife to open the bottle.
As he moved away from me,his strong hand rubbed against my exposed legs and caused a shiver that went right down my back as he poured both of us a shot and smiled handing me one. We bothe drank them down and moved into the living room where my brother finished up the bottle as I laid my head on his lap,his hands traveling up and down them as i felt his cock growing under my head. I looked up and smiled to him as i sat up and kissed his lips.
"I'm going to bed its late"I said as I stood from the couch seeing the disappoinment on his face.

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"No. . . come on baby sis stay with me"he says as he stands up and wraps his arms around my waist.
"No,I have to get up early tomorrow" I say as I look at the clock and see that its almost 2AM.
"Fine. . . but you can sleep in my room" my brother says as we walk upstairs and when we get to his room he unbuttons my shorts and lets them fall to the floor as I roll my eyes and lay on his bed not wanting to argue.
Before I know it my brother is laying in bed with me naked. Kissing on my shoulders as he quickly turns me onto my back and starts making out with me,rubbing my clit through my panties as I try to push him away. He continues until i'm moaning and pleasure as he rips off my panties and aims his 12 inch long 3 inch round cock to my virgini pussy before I can tell him to stop. . .
*to be continued*


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