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Topic: Picnic SupriseA group of my friends decided to have a picnic at a camp ground not far from my home. We were all sitting around the camp fire shooting the shit, when I saw Heather coming toward us. I tried to keep from looking directly at her, but an undefined attraction kept my eyes glued to her as she approached dragging a lawn chair. Don’t get me wrong, Heather is no beauty in the normal sense. She has a nice face, dirty red hair big tits and a big ass that was currently stuffed in a pair of tight denim shorts. Heather is not fat. Her tits are huge D melons that are nicely shaped and stand out proudly from her body. A tit man’s delight! Her big ass is accentuated by a small waist. The two globes are nicely shaped and fill the tight pants she always seems to ware. Why I don’t know, but the attraction was probably the tattoos and the piercing. I could see the intricate tattoo of the flower growing out of the leg of her shorts and the gold stud in her nose. The thought of the treasures under her clothes made my cock twitch. The whole thing was nuts! Normally I would not take a second look at woman like her, but here I sat staring as she walked up to the picnic area. It's not that Heather is not attractive, she is just such a slut. ! Messing with sluttie women can limit a man's sex life. A woman will look at you and say "you fucked so and so and you are not sticking that thing in me.

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  "When it comes to pussy, I have no idea what causes the attraction and my pee pee to get that rush of blood. For what ever reason, I was not cool as she approached. She looked around and caught me burning holes in her body. Smiling she pulled her chair over to me and sat down. I could feel the blood rushing to my face as she said "hello. " I wondered what she thought about my apparent attraction to her. Without missing a beat, she looked at me and said “like what you see?”I could not seem to keep it in “not really, but I sure would like to see the art work under your clothes. I know that your nose and tongue pierced but are there other holes in your body?”“Sure dummy, most women have other holes in their body. ”“You know what I meant. Piercing such as a clit ring, navel stud. I assumed that you had the regular female holes. ’“Don’t you want to see my female holes? Or are you just interested in the decorations?”“I guess the truth of the matter is that I would like to see all your holes. But I got to be honest, I really want to see if you have other piercing and tattoos and look at them. ”A big shit eating grin crossed her face and she whispered in my ear “ I’ll take off all my clothes and let you take a real close look but you have to do something for me”. I turned my head and looked her in the eyes.

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   “And just what do you want me to do for a little look?”“Surely I’m not that bad looking that you would question what it would take to see me without my clothes? A lot of men would give their left nut to see me and have a chance to fuck me!”“I’ll have to admit that my cock twitches every time I see you. But I don’t know if it’s the tattoos and piercing or your big ass and tities. ”“Well, does it matter?” She ask. “Not really. One way or the other I am attracted to you. ”“Why don’t we go over to my place and you can have a look. ” Grinning she said “a real close and intimate look. ”“Your not going to tell me what I have to do to take a look?”Taking my hand, she pulled my from my chair saying “come on little boy I won’t hurt you. ”I followed her over to her apartment. As I got out of my car, she turned and shook her ass in a provocative way. Her ass is big with nicely shaped cheeks and a small waist. I could feel my cock react as I considered fucking her doggie style with her moving that ass as I pounded into her. At her door she took my hand and lead me inside. She turned facing me and said “if you want a look you have to agree to, to fist my pussy. ” “You want me to fist you?’ “Yes I have fantasized about having a fist stuffed in my box for a long time and I want you to do it to me.

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   I want you to push your fist in me all the way up to your wrist. I want you to fuck me with your fist until I cum. ”I have had women ask me to fuck them or eat them out, but this is the first time one ask me to stick my fist in their pussy. “Are you sure that you want my fist stuffed in your pussy?”“Oh yes” she said in a trembling voice. “ I am so hot thinking about it my pussy is gushing juice. Come on into the bedroom and I’ll Let you see my art work and holes!”As we entered the bedroom she pushed me down on the bed and turned shaking her ass and said “I’ll be right back, I need to tell my daughter that I’m home. She’s probably in her room with that worthless piece of shit, boyfriend. ”In a minute or so Heather returned, closing the bedroom door. She turned with her back to me and said “ are you ready? I want to show you my holes and flower garden. ” Lifting her top over her head, she pulled it off and tossed it in the corner of the room. To my surprise, she was not wearing a bra. How did those big tits stand out so firm with out support? They had to defy gravity. With a little giggle, she turned saying “ ready to see part of my garden?”Tattooed on both of her tits were wild daisies with yellow peddles. Her areolae formed the center of the flowers and the pedals grew out forming a beautiful piece of art work. Her nipples were hard making it obvious that she was turned on.

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   Looking with wonder and admiration, I said “come here and let me suck some of your sweet nectar. I want to see if they taste as good as they look. ”Walking slowly she approached and rubbed her left nipple on my lips. Automatically my mouth opened and I began to suck the center of that beautiful flower. Deep down she began to moan in that sound of pleasure that every man loves to elicit from a woman. As I sucked, her nipple grew harder in my mouth. She undid the button on her shorts and lowered the zipper. Pulling hard at the sides of the tight garment, her shorts dropped to the floor. Between her legs I could see the wetness of her engorged pussy lips pouting through the crotch panel of her thong. The thong between her legs was soaked with her juices. Wiggling her big ass, she pulled the thong down over her hips and let it drop to the floor. A clit ring pierced her hood. Attached to the ring was a short chain that hung down between her pussy lips. Tattooed on the mound just above her slit were the words “pull my chain. ” God I thought, this woman is nuts.

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   I slowly stood up while continuing to suck on her hard nipple. I turned her around and pushed her down on the bed. Placing her feet on the bed, she spread her legs wide. Her pussy lips were engorged and puffy, but her whole slit was small and delicately carved. There was not a hair in sight. Her whole sex looked like it belonged to a pubescent little girl. The head of her clit was huge and standing proudly out of the hood. Looking down at her love slot and the chain attached to the clit hood, I ask “what’s with the chain?” “When I’m turned on my clit gets so sensitive that I can’t stand for it to be touched. The chain pulls my hood over the head and it feels great. Pull on the chain and see how it works. ” Reaching between her pussy lips, I grab the chain between my thumb and finger and pull. I watched as the hood slid over her engorged clit head as I pull. “Oh god that feels good” she moaned. I continued to pull and release the chain, masturbating her clit. Her stomach began to convulse as she reached a crashing climax and juice squirted from her fuck hole wetting the bed.

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   “you were hot, weren’t you?” I ask. “I told you that I was. The thought of you stuffing my box has me hotter than I have ever been before. The fuck juice has my hole nice and slippery, so do me!”“Are you sure that you want my fist stuck in your hole? Your slit seems so small, that I’m not sure that I can get it in. ”“Yes. yes put it in me, before I die of sexual frustration. ”I slowly bent over and kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth and I slipped my tongue deep into that sweet hole. Our tongues started a sexual dance as I slid my hand down to the sweet mound of her sex. I slowly slid a finger down her wet slit searching for another of her holes. At the bottom of the slippery valley, I found the object of my search. I slowly slid my finger into her. She was tight and hot. I thought, how am I going to get my whole fist in this little hole? Her ass started to bounce off the bed as I slipped a second finger into her. The rhythm was in perfect time with the dance of our tongues.

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   As the third finger joined the others in her hot hole, I felt her cunt start to suck on my fingers. Cupping my hand, I pushed four fingers into her. She let out a little moan of pleasure as I pumped her hole. Our tongues continued their dance as I pleasured her tight little hole. I removed my lips from hers and said, “are you sure you want to go on? Do you really want me to stick my fist in you? You are so tight down there, I am sure it’s going to hurt. ”“What you have stuck in me now seems to be about all that I can take. I have fantasized about having a fist fuck fist me, so do it! Do it now!”Kneeling on the floor, I looked between her legs at the sight of her small cunt. The four fingers in her love box had her outer lips stretched wide. No way could I see my whole fist in that small receptacle. “Are you sure?’ I ask. “Yes and don’t stop! Even if you seem to be ripping me apart. ”Pulling my fingers out of her hot hole, I placed my thumb in the palm of my hand. Slowly I worked four fingers into her sweet box. I rotated my hand to loosen her pubic tightness. My fingers were covered with her love juice.

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   As I started to push my fist into her hole, a deep moan grew in her belly and came out her lips. She screamed as the knuckle of my thumb pushed between her inner pussy lips. I could feel her cunt walls contracting, trying to push the intruder out. I was now on a mission, fill this cunts box and give her her fantasy. As I pushed harder into her love hole, I could feel her relaxing to accept the stretching of her hole. My whole hand as now past the opening of her hole. I could feel the cunt walls contracting and relaxing in a rhythmic effort to push my hand out. “Deeper. Deeper and start pumping me!” she screamed. I pushed harder and felt my fingers touch her cervix. I slowly began to slide my fist in and out of love tunnel. Her tightness was incredible. As I pumped that sweet hole, I could feel something building in her. Her stomach muscles started to tighten and I could feel her cunt begin to clamp on my hand. It was a flood.

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  As I pumped her, my cock became a rod of steel. The squish, squish sound of my hand sliding in and out of her pussy made me want to fuck something now! She was screaming and thrashing on the bed. Her pussy clamped my hand so hard I thought it would break. A gush of pussy juice squirted out around my hand wetting the bed again. In one final scream of agonizing pleasure “ god that was the best orgasm I ever felt!” Looking into my eyes and smiling, she said "now we need find a tight hole for you. "Just as I was about to pull my fist from Heather's box, a beautiful young girl burst through the bedroom door. Looking between Heather's legs she screamed "mooother what are you doing?".
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