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Flo had a job at the Phone Company and usually wore a dress to work. This would be a good time to tell you that I have a slip fetish. I find the sight of a woman’s lacy slip to be very exciting. So Flo usually wore a dress to work and the stairs to her apartment went right up over my front door. Eventually I started making it a point to arrive home from my job at about the time I knew she got home. That way I could chat with Flo then, if I was lucky, catch a glimpse up her skirt as she climbed the stairs to her apartment. After a few weeks of peeking up her skirt, I decided I needed to have this woman. So I began an earnest effort to become more than just the guy who lived downstairs. I would help her carry her groceries up the stairs. I would help her if something in her apartment needed to be repaired. Whatever I could do for her, I was ready, willing and able. We started going for walks on a local nature trail in the evenings and going out for dinner maybe once a week. One night we went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner right after work. I had selected this restaurant because they made very strong margaritas. We had a nice dinner and a couple of large drinks. I was feeling pretty good and remember she is a small woman so I know she was probably flying.

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   We went back to our complex and I helped her up the stairs and went into her apartment with her. I asked her if she would fix me another drink which she did and she fixed one for herself too. As we sat on the couch sipping our drinks, I put my arm around her shoulders and leaned in and began kissing her. She responded, kissing me back. This went on for a while and I moved my kisses down to her neck. I could tell she was enjoying this so I began to unbutton her blouse to kiss her shoulders. This did not happen easily, Flo started to object, but I was persistent and eventually had her blouse unbuttoned down to her navel. As I was kissing her shoulders I started to run my fingertips lightly over the soft nylon of her full slip. First along her sides and across her back, then eventually I started to caress the material of the slip that covered her bra and her breasts. Again she protested. The age difference was too much she said (she was about 25 years older than I was but I certainly didn’t care). I kept on kissing her, answering her vocal objections between kisses. Eventually she stopped protesting and my hands continued to caress her breasts. Of course she was still wearing a slip and a bra but remember I have a slip fetish so I was in no hurry to get her out of all of her clothes. Eventually I moved my right hand so that it was resting on her knee.

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   She was wearing pantyhose and the feel of the nylon on her legs was another turn on for me. I kept on kissing Flo as I slid my hand up her skirt and began to touch her pussy, feeling her warmth through her panties and pantyhose. Again she protested but this time I just told her that I needed to feel her warm body and I needed her to feel mine as well. She continued to protest as my hand worked its way into the waistband of her pantyhose and then into her panties. When my fingers came into contact with her pussy I could tell by her moist pussy lips that I had her sexually excited. “You’ve got to stop,” she said over and over as I slid my finger into her cunt. I just didn’t answer her and kept right on fingering her pussy and playing with her clit. My exploring fingers were having the desired effect as her pleading for me to stop now came between her short, panting breaths. As my right hand was firmly between her legs, playing with her pussy and clit, my left hand slipped down under her bra and I started to lightly pinch Flo’s nipples. She gave up trying to get me to stop and all I heard from her were little whimpers. I increased the movement of my fingers in her pussy and on her clit and also started squeezing her breasts harder (they were tiny breasts, not even a handful). I could feel Flo giving in to the sensations and eventually her body began to shake and tremble as she reached orgasm. I really went to work on her clit and nipples and made sure it was a very intense orgasm, keeping it up until I could feel her orgasm peak and felt her eventually begin to relax in the afterglow. I continued to lightly caress her pussy and her breasts to help her really get relaxed. Then when I knew she was totally relaxed I stood up and quickly stripped off all of my clothes.

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  I knelt on the couch, my knees on either side of her hips, and took her hands and placed them on my hard cock. I think she only then realized that I was naked. As I held her hands on my cock I said, “Flo, I have something for you. ”I then began to move her hands up and down on my cock. She became fully aware of the situation at that point and again began to protest that we were doing something that we shouldn’t be doing. She kept saying over and over that she was much to old for me. I was not to be denied and I pushed her shoulders back on the cushions of the couch and said, “Flo, I’m not finished with you yet. ”I quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and pulled it off of her legs. I then bunched her slip up on her hips and hooked my fingers into the waistbands of her pantyhose and her panties and pulled both of them off of her at the same time. Flo was now laying on the couch, her blouse open, her slip up around her waist and her pretty little pussy completely exposed. Before she could get up I had my face between her legs and my tongue buried deep inside her cunt. I was licking pussy and sucking on her clit like there was no tomorrow. All the while listening to her begging me to stop. Then as I felt her body begin to experience a second orgasm, I brought my face away from her pussy and slid my body up onto hers, sliding my hard cock deep into her warm, wet, waiting pussy. You should have seen how wide her eyes got when she felt my manhood fully inside her.

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  Then I began to slowly stroke my cock in and out of her pussy. Believe me she was tight and her cunt really felt good. She was whimpering again as I slid in and out of her. Her head was turned to the side as if she couldn’t bring herself to look at me and all the while small whimpering noises were coming from her lips (an equal number of moans I should add). I decided I wanted to see her pert little tits as I was pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. So I took one hand and worked the shoulder straps of her slip and her bra down off each shoulder. I then pulled her bra and slip down far enough so that I could feast my eyes on her cute titties and believe me they were small and cute and the nipples were standing at attention. Attention was just what those hard little nipples got from me too. I lowered my lips to one then the other, licking and sucking Flo’s tits and nipples. Now she was moaning a lot more than she was whimpering and I could tell she was starting to have another orgasm. I was more than ready to cum myself so I increased the tempo of my cock in and out of her cunt and really started to drive my cock in hard. Flo’s entire body would shake each time I thrust into her and she started to make deep moans in time with my thrusts. As Flo came for the third time that evening, I felt my cock begin to throb as I began to fill her sweet pussy with my hot cum. Once again her eyes opened wide as she felt my throbbing cock inside her and she felt my cum shooting out of that cock and into her cunt. I collapsed on top of her, spent for the moment.

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  We had an entire night ahead. Flo didn’t know it but she would be my entertainment for the evening. Perhaps I’ll tell the story of the remainder of the night next. I still live in Lexington, Flo doesn’t, she has moved to Nevada to retire. I didn’t know it that night but she would be a very entertaining sex partner for quite a few years. I still talk to her occasionally, usually late at night and I like to have phone sex with her. She still protests but that’s half the fun of it. I hope someday to meet another woman like Flo here in Lexington. slip_lover@hotmail. com.
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