Late Night Fuck By 2 Intruders


Late one night I awoke in the early hours after hearing a noise in my house still half asleep I turned on the light in my room and sat up in bed, I waited a moment to listen out for the noise again, but I heard nothing, I turned of my light a settled back down for sleep. . . . I couldn't get back to sleep though, so I went down to my kitchen to get a drink. and to put my mind at rest, on my way down the corridor a dark figure came at me and hit me hard, I was stunned and confused.
I must have fell to the ground and banged my head,when I came round there was a man looking down at me, and then I saw another mans face.
They told me not to make a sound or they would kill me, all I had to do was go along with what they said and I would be fine. . . I was going to die I knew it!
I lay on the cold floor, full of fear. They weren't all that bad looking.
He told me that he wasn't going to hurt me,then he kissed me hard on the lips, I didn't kiss him back though, which made him even more responsive and keen for a reaction.

He kissed me again,and I felt my body relax, He told his friend to kiss me too.
I made a move to get away but he pushed me back down hard on the ground and reminded me that he had a knife.
He pulled the knife out and slashed my night dress right up the middle taring it in half, he then pulled the torn fabric away from my body, leaving my big naked breasts exposed, his friend leaned down and kissed me on the lips while feeling my tits with both his hands roughly needing at my breasts.

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I'm ashamed to admit that I liked it.
while my tits were getting a good going over the other guy rubbed his finger over my panties,
He told me that I was a dirty slut because the fabric of my panties was wet.
he then ripped the thin fabric at the side of my panties away,I gasped with the force and strength of the action, hespread my legs apart and had a good look at my Bald pussy,he told his mate to come and have a look.

what are we gonna do with this wet pussy? he asked his mate.
I wanna go at her first his,my cocks so hard for this bitch, I heard his friend say.
Let me finger her pussy first,I want to see how wet she is.

I felt the first guys hand rub over my naked stomach and then his fingers find there way inside my pussy,I was so wet that his two fingers slipped right in,he pushed them deep while the other guy sucked on my tits,my nipples were turning harder with each suck he gave them.
They told me to get on to all fours, I did as they said, My tits were hanging down, I could feel a rock hard cock and hands cupping my tits then one of them pushed his cock hard up my ass while the other guy fingered my pussy. . I can feel you cock through her pussy, I heard one say.

his cock was deep in my butt,it hurt at first but then the pleasure overtook the pain.
I could feel his balls at my opening, banging away. Then he shot his load and I could feel it fill me right up all hot. . .

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when he was done he told me to get on my back for his friend.
I did as I was told, His friends huge muscular body was looming over me,he fingered me and then told me to lick mt juice of his fingers. He then slipped his huge cock inside me,he filled me pussy,his cock was so big and wide he went so deep, i was moaning with pleasure while his mate was feeling my tits.
he was pumping me good,he took my legs up over his shoulders so that he was deep inside me and I was dripping wet. his cum filled my pussy,His friend was jerking off the whole time I was gettingfucked good.
He he shot his load all over my tits and told me to rub it in.
they took it in turns to fuck me and I began to relax and like it, I liked it allot !
they each shot they're cum all over my face,on my tits . , they fingered me in the pussy andbutt ,turn about.
I was fucked all night until my pussy was sore.
Before they left they warned me not to say a word to anyone or they would come back and fuck me again. . . . . i HOPE THEY DO!.

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